Tested and Recommended Products and Gift Ideas for Women over 50

Pamela Lutrell's Image of Mall Santa

Ready to see what’s in Santa’s bag for you or someone on your list.  Well, let’s get started today with a few products I have tested and have received the Over 50 Feeling 40 seal of approval!  

Side note:  I took the above photo years ago when shopping at the mall during this time.  I loved the photo so much I have continued to use it often on the blog. Isn’t he a great Santa?

Pamela Lutrell for Chamonix Genucel

Most of you know that I have been dedicated to Chamonix/Genucel Skincare products for over a year now.  These plant based, all natural products are amazing and I think have kept me looking younger (gotta love it1).  Right now, they are offering an amazing deal…Buy two for 35% and get two free.  My favorites are the DFS (Deep Firming Serum), The Genucel XV anti wrinkle treatment, and any of the eye treatments.  All of their products are excellent and I would recommend.  I am also using the facial cleansers and body lotions.

Pamela Lutrell for Soft Surroundings gifts

Here is a treat for some of your friends!  The Soft Surroundings Eye Mask is right at $5 in their outlet while suppliers last.  It is a luxurious treat for your sleep. Go to the Soft Surroundings Outlet Sleep Mask.

Pamela Lutrell for Soft Surroundings

I cannot wait to give my granddaughter this precious little lady mouse ornament from Soft Surroundings.  I have these in the slide show below.  They are so sweet.  It does remind me of Angelina Ballerina.


Pamela Lutrell for Brighttech Lights

I was asked to try the BrightTech Magnifying Light and my husband and I are kind of fighting over it.  This light is amazing.  You can attach it where every you need some great light, but if you flip up the top and move the arm down it becomes an incredible magnifying glass.  I have it here in the kitchen right now, because the light is not good in that room and I can magnify the recipe books if I need to.  I literally spend right at 24/7 on the computer between my two jobs and it is taking its toll on my eyes…so this light is incredible and very reasonably priced.  Check out the Light View Pro LED Desk Lamp with Magnifier.  There are so many ways we can use a light like this.

Pamela Lutrell for James Avery

Regular readers also know that I am a brand ambassador for James Avery.  I could have photographer many of their pieces since I have been purchasing James Avery for years, but I chose these bracelets since I am wearing them constantly together and love them so much.  You can find a great jewelry gift, made with the utmost care and craftsmanship in the James Avery Catalog.   Last year, I got two of my guys James Avery wallets and they both still love them.  The quality is excellent.

Pamela Lutrell for Christopher and Banks Holiday Collection

Next week, I will be sharing more with you from Christopher & Banks Holiday Collection.  But I wanted to show you just how cute some of the Christmas jewelry is…like these precious snowmen.  Just check out their holiday accessories here at Christopher & Banks Snowman Earrings.

Pamela Lutrell for GANT

Finally, hello to all of the readers in the UK!  I have worked with some excellent brands in the UK and GANT UK is one of the those you will be impressed with.  Check them out at GANT UK for beautiful products.

For more fun ideas, check out the slide show below.  I will be here tomorrow with another edition of WHAT SHOULD I WEAR?  Hope to see you there.


Disclaimer:  There are items in this post that were gifted to me, and there are affiliate links.  The words are my own.


  1. Very nice selections that anyone would be glad to receive! I’ll bet your granddaughter won’t want to put that adorable mouse ornament away after Christmas!

  2. That photo of Santa is so picture perfect! With appreciation of your gift suggestions and the links you also provide(as well as those on your slide shows) however, as I am just about finished my Christmas Shopping I have pinned a few as a reminder.


  3. Thank you, Brenda! I know you are not celebrating Thanksgiving this week in Canada, but I so appreciate the well wishes. Thanks for being here.

  4. Oh Pam, your Santa is so authentic! From his glasses to his beard and his build! A true Santa! So many times the beards look terribly fake, or the Santa is too thin or the outfit looks shabby. Now Santa would never approve!

    Your gift ideas got me thinking too! And it’s about time……

  5. Thanks Paulette! I am glad you like my Santa too! Every now and then I shook a picture that is truly a keeper!! I love this one!

  6. Thank you for a short review of possible gifts. I’m just looking for a present for my sister and mother for Christmas. There is almost no time left. I was very impressed with the BrightTech Magnifying Light. I think I’ll buy it for my mother, she dreamed of something like that for a long time. I hope she’ll enjoy it. But regarding to my sister, I don’t know yet. Maybe can you recommend something from Chamonix / Genucel Skincare cosmetics? She is 53 and she has a dry skin on her face and hands. In winter, she suffers from overdrying of the skin and cracks on her lips and hands. Perhaps you can advise something? I would be very grateful for your help!

  7. I love the Chamonix Genucel Deep Firming Serum. It is amazing! That is where I would begin with Chamonix…

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