Streetstyle Inspiration Watching What Women Wear

Pamela Lutrell discusses what women wear

In the past ten years, I have brought you many examples of streetstyle from various places.  I love to photograph outfits I see out and about around me and watch what women wear.  One of my most enjoyable afternoons in Chicago, was sitting on the patio of a corner coffeeshop and capturing various street styles as women quickly walked past me downtown. My recent shots of sneaking up on ladies are from San Antonio…some on the street, some at events, and some when I ask,”May I photograph your outfit?”  I think I will call these segments…The Real Women of Bexar County!

Pamela Lutrell captures San Antonio Street Style

I am always inspired by fabulous women around me who take the time to dress and enjoy their lives.  I shot the photo below recently while waiting for my To-Go order at a local restaurant.  I really like this casual outfit…the vest and booties were spot on.  I have similar items in the slide show below.

Pamela Lutrell likes the vest and booties

Pamela Lutrell likes the leopard jacket

The outfit just above is on a co-worker (who always looks quite stylish I might add) and this jacket was complemented by women of all ages.  She said her 13 year old daughter asked if she could have it…if I was her size I would have asked for it too!  Again, I found similar items for today’s slideshow.

Pamela Lutrell likes the yellow rain jacket

Do you watch what other women wear in your community?  What has inspired you lately?  I want to thank everyone who participated in my request yesterday to help me plan posts for 2020. I have loved reading the comments and emails.  You have been so encouraging and helpful.  If you did not participate and would like to, please go HERE and answer the questions!  The slideshow below is inspired by the women in this post!  (More Streetstyle tomorrow!)



  1. In my Bible study last year, there was a woman (whom I’ve know for a long time) that I wanted to take photographs of. She dresses so stylishly, and I know first hand that she shops thrift frequently. And, yeah, she’s in her 70s.

  2. Oh, I love this post. I love seeing style worn by women of my age out and about. Online retailers and catalogs can be so misleading. Even their older models are still just aspirational figures, hair and makeup to me! I guess that’s why they’re “models”…

  3. I like to see women of all shapes and sizes who are wearing clothing with confidence! Makes such a difference and is inspiring. Thanks Connie!!

  4. I do at times. Not everywhere, as I feel people nearby dress extremely casually….jeans, leggings, sporty shoes or short boots. Nothing too attractive. However, at restaurants in evening , or at two to three if our community theaters (live plays), the women look very unique, fashionable. A wide sweep day to evening attire Id say.

  5. Love these photos of stylish women of various sizes, shapes & ages…keep’m coming!

  6. I love seeing “real world” style. Thank you, Pamela! You have a great eye for this and for sharing.

  7. I always pay attention to what women are wearing. Many look nice even though very casual, like the picture you featured of the vest and booties. It’s kind of sad how even in very nice restaurants women and men are in jeans. When I see women who look really sharp, I always stop to compliment them. People-watching is such fun!

  8. I love this post! I didn’t get to respond yesterday, but this is definitely the type of post I would love to see more often. Real women our age who are chic and look fashionable are so much more of an inspiration to me than the fashion models featured in catalogs and online.

  9. I love seeing stylish real women. I definitely notice well dressed women & men when I am out & about. I think it is because we have become so used to seeing looks that are too casual that a well dressed person stands out. I will admit to being guilty of not always looking my best when I run an errand like filling up the car with gas or zipping in to pick up a prescription. I am trying to rid myself of that habit.

  10. At least you are aware of it, Becky! That’s a good first step to looking your best when you run an errand!

  11. Love this post, Miss Pamela! Love seeing stylish women and will usually compliment them if I can. The clothes needn’t be expensive, just well thought out. Doesn’t take much, ladies…just some effort. Of course, the best thing one can wear is a smile!

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