Pamela Lutrell asks What Should I Wear

What Should I Wear to go Christmas caroling?  I know there are some of you who just thought…do people still go Christmas caroling?  Well, yes they do. It may be through a special event, or church, or way to bless others like an elder-care home, or for a party.  But, Christmas caroling has endured through time.Pamela Lutrell shows her Christmas village

My Christmas village scene depicts years past where women wore longer skirts, but the goal remains to be warm.  In South Texas, our weather has been colder lately, but most often a car/pea coat like I am wearing today is a good choice.  One of my favorite caroling memories was actually a Christmas party held years ago in a private home.  They rented San Antonio Trolley cars to pick us up and take us to specified homes for caroling where the residents needed a little joy in their lives for one reason or another.  It was fun, festive and meaningful.  

Pamela Lutrell recommends car coats

Usually, my husband plays carols for our family at Christmas.  He is the guitarist…not me.  But, it is one of his ways to stay young and enjoy something he loves.  In this outfit, I have chosen the black leather sneakers, and striped tee underneath as ways to modernize and bring a youthful touch to this outfit.  I like this brooch…past Chico’s purchase…and added it for a little festive shine!  Comfort shoes are important for caroling, because it usually involves some walking.

Pamela Lutrell recommends Soft Surroundings jeans