Streetstyle Inspiration Watching What Women Wear – Part 2

Pamela Lutrell shows what women wear

Welcome back to part 2 of my Streetstyle Inspiration Posts showing what women are actually wearing to events, out and about, and to work. The lovely lady above named Linda, is wearing a vibrant red outfit.  The boa is NOT part of it…the boa was a giveaway item at this event.  But, Linda looks lovely in her red and has had fun with accessories.Pamela Lutrell shows what Xitlalt wears

This lovely lady is my personal style icon…she always looks amazing.  I love her classic military-style blazer, bow blouse, well chosen accessories, and classic neutrals of navy and tan.  She even has a beautiful name, Xitlalt.

Pamela Lutrell with street style in San Antonio

Love the classic neutrals with gold…and a lovely lady enjoying others at a luncheon event in San Antonio.

Pamela Lutrell shows ladies over 50 who model their fashion

These lovely ladies were having fun actually modeling some styles for a local retailer, but they told me that many walked away with what they wore.  Some were going to wear their outfits for cruises.

GiGi from over50 feeling40

This is one of my dearest friends, Gail who talked me into starting this blog 10 years ago.  She is an art teacher and does everything with great style and flair.  For the beginning years, she was on the blog all of the time and very popular.  But, then she moved away ( I still cry over it) and I do not get to see her often.  But, she is amazing and knows how to create a great look.  I wish I could feature her streetstyle more often.

I hope you have enjoyed a couple of days of seeing what women are wearing while living their lives.  I do have another slideshow inspired by today’s ladies.  Tomorrow is What Should I Wear? and I return to the blog.  Remember if you have a few minutes, please answer these questions and send them to me, GO HERE.  Thanks so much for being here……………………………………………….



  1. This has certainly been enjoyable! I’d like to see more of these, especially what you see women wearing doing everyday types of things, much like the lady you saw when picking up dinner, or the ones passing on the street, out shopping…Living in a small city by comparison to San Antonio, yet wanting to always appear stylish, I often look for examples outside of my day-to-day since women are often a little too casual around here. The street style feature has been fun and inspirational!

  2. Gail is always lovely! She really needs to move back to San Antonio. Key features I notice in these lovely ladies: a pretty smile, well-groomed hair and hands, flattering makeup, complimentary accessories, and well-fitting clothes. I absolutely love this type of post.

  3. I wish she could move back, but she would leave beautiful grandchildren so I know she has a new home now! Great observations, Donna!

  4. Totally enjoyed these two segments Pamela as always open to inspiration and am the first to compliment someone on their attire. That said and speaking namely for myself something I do try to do; is update my hairstyle from time to time as feel it is part of the appearance package as well.
    P.S.: A friend of mine who is also in her seventy’s (petite in stature) recently just went with a ‘very’ short (easy wash ‘n wear … ☺) haircut which literally has taken ten years off her age and looks absolutely amazing on her. Tip: There are virtual hairstyle websites that you can download a photo of yourself to try one out.

  5. I like the Watching What Real Women Where feature! I hope you continue to do them. I agree with Kimberly that caring what you look like is the starting point!

  6. You should send me pictures! The audience loves to see what you are wearing! Miss you so much… ?

  7. I have thoroughly enjoyed these posts. I can certainly understand why Xitlalt is one of your style icons. She is lovely. The thing that struck me most is that all of these women look confident.

  8. I’ve really enjoyed this look at what “real women” are wearing too, Pam. I get more inspiration from real people than I do from magazines or trends.

    Happy 10 years! Amazing that some of us are still going strong (I’m coming up on 12 years in May!).

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