Help Me Plan My 10th Anniversary Year for this Blog

Pamela Lutrell reaches out to audience

At the risk of sounding very cliché, time really does go so fast.  I cannot believe I am now entering my 10th year of blogging.  Of course, there have been stressful times, but overall, it has been a joy and sheer delight.

Over 50 Feeling 40 began as a way to share all I learned when I experienced my reinvention at 50 years of age.  By 2010, I was sharing with friends and encouraging them to look and feel their best each day over the age of 50.  That was when one of my closest friends, Gail, said, “You need to write a blog!”  The blog began and has continued as a place for women over 50 to be inspired, encouraged and educated.  For the first year, this mask was my profile picture.  It was always meant to be more about the audience than about me.  But other bloggers coaxed me from behind the mask, and well, the rest has been history.

Pamela Lutrell shares history of blog


The biggest challenge for my blogging continues to be the fact that I have a professional career during the day, and on my own time, I create content for the blog.  Oh, how I wish, the blog could provide enough for our needed income at this time of life plus the benefits.  It is necessary that I generate income with the blog in order to cover the expenses of doing this (website, email, etc) as well as to justify the amount of time I put into it.  There is no complaining here…I am blessed beyond all measure that I have something to do each day that I absolutely love.

Pamela Lutrell on Over 50 Feeling 40

As we go into 2020, I want to make sure I am still bringing you posts that you enjoy and look forward to.  So, it would help me immensely to have you answer these questions either in the comments below or through email (

  1. Do you like the fact that I cover other topics besides fashion (health, recipes, news) or would you prefer fashion only?
  2. What post topics are your favorites…what posts would you like to see less of or go away? (Note: as I said above, sponsored posts are necessary to generate income)
  3. Do you share the blog with other women? If not, what do I need to do that would make you want to share it?
  4. Where are your favorite places to shop? Do you like that I cover brands of all different price points?
  5. Would you like more videos?
  6. Would you like to see me more active on Facebook or Instagram?

The photo at the top is of two of my precious grandchildren.  They are cousins and over Thanksgiving were just getting to know each other a little better.  The sweet picture is my way of saying that I would like to get to know you better and would love to grow the audience even more.

 I want to provide the best blog online for all Women over 50.  Please respond and help me to do more for you in 2020.


Of course…there’s a slideshow…Christmas is on the horizon, after all!



  1. I am new to the blog, but I am really enjoying reading features dedicated to our generation. I am 61, retired from working for county government, and live and farm in a rural Indiana community. My attire is very casual but I thoroughly enjoy the fashion…it is fun to see what women are wearing, and reading the comments on your posts, from others around the country. My shopping is done entirely online because the closest mall is over an hour away. Seeing the fashions on “real” women is so very helpful. I purchase most of my clothing from Chico’s, Loft and J.Jill whenever they have sales…which thankfully is quite often. Skin care, health care, and healthy eating are other topics that I enjoy reading opinions on. Thanks for the time you dedicate to these posts.

  2. Pam, I love the informational articles you share. I have found several to be useful, entertaining and educational and have passed your blog on to friends because of them. I regularly shop in store and online at Chicos and Macy’s. If you provided links more often to these sites, I would order thru your links. I really appreciate all the price point sources and I now shop more places than ever before. I’m even tempted to go to the consignment and thrift stores, but worry I’d get overwhelmed and lost! Congratulations on 10 years. I realize this is a lot of work but I appreciate your point of view and individuality. You are always true to yourself and encourage us to be likewise. As we Irish say Slainte!

  3. 1. Yes! You pick some interesting topics!
    2. Fashion is my favorite.
    3. I often tell my friends about the blogs I follow. You are always on the list.
    4. I like to see affordable clothes. My go to store is Talbots. Since moving from the east coast to the west, retiring & maintaining an active lifestyle, I’m reworking my wardrobe. Show me versatile pieces!
    5. No I don’t need videos. The fashion blogs I read is my morning fashion magazines; I skip videos . I’m looking for less stimulation.
    6. I recently deleted my FB account. It was becoming a needless distraction and a time sucker. Don’t instagram if you are repeating your blog. Too many of my favorite bloggers are doing this and it’s annoying. Reading your blog is relatable; you bring a fresh, honest voice!

