What Women Over 50 Wear

Hello, everyone, it is time for Would You Wear It with me and my friend, Jennifer!  For those who might be new, Jennifer and I go out and about and find fashion displays that make us wonder if you would or would not wear the look as styled.  We have had some great discussions on these posts and they often help others decide what might look best on their body types or their colors.  All we ask, is that you keep your comments personal, so as not to offend other ladies who might feel differently from you.  Just tell us why the outfit does or does not work for you and be specific…when you only say Yes or No, it doesn’t help anyone.

What women over 50 wear

Of course, you may comment on the styling of the display and, here, you might want to tell us about both looks….however, it was the skirt and top outfit that caught my attention.  So, look it over and then tell us……………………………………………………….


You might also want to read over THIS POST   where we discussed how to help other women when they ask our advice in a dressing room.  There were awesome suggestions.  Remember to go to A WELL STYLED LIFE and tell Jennifer what you think of her mannequin…..but ultimately, you want to be back here for the slideshow.  Remember for the next eight weeks I will include holiday gift ideas in the slideshows as well as great fashion!!



NOW, GIFT IDEAS….for you or someone special!

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