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Pamela Lutrell Asks if Women oVer 50 Would Wear This

Good morning, everyone and welcome to WOULD YOU WEAR IT with me and my friend, Jennifer.  We go out and about and find fashion displays which are interesting and make us wonder what you would think of the outfits…would you wear them or not?  Please tell us why this does or does not work for you personally.  If you do not care for it, do not just attack it…we want constructive criticism that we can all learn from.  Also, you may offer your ideas on how the display is done.  Does it motivate you to purchase the garments?

Sometimes the hunt for mannequins to bring you can be…well…challenging!  I am not looking for the horrendous…nor am I looking for the super stylish.  I am looking for displays which make me think…what would the ladies think of this. There are times that you have changed my own viewpoints on a the way something was styled.  I do not chime in with my thoughts, because I do not want to influence anyone else on this platform.  We want to hear from you.

So look this display over and tell us.   



I plan this week to bring you lots of gift ideas!  So, if you are looking for something different for someone special…or yourself, then please stop by each day.  Today,

I have another one of my famous slideshows below.  This one is full of gifts all under $50 for you or another special female in your life!


After all of this, make sure you go over to A WELL STYLED LIFE and let Jennifer know what you think of her display! 


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  1. The long sweater is a personal wardrobe staple for me, here in the South. Sure, I’d buy and wear another!

    I honestly have no idea what the stylist was thinking with the blue furry scarf? It looks fun and warm, and my former New England winter-self would probably enjoy it, as a scarf. But it’s confusing with the outfit shown.

    1. The long grey cardigan with the slim pants is a closet staple. The short black pencil skirt is too short and the top is not appealing at all in the washed out peach…

  2. I love the long sweater/pant combo. I’m in Colorado, so I get a lot of use out of sweaters & wear them all the time.
    The peach sweater/black skirt would be fine without the blue wrap draped across it. To me, it looks like they threw the blue in as an afterthought & it doesn’t really belong with the outfit.

    1. I agree with others about the 2 looks. The skirt, sweater and scarf are not my style- even if worn separate. The long sweater and pants are a great look. I own several long sweaters and always have room for another.

  3. I like the long gray sweater with the black pants. This looks like me at work!
    The outfit on the left is a no. The skirt is too short, the sweater bad color and those sleeves. The blue fur stole? I’m not sure what that works with.

  4. Love the sweater! That’s interesting to put a white top under it, it fades into the mannequin. Maybe the top isn’t what they’re pitching.

    Overall the display isn’t diverse. Some shoppers will feel excluded, in somewhat the same way that the tubby among us feel when we see size 4 mannequins. I’d like them better if they were more diverse, or stylized in a more racially non-descript. It’s possible that Corporate pushes these off on local stores and they aren’t allowed to obscure the faces but if their customers are diverse I think the displays should be also.

  5. Long sweater and skinny pants are a style I love. This particular sweater is a little bulkier than what I look for in a duster. The other outfit is not something I would wear. I am not a fan of the balloon sleeve sweaters that are so popular right now and I have no need for a skirt. The blue furry scarf…what? Just what? The outfit needs a scarf but not this one and not worn like shown. It looks like a sash for a beauty pageant contestant. No thank you.

  6. At first I thought it would be best to just not comment. The blue scarf…I hope someone can make sense of that, but just in case, I couldn’t wear that outfit. The skirt is too short for my personal comfort level, and I’m not onto oversized sleeves, again for me. I’m between true petite and regular misses, so have to be cautious about proportions. I wonder if someone just tossed the blue scarf on the mannequin as they went by, maybe for fun? I don’t get that. The long cardigan would swallow me up, so I’d pass that by. They did not style that in a way that would draw me to it. There is a general lack of trying here, which is maybe why the jarring blue scarf…it’s the only accessory. But I’m thinking a shopper did it for fun.

  7. Hello! This is for me! The long sweater with black pants are a yes yes yes! This is the way I dress 90 percent of the time in winter.
    The skirt and peachy sweater is a look I like , but do we need that blue wrap scarf around the shoulder? I might skip that touch…..

  8. I like the long sweater over slim pants, but I would never wear such a bulky sweater this way. It would add pounds to my frame (and believe me, I don’t need that!).

  9. I love the long sweater with the pants. But I would only buy the sweater if someone could guarantee that it wouldn’t bag out in the rear after sitting down. I wouldn’t wear the skirt because it’s too short, and I rarely wear skirts and dresses anyway. As for the scarf – why???