  4. I enjoy this blog every week. It’s refreshing to see a ‘real’ woman supplying ‘real’ advice to the over 50 crowd. I’ve given up on other blogs because the advice seems tailored towards certain women and often seem to leave the rest of us out. I’m a professional woman, size 14, living in rural America, and wanting to look my best. Thank you Pam for appealing to real women like me. I can’t shop at a city over 15,000 people without a two hour drive. (I know many women are just like me) I shop online, at thrift stores in the area and even at an occasional yard sale. I love mixing fashion pieces in my wardrobe and want to hear what is current and in style, but still affordable, Nd how to mix things in my wardrobe with an occasional ‘new’ purchase. I enjoy your cooking segments, your healthcare and beauty posts, your Goodwill and other shop visits, your fashion displays and everything you offer. I would love to see you on Instagram if it works for you. Thanks again Pam for inspiring women like me to live our best lives. You are appreciated more than I can express.

    1. Hi D., I am on Instagram. You can find it at the bottom of my blog. My IG name is Pamover50feeling40. Thanks for all of your helpful information.

  5. I prefer to just see fashion. I haven’t shared that I read this blog, but I plan to. I don’t really care for video. I shop at Chico’s, Talbots, JJill, and Dillards for the most part. I also shop at Nordstroms Rack, TJ Maxx, and Marshall’s, and Steinmart.

  6. First and foremost your commentary on fashion fir the more mature woman interests me. I also like your skincare blogs.
    My favorite stores are an eclectic mix: Talbots, Anthropologie for unusual tops, and TJ Max. And Marshall’s for deals! Lol.

  7. First, let me say that your blog is the only one I actually comment on! I do share it with friends. Have you considered a you tube channel?
    I prefer fashion, beauty and lifestyle, including travel. For example, the type of thing done by Unne Femme or Between Naps on the Porch. I skip news on all the blogs because I read major newspapers for information and blogs for relaxation and just enjoyment. (Please don’t feel bad about that … my enjoyment and relaxation time is limited and precious, and I’m choosing to use some of that time to read you – compliment intended!).
    I enjoy styling, accessories, work to retirement, valuable/worth it basics in the wardrobe, seasonal looks, downsizing, wardrobe workhorses, color, travel wardrobes and capsules, your runway posts. Would love more articles on how to look fashionable when relaxing at home. Would like posts where you take a basic like black pants, and style them different ways. Would especially like to see how you do athleisure, as I think it looks comfy but I can’t figure out how to pull it off without feeling ridiculous.
    I like the brands you feature for the most part. I like Chico’s, JJill and Talbots. Christopher and Banks sometimes (they do great jackets for the money). I seldom buy clothes in department stores because of the way they organize their collections. I can’t spend five hours sifting through racks to find one pair of camel pants. Perhaps some jewelry or accessories brands would like to work with you … I would love to be turned on to some unique looks and pieces. As far as price points, I prefer quality over quantity and will happily buy a slightly more expensive piece from a retailer like JJill. While I think you might need various price points, I am not interested in Walmart or Target type price points as I’m trying to be aware of making my clothes classic and lasting.
    You do a great job and I love your blog. I get a smile on my face every time it pops into my in box.

  8. I appreciate reading about all of the topics you cover.

    I enjoy all of the topics except I don’t read the “Would you Wear It?”

    I like to shop online at Chicos, JCP, Macys, and Kohls. I appreciate the less expensive clothing you cover. I don’t shop at stores, only online.

    Thank you for your blog. I enjoy reading it!!!

    I would encourage you to take the plunge and retire from your full-time job with benefits. You and your husband will be able to survive and will thrive with additional time for what is truly important. Even if cut-backs will be required, life will be very good. Sorry about the unasked for advice. I truly appreciate your blog!!!

  9. I really enjoy your blog and I have found some great clothing to purchase through it! I hope you’ll keep going – the fashion is definitely my favorite but I do like the variety of other topics thrown in. My favorite store right now is Talbots but I like to see what the department stores are featuring as well.

  10. I love your blog just the way it is! You are so relatable. I just turned 70 and am a retired fashion loving grandma. I shop at Marshall’s, TJ Max, Talbots, Chico’s, and consignment stores. I love that you cover all price points. I really enjoy your recipes and other helpful articles. I do not have a FB account and check out Instagram occasionally. I’m not a fan of fashion videos. Since the fashion magazines ignore women of our age blogs like yours and Jennifer’s are my go to for fashion inspiration everyday. Love your “Would You Wear it” on Saturdays and reading the comments from women all over. You are much appreciated, and it’s obvious you love what you do! Congratulations on 10 years!

