1. This looks yummy and is proven by your family! Yup, tortillas would have been perfect with it. We love that brand of frozen potatoes. Tell you who else has good frozen hash browns: Trader Joe’s. They are not organic but do not contain undesirable oils.

  2. Yum yum! Love thus. We had a sausage egg and potato casserole too! I’m a celiac sufferer so must watch ingredients in prepared foods so grated my own cheddar and used tiny whole potatoes cooked and cut in halves with an herb mix salt and pepper . Thus makes my prep time longer but it’s worth it! Happy New Year!

  3. Always do a casserole for Xmas breakfast. None of my children eat the same,regular,vegan,lactose-intolerant. so it is easy to customaize the casseroles. Usually use chick sausage or bacon. Make two and put cheese in one but not the other. That way everyone is happy and I don’t have to listen to comments about what”I eat or don’t eat! But have not tried it in a crockpot. Next year………THe childrens smiles says it all. You are blessed! Happy New Year!

  4. Happy to get this, I made 2 breakfast casseroles with a huge bowl of fresh fruit and monkey bread. I served the casseroles with salsa and sour cream. Our favorite was the sausage one with torn up croissants plus the usual. The second one had hash browns and thick cut bacon. Bacon does not work as well and we didn’t care for the mushy part of the potatoes. But next year I will try yours in the crockpot. I like the extra Tex Mex ingredients!

    1. It worked well..no mushy potatoes, but I did not add any meat. I might do ham on the side next year. I made two monkey breads and they ate every bite…always a favorite. Thanks Gayle.

  5. What are Hatch chilies? Are they the same as Old ElPaso chopped green chilies? What size bags of cheese did you use? I definitely want to make this next year but may use chorizo diced up since it is a Mexican sausage.

    1. I believe the chiles would be similar. Hatch chiles come out of New Mexico and we love them in South Texas! Especially when they are roasted to bring out the flavor! I am pretty sure I used two 8 oz bags of cheese.

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