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Pamela Lutrell reviews Philips Cares for caregivers

This post is about assistance for caregivers and it is always an emotional journey for me when I think about my experience with my mother. I am writing to share with you how the new Philips Cares app offers hope to those who are struggling. And I know it is a struggle.  I know this first hand from my own experience with my mother and from watching dear friends literally change their own lives to take care of family members. 

When I read about Philips Cares and the Philips Lifeline personal alert system that allows users to press a button to communicate with a trained care specialist, available 24/7, who can dispatch the help a senior may need, I wished I had the option of such a device when I and my brother were attempting to help our mother.

All my mother really wanted was to live in an apartment by herself.  But, she was miles away from us and beginning to have serious health issues.  She bitterly fought us on every option we offered.  Long story short…we found a lovely retirement home for her to live in and she hated it.  She arranged for a family member to “break her out” when we were not around and take her out of Texas all the way across the nation to Michigan.  She got the small apartment she wanted and ended up falling there and never left the hospital alive.

If we had been able to place her in an apartment near one of us, and use the help that Philips Cares offers, this story may have ended differently. We could not physically be with her all of the time, but the new digital solution makes it easier to stay connected and manage the health of the ones we need to care for. It is paired with the Philips Lifeline personal alert service. I like the fact that Philips Cares is around to help, so we can be present and informed and there for our loved ones.  It was very frustrating to think our only options were to force her to be someplace she did not want to be.

Over 50 Feeling 40 for Philips Cares

Philips Cares would have made my mother’s journey a more enriched one and given her the independence she so desperately clung to.  Perhaps with a service like this, my friends who have had to quit their jobs earlier than planned would still be working.

There is so much stress that comes with caregiving, Philips Cares wants to relieve it and give back an enjoyable experience caring for loved ones. It provides the insights and tools to collaborate in an easy and dynamic way, so seniors can have help when they need it, and the caregivers can be assured that the right care is always there.

All you need to do, is download the mobile app from Apple and Google Play stores, or access via web browsers.  The app and all the services is now available if you are a customer of Philips Lifeline.

I hope you will look into this.  I wish I had been able to go to Philips and give mother what she wanted. 


Disclaimer:  This is a sponsored post I received compensation for, and the words are my own.

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