  11. Well, I do love the fashion the best and love the “would you wear it” days. Other topics are always interesting and the information days for over 50’s is so interesting. Appreciate the search you do for us. Videos are interesting but not necessary if they are too time consuming to make. I am not on facebook or instagram so not a big deal for me. As for the shopping, I have been introduced to many brand I was not aware of so that is fun. I do a lot of shopping at thrift and consignment stores for unique items and things that are not so mainstream. I have found many great brands that way and love the search. I do shop at brick and mortar stores as I like to be able to feel and see the fabric and would really hate having to return items on a regular basis. I do discuss your ideas and topics at my coffee group of ‘experienced’ women every week. All in all, I am glad I found you and continue to enjoy the new posts as soon as they come in. Thanks for all you do and congratulations on 10 years!

  12. I was blessed to recently discover your blog. I love the fashion information you provide. You resonate with my style interests and price levels so I hope to be able to continue reading your blogs as I have the past month. I haven’t seen your videos yet. I am 65 and like to be fashionable. Keep up the good work!!!

  13. I need to start this with a qualifier…I just found you so I am not sure what you have been doing for most of that 10 years of blogging 🙂 All I can say is that I like what I see. I found you on Facebook so i have today that platform is effective. While I have an Instagram account I am rarely on there…..seems to be a a lot of bragging and oh so perfect pictures of life (not real). Videos are ok once in a while but they take time to watch….time that I often don’t have….I too am still happily working because I love what I do…..when it is a loved profession and not just a “job” it is easy to work longer than many people want to. I do tell my friends when I find something good (and that includes blogs like yours). I am Canadian so most of the where to shop stuff is not relevant to me. I can look up and order online (which I sometimes do) but I need a lot of info on quality, sizing, etc. to make it worth my while to get something shipped over the border…..there is often the free shipping to US addresses but not to Canada. Most coupons/discounts only make it regular price for me due to the difference in the dollar issue. I look forward to reading more of your blog!

  14. 1. I do appreciate that you cover other topics. I like health, makeup, skin care, food, recipes, bargains, news.
    2. I love your fashion posts. My husband & I are in our 60’s & have drastically downsized. So I’m interested in mix & match clothing, capsule wardrobes, casual & business casual, non-memorable pieces. Storage tips & tricks for small spaces would be great too. I love Would You Wear It.
    3. Yes, I have shared your blog.
    4. It’s good that different price points are covered. I appreciated knowing when more expensive brands are on sale. I shop online at Lands End, & LL Bean. In person at Macy’s, Nordstrom, Dillards, Chico’s, Kohls, Penney’s, Marshall’s, TJ Maxx.
    5. I would definitely enjoy more videos.
    6. I prefer your blog to FB or Instagram.

    I really appreciate the time, energy & thought that you put into your blog. Thank you so much for focusing on us “ladies of a certain age”! ??

  15. I’m going to try to answer in order.
    1. While fashion is my favorite, I’m interested in maintaining good health as I get older. I don’t read recipes, but appreciate that others do.
    2. The fashion is my favorite, and ideas for what to wear in various situations. Would like to see some packing light for travel features.
    3.I do share the blog with my sister, but while it may sound surprising, my friends spend almost no time reading blogs of any kind.
    4. I shop lots of places, depending on where I am, but go-to’s are Talbots, JJill, and JC Penney (which is a great store where I live. I’ve been to locations that are nothing like the one here.) I don’t limit myself to certain stores, however.
    5. I don’t really watch many videos.
    6. I’m not into social media very much. I do look at fashion on Pinterest and follow you on Instagram, but don’t like Facebook and really am not regularly on Instagram.

    I think you are doing a great job and would be great with it if the content stayed the same! I understand it’s a ton of work and appreciate all that you do and the variety of interesting topics you cover for women in our age group. I read very few blogs, but always make time to read yours. It is real, encouraging and uplifting! Thank you for all you do Pam. It’s really appreciated.

  16. I like the fact that you cover clothes in all price ranges including Goodwill. One feature I enjoy is hearing what other readers have to say. Their comments are often helpful. Mostly I shop on line, Talbot’s, Chico’s, L.L. Bean, Lands End and Ebay. I live in the country and avoid city driving if I possibly can.
    I love your cheerful outlook on life and you make me smile. If you ever write a book I would buy it. Thank you.

    1. Such an honor to have you say that, Jill. I have planned to write a book for years. I better make up my mind soon!!

  17. I find your blog to be very inspirational. I love fashion, but find many of the other posts interesting. I like “Would You Wear It” & the new feature about what to wear for various events. I appreciate a variety of price points because I am retired & spending $300 for a blazer or a pair of shoes is not always in my budget. I do a mix of in store & online shopping. I prefer to try on things at a store because fit is so important. I will order online after I have become familiar with the cut & fit of specific brands. Videos are not necessary.
    Congratulations on your anniversary & here’s to your continued success!

  18. Hi Pam,

    I have to say that you are one of my favorite bloggers. I’ve been following you for several years and look forward to all of your posts.

