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Over 50 Feeling 40 News Headlines

Happy December 2, everyone…it is officially Christmastime!  So grab your hot cocoa and let’s settle in for Today’s News for Women over 50, headlines I curate just for you! Enjoy the reads and remember before you make any huge health changes after reading news headlines, be certain you speak with your doctor first.  It seems our health is always a big part of the news for over 50 women.

First big headline…Yesterday was my 35th Wedding Anniversary to Mr. B!  Well, I guess that is only big news at my house.  He is my special person and I am so thankful we made it to this day!  I wanted to acknowledge our commitment and love for one another.

Now, for your news!

Pamela Lutrell discusses news about holiday stress

This has been the first year that I have felt like I was chasing the holidays from behind as soon as autumn arrived.  It has really ramped up this year.  Some say it is due to Thanksgiving being later on the calendar and some blame Hallmark Movies.  Normally, holiday stress happens, but this year, it seems to have set in earlier.  So, enjoy this read HOW TO BEAT HOLIDAY STRESS from AARP.

Pamela Lutrell on the news about olive oil

I think most of us would agree that olive oil has super powers, but this article really caught my attention with how specific the benefits may be. I used a lot of olive oil at Thanksgiving, and so glad I did.  See what you think about OLIVE OIL SUPERFOOD MAY PROTECT THE BRAIN FROM AGE-RELATED DEMENTIA.

Pamela Lutrell on the news about exercise for women over 50

I mention exercise often, and while I am not totally dormant, I do need to move even more.  You can imagine with two computer jobs how I can get stuck to the chair.  So, articles are important to remind us like EXERCISE IS MEDICINE: HOW PHYSICAL ACTIVITY BOOSTS HEALTH AND SLOWS AGING.

Pamela Lutrell with news for women over 50 on health apps

With the above in mind, there are all types of ways to get that exercise.  I love working out with my friends at the gym…but maybe you hate the gym and need an alternative.  Read this one: HATE WORKING OUT? TRY THESE FUN AND MOTIVATING FITNESS APPS.

Pamela Lutrell discusses the news about retirement

Finally, I know there are many of you, like me, who will be working for a long time.  We are not alone…in fact, we are changing conversations about retirement.  You might enjoy this article, THE NEW RETIREMENT TREND COULD MEAN YOU DON’T NEE TO SAVE AS MUCH.

Please feel free to comment on any or all of these articles…would love to see a great discussion on them.  Afterwards, I hope you will enjoy the gifts-for-the-whole-family slideshow below.