Pamela Lutrell curates top headlines for women over 50

Good Morning and welcome to another installment of Today’s News for Women Over 50.  This is where I curate news headlines just for us from a variety of topics.  Naturally, being the end of a “decade” there is a lot to say about health.  Just make sure before you make any big changes based on what you read to speak with your primary care doctor first….better to be safe than sorry. 

So, pour a cup of Christmas tea…add a dash of cinnamon…there are a lot of sugar cubes in this picture…I know it’s Christmas, you might not want to go that far!  Enjoy never-the-less and let’s get started with a little news…..

Pamela Lutrell reports how to live to 100

An expert tells us 5 Healthy Habits that could help us live to 100.  Can you guess which of the five is depicted in this picture??

Pamela Lutrell shares news on napping

I suppose anything done in excess creates a problem…but who knew about napping?  Certainly not this puppy!  Read: This study will make you think twice about ever napping again!

Pamela Lutrell reports exercises with chairs for women over 50

As long as we are not napping, we might as well sit up and use the chair for good!  Here is a Full Body Workout You Can Do Just with a Chair!

Pamela Lutrell with health news for women over 50

I am not really a huge fan, but intrigued that this is a cancer fighting super food.  Read on and please share any good recipes you might have!

Pamela Lutrell discusses hair loss on news for women over 50

I have heard from some of you in this audience that you are experiencing hair loss for a variety of reasons.  This might be helpful.  Read: The one Supplement You Should Take Every morning to Stop Hair from Shedding, According to a Doctor

Pamela Lutrell discusses usages for hydrogen peroxide

I am ending with this one, because I actually learned a lot from it and plan to purchase a larger bottle.  Remember the Dad in My Big Fat Greek Wedding who thought Windex could be used for anything and everything?  Well, pull out your Hydrogen Peroxide and get busy.  Read: 14 Surprising Ways to Use Hydrogen Peroxide.

You will find me cleaning with it today!  Feel free to comment on any or all of the articles…here is a final slideshow before Christmas!  I will see you tomorrow with something special.  Now, go add the sugar…I won’t tell!


Here are party supplies, cleaning supplies, tea supplies…a little bit of everything…except the kitchen sink!

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