Over 50 Feeling 40 in Soft Surroundings Topper

Welcome to the second post in my new feature, What Should I Wear?  Today, I am offering style tips for what to wear to your book club gatherings or an in home Bible Study, or any group discussion.  Here are a few things to consider:

  1.  It is worth it to take time to look your best for casual gatherings because you want to feel confident and bold to speak out.  Many women shrink back in group discussions because they think less of themselves.  A confident style does empower you and give that little boost of courage to share your thoughts and opinions.  They are important and worthy to be heard.  That is the value of this type of gathering…to hear what everyone thinks.
  2. I try to put something on that will not wrinkle and rumple when I sit for awhile.  In most of these gatherings, you will sit along time to talk and then get up for refreshments.  When you stand, you do not want to stand covered in wrinkles…so the choice of garment should take that into consideration.
  3. I think comfort is key.  When we are relaxed and not feeling constrained by a garment, then we can sit back and thoroughly enjoy the event.

Over 50 Feeling 40 in Soft Surroundings Jeans

Now, a word about what I choose to wear to my next casual gathering.  Let’s start with the jeans.  This is a new line of denim at Soft Surroundings and it is great.  These are the black Ultimate High Rise Slim Jeans and they are super flexible and comfortable.  They feature special front pocket bags that create a smooth, flattening appearance and comfortable fit.  Love these jeans and so glad they are now in the collection.  You can find them in my slide show below.

The topper from Soft Surroundings is the gorgeous Painterly Butterfly Wrap that I can wear all year long.  It is so beautiful and I can put a knit top, heavier sweater, or a tank underneath it depending on the weather.  It is currently on sale and I have it below along with some of their new toppers which recently came out.  It is perfect when you want that special touch for a casual event. 

Pamela Lutrell promotes book clubs

I want to take this opportunity to promote Barnes & Nobel book clubs.  I think it is great that they have begun to have regular book club meetings at their locations.  If I had the time, I would so be there. 

Often we want to be in a book club and do not know how to find one.  Here is your opportunity to meet with others and discuss great reads.  I also like that it supports the bookstore…which I hope will never go away.  One of my favorite places to linger and gather my thoughts and learn new things.  

Pamela Lutrell discusses book clubs

What am I currently reading?  I have two books by my side at the moment…Home Work: A Memoir of My Hollywood Years, by Julie Andrews with Emma Walton Hamilton (I have always been a fan); and a holiday fiction, Royal Holiday by Jasmine Guillory.  I love reading and books and books are my favorite gifts to give to my grandchildren.  Both books I am reading are in the slideshow below.

Please share what book or books you are currently enjoying and if you attend book club, what do you find yourself wearing most often.  If you missed our first What Should I Wear? You can find it HERE and it was about in home dinner parties.  I hope the slideshow will inspire you and there are some gift ideas in the show…as promised!



Disclaimer:  I was gifted items for this post, but the words are my own.

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