    I enjoy your mix of topics — fashion (always), health, career, products, etc. While some posts are more relevant to me than others, I always find something helpful and inspiring.

    One more thing that is great about your blog is how you personalize it — I’ve enjoyed your story about how you came to blog and how you became the person you are after 50! It’s just fantastic! The personal stories are very lovely to me.

    Thanks so much for being there for so many of us!! Looking forward to another 10 years!

    Happy Anniversary!

  19. To paraphrase Mr. Rogers: “I like you just the way you are.” Have been following both you and Jennifer for ages. Have learned much, but am still open to more info. I am a person of a certain age – don’t act my age nor look it. I, right now, am pretty homebound w/ill hub. so I try to go online as much as possible. I recently tried Blair – good quality and the prices suit me. I live about fifty mi. north of a major city, but w/all the roundabouts and traffic messes, online, Goodwill, Kohl’s and TJ Maxx will have to suffice. In essence…”If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” Lydia B.

  20. Hello Pam, and congratulations on reaching the ten year mark! I began reading your blog this fall, and it is the very first blog I ever signed up to follow. I have of course read blog posts over the years from many different writers, but your age, viewpoint and personality caused me to want to see what you might have to say over time, not just once. As a newly retired teacher, I enjoy not just the fashion focus here, but also the little bits and pieces you share. I have never been a Facebook person, but would follow you on Pinterest for sure. I did enjoy the one video you put up since that gave us your voice and more personality than the blog can do. . .but I sure wouldn’t think it’s necessary. More of an occasional treat! As to the future, I would enjoy what several of the other ladies mentioned: building a capsule wardrobe, creating various looks using one core piece, etc. Also, I think if you could convince some of your shops to offer a coupon code good especially for your readers, I for one would be happy to make my purchase through your blog. Your blog is terrific, and you are a lovely person. Wish you another happy and more prosperous ten years!

  21. Congratulations ?. Living in Australia with our upside down seasons to you in northern hemisphere, while I’m interested in fashion, it’s not immediately relevant for me. Some of the stores have international shipping. This is an encouragement. May I suggest for folk like me an occasional segment where goods are shipped internationally. I enjoy the weekly what I’ve read, & have shared with friends. Neither F/book nor Instagram are on my radar, see many of the previous comment. I really like your blog.

  22. Do you like the fact that I cover other topics besides fashion (health, recipes, news) or would you prefer fashion only?
    Fashion only

    What post topics are your favorites…what posts would you like to see less of or go away? (Note: as I said above, sponsored posts are necessary to generate income)
    I love your street style features because I love to see how real women interpret fashion and I love would you wear it

    Do you share the blog with other women? If not, what do I need to do that would make you want to share it?
    I don’t share the blog because I don’t find my friends share my interest in fashion.

    Where are your favorite places to shop? Do you like that I cover brands of all different price points?
    Even though fast fashion has gotten a bad rap, it’s still the best place for me to introduce trendy items into my wardrobe. I’m 61 today, but I try to dress youthfully without showing excess skin, and cling tightly to my image profile which is a bit sporty/outdoorsy, a bit punk/edgy/, a bit classic, and a teensy bit boho.

    My more classic and sporty pieces come from Gap and Old Navy, J. Crew and Madewell, Garnet Hill and Everlane. Jeans come from American Eagle/Gap/Old Navy. Trendy and edgier pieces come from Zara and Mango. JJill used to be a standby, and I have tons of basics from them, but recently I find their clothes looking a bit “old” and uninteresting with colorways that don’t work for me–I have every piece of black and gray I will ever need.

    Would you like more videos?
    I’m not interested in videos.

    Would you like to see me more active on Facebook or Instagram?
    Facebook sure. Instagram I use for artistic and creative feeds.

  23. Good morning Pam, congratulations on 10 years. I’m going to go back and look up old posts on your blog. That’s what I do to relax! To answer your questions, I enjoy the diversity of topics of your blog. I only read you and Jennifer as my time is limited and only comment on your blog. I don’t do Facebook or instagram. Also video would not interest me and if you had them I most likely would skip them. I shop at pretty much the same stores you do. Jill and Eileen Fisher outlet are my 2 current favorites but your suggestions for Soft Surroundings have intrigued me. I also like the quirkiness of April Cornell. With losing 100+lbs within the last year and half, l’m still “finding “ my new style. My favorite is Saturday, Would you were it, as I hardly shop at stores so I get to see what is out there. I also like to read other’s comments. I love that you and Jennifer support each other, there is too much unhealthy competitiveness in our world! Betty Bell

  24. 1.Do you like the fact that I cover other topics besides fashion (health, recipes, news) or would you prefer fashion only?

