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At the risk of sounding very cliché, time really does go so fast.  I cannot believe I am now entering my 10th year of blogging.  Of course, there have been stressful times, but overall, it has been a joy and sheer delight.

Over 50 Feeling 40 began as a way to share all I learned when I experienced my reinvention at 50 years of age.  By 2010, I was sharing with friends and encouraging them to look and feel their best each day over the age of 50.  That was when one of my closest friends, Gail, said, “You need to write a blog!”  The blog began and has continued as a place for women over 50 to be inspired, encouraged and educated.  For the first year, this mask was my profile picture.  It was always meant to be more about the audience than about me.  But other bloggers coaxed me from behind the mask, and well, the rest has been history.

Pamela Lutrell shares history of blog


The biggest challenge for my blogging continues to be the fact that I have a professional career during the day, and on my own time, I create content for the blog.  Oh, how I wish, the blog could provide enough for our needed income at this time of life plus the benefits.  It is necessary that I generate income with the blog in order to cover the expenses of doing this (website, email, etc) as well as to justify the amount of time I put into it.  There is no complaining here…I am blessed beyond all measure that I have something to do each day that I absolutely love.

Pamela Lutrell on Over 50 Feeling 40

As we go into 2020, I want to make sure I am still bringing you posts that you enjoy and look forward to.  So, it would help me immensely to have you answer these questions either in the comments below or through email (

  1. Do you like the fact that I cover other topics besides fashion (health, recipes, news) or would you prefer fashion only?
  2. What post topics are your favorites…what posts would you like to see less of or go away? (Note: as I said above, sponsored posts are necessary to generate income)
  3. Do you share the blog with other women? If not, what do I need to do that would make you want to share it?
  4. Where are your favorite places to shop? Do you like that I cover brands of all different price points?
  5. Would you like more videos?
  6. Would you like to see me more active on Facebook or Instagram?

The photo at the top is of two of my precious grandchildren.  They are cousins and over Thanksgiving were just getting to know each other a little better.  The sweet picture is my way of saying that I would like to get to know you better and would love to grow the audience even more.

 I want to provide the best blog online for all Women over 50.  Please respond and help me to do more for you in 2020.


Of course…there’s a slideshow…Christmas is on the horizon, after all!


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