Pamela Lutrell for Would You Wear It

Happy Saturday, everyone, and I hope you had an amazing Thanksgiving full of joyful moments (and great food).  This is Would You Wear It day with me and my friend, Jennifer.  We go around and look for mannequins dressed in ways that make us wonder if you would or would not wear the look as styled.  Sometimes, readers like to also comment on the fashion display techniques…answering the question, does the display make you want to spend money or inspire you to wear a similar look?  All we ask is that you keep your comments personal…does the look work or not work for you personally and why?  Please do not comment in a way that might offend another reader if she felt differently.

Over 50 feeling 40 ask Would You Wear It

I have seen some really interesting displays lately.  We had a lively discussion last week…you can see it HERE if you are just now stopping by.  So, let’s get going…look over this one I found recently.  I have a full body shot at the top and a closer look here.  Tell us, everyone………………………………………………..


After you answer, make sure to check out Jennifer’s mannequin at A WELL STYLED LIFE.  Then I hope you will return for my slide show below.  The sales have officially kicked in for the holidays.  It is a great time to shop for yourself or for gifts.  Please remember if you click through to a site from my slideshow and decide to purchase something else, I can still earn a small credit for you doing that.  Covering the costs of blogging is important and keeps me here.

Thanks so much for being here…I appreciate all of you more than you know.


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