    2.What post topics are your favorites…what posts would you like to see less of or go away?
    I read and enjoy most everything you post.

    3.Do you share the blog with other women? If not, what do I need to do that would make you want to share it?

    4.Where are your favorite places to shop? Do you like that I cover brands of all different price points?
    Favorite places to shop are Lord & Taylor, Chico’s, J Jill.
    Yes, I appreciate the range of price points you share.

    5.Would you like more videos?
    Maybe… if they were “how-to.”

    6.Would you like to see me more active on Facebook or Instagram?
    Not necessarily.

    Thank you for all the time you spend entertaining and informing us!

  25. Pam, I’ve been enjoying this blog for awhile now—as a lurker before signing up and I’ve enjoyed it and learned from it. Since you featured Shepherd’s Fashions I’ve started checking out their videos that they do several times a week and always enjoy them. So…..maybe linking to other things like that. Maybe make-up tutorials for older yet stylish women who aren’t ready to throw away all the jars and powders, but need to update and freshen up.
    The health/wellness feature is always informative and could be in conjunction with downsizing meals and cooking. We all know too many leftovers can dull the pleasure of meal planning and eating, but cooking for two (which most of us are doing) can be more of a challenge than feeding a multitude!

    What a daunting challenge it must be to keep things exciting and fresh for so many years! While I truly enjoy mention of family and a few pix of grandkids, I would hate to see it become like so many of those Christmas letters that arrive in cards from people you never cross paths with anymore, but who feel they must tell you all the accomplishments of every member of their family over the past year. I know you wouldn’t actually do that, but as a writer you know how exaggeration can drive the point.

    Keep on keepin’ on, Pam. Your smile is a day brightener!!

  26. Hi Pam! I enjoy your fashion photo shoots in your backyard & home. I love that you introduce me to new (to me) fashions! Your recommendations are spot on! I’ve purchased quite a few pants/tops that I have seen you wear. I do my shopping on line, and my fav sites are Chico’s (ease of customer service), Nordstrom (free ship&return), Macy’s (good prices/quality), and Kohl’s Iold standby!). I’ve shopped a little (thanks to you!), at Soft Surroundings. Although the fashion is by far my fav part of your blog, I do enjoy your timely news articles especially geared to women. I’ve been reading your blog from almost the beginning (I remember your friend Gail) and your always exciting thrift store finds!) I also love when you share your health & weight loss journey! How very encouraging! – Merry Christmas to you and yours! ~ xo
    PS Personally, an occasional video is fun, but it’s not a necessary part to include in your blog (esp since it is so time-consuming! Facebook & Instagram take a backseat to my enjoyment of blogs).

  27. I just recently found your blog, Pamela, and I’m enjoying your posts. I follow 3 others as well.
    An occasional video is interesting, I do check Instagram & I’m a Twitter follower of some very interesting people. All these outlets seem terribly time consuming since to garner a large following one must be consistently posting.
    Like your “would you wear this” segment & I’m sure you need to include all price points to be relevant to a larger audience.
    Personally, I shop at Talbots, JCrew, Banana Republic, Ann Taylor, Nordstrom, LLBean & Lands End. I’m tall & I can find clothes that work for me from these retailers.
    As a retiree, I’m learning a new casual but put together way of dressing which you highlight so well.
    I’m an on line shopper, living near Boston, with the ability to go to brick & mortar – I just try not to.
    Good luck with your evolving business plan!

  28. I’m sorry I only discovered you a year or so ago! I love your pictures/blogging on life and style; sharing lessons you’ve learned; and your sharing of family, personal experiences and challenges you have faced/overcome to become the dynamic, interesting and down to earth blogger I look forward to reading each week! I feel like I am spending time with a wise and warm friend each week. I don’t “Instagram” and Pinterest is like falling down a great big black hole! Time waster to me! 🙂 I guess my least favorite would be “Would You Wear It?” I know you snap photos at random for the blog but most of them are totally unappealing to me…nothing against you, Pam! – but the way most of these mannequins are just thrown together you wonder what the heck were these folks thinking? Cheers to you and your next 10 years!

  29. This blog is a wonderful escape from my day to day life. I love hearing about your life in SA, your job and the multitude of topics that are of interest to our age group. Blogs have replaced fashion magazines for me. There is nothing relatable there, and so many relatable topics here. I could always use more information on makeup, skin care and hair care that is based on user experience verses marketing hype. To answer at least one of your questions, I don’t think I’d click on a video.
    It must be exhausting to come up with topics and photos all the time, but know that your time and efforts are greatly appreciated.

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