  10. For both outfits, a no for myself as basically all pieces are not necessarily my taste. For starters; the skirt is far too short (for my age group), the knitted sweater ‘appears’ to be a very find gauge ‘open knit’ with no undergarment which brings me to my theory of the/a wrap being added and its placement. (Possibly it was a little too sheer? Why the wrap is faux fur tis the season for such or it is merely to draw attention? ) As for the long sweater-coat; though I do like its cable pattern, I do not care for drop shoulders whereas the pants are okay since they are full length but I would want to see their fabric. In respect to the top that I suspect might be a dressier T or even a blouse; I seldom wear either if at all during the Fall Season as require something more substantial in warmth due to the climate I live in. All in all, for these reasons and as the display lacks appeal, I would probably give it only a quick glance. -Brenda-

  11. Personally, I wouldn’t wear either of these looks. I like the pants and the basic black skirt, but it’s a bit too short for me. The overall looks are very bland. I’m not sure what they were thinking throwing that fuzzy blue thing over the shoulder of the mannequin on the left! It certainly does nothing to add to the appeal of the outfit. I do like a long grey cardigan over skinny black pants, but that sweater looks very bulky. I don’t think it would be at all flattering. I’d also add some colour to that outfit with something other than a white top.

  12. Being 5’9″ the long cardigans are a staple I have in my wardrobe. Love them. There are ones I have that you can dress up and then also wear with jeans. I have knit a few of the ones that I own. I also think that they can spread at least over three seasons.

  13. I would definitely wear the charcoal gray long cardigan as shown. This is so practical in winter, and I dress like this during the cold months more often than I’d like to admit. The pattern adds interest.

    Summer is when I shed my chrysalis and embrace the lightness and brightness of color. Winter is for warmth.

  14. P.S. Not a fan of cardigan pockets because my hips don’t need attention. Sweater pockets at hip level tend to droop and widen hips visually. But I like this cardigan, so I might consider it anyways.

  15. Love the long cardigan outfit..put the fuzzy bloe scarf with that outfit! Add a long gold necklace and armful of bangles to the peach top& skirt! Voila! ???

  16. The only reason I would stop to look at this display is the blue faux fur scarf. Love the colour and the fun it would add to my winter coats. I’d search it out and probably buy it if had a slit in it, (I’d have it altered if it was to my taste)… am actually on the search for one this winter… because winter has started and it will be -16C tonight… roll on winter and lots of colour! Have a wonderful weekend!

  17. The skirt is too short for me. The top has possibilities if it comes in a color I like. I can’t help but wonder what the stylist was thinking when she put that furry scarf with that outfit! It’s not wide enough to serve as a wrap and while it might be perfect for really cold weather, it just looks haphazard with this outfit. I have several sweaters that are similar to the gray one. They are perfect for So Cal weather. I wear them over everything!

  18. I, too, have a long grey cardigan as many others posted today. I’ve had it for several years and I can top it over pants, skirts, etc. It’s a definite staple.

    As for the other outfit … well, I do like the sweater. It’s a color I like and can wear, but I’d pair it with brown tweed pants or the like to add a bit of interest. The skirt is cute, but a bit too short. The texture appeals to me!

    As for the light blue scarf/wrap … I’m not quite sure I understand what the stylist was thinking. It is a very confusing accessory.

  19. I guess the faux fur blue scarf might catch my eye because it seems so inappropriate, otherwise I’d walk right by this display. There seems to be no thought put into the mannequin styling.
    Even though I don’t wear short skirts or long sweater dusters I always admire a good display.
    I agree with the earlier comment on more diverse mannequins, I think that’s a fabulous idea.

  20. I would wear the outfit with the long gray sweater. It is simple & classic, which is very much my style. If the sweater were a bit shorter, it would be even better. I like the sweater & skirt outfit. I don’t wear skirts much these days, but if I did, I would consider this one, minus the furry blue wrap. It really doesn’t add anything to the outfit.

  21. I would not wear either of these outfits. I find the cardigan much too bulky for my body style. I no longer wear skirts, and find this one much too short. The simi-sheer peach sweater would not fit into my wardrobe at all either. I’m thinking perhaps the faux fur wrap was draped to attract attention, but would think a nice heavy scarf in colors that would balance the dark skirt and tie in the two colors would have been a much better look. I agree, it is hard to find well done mannequin displays these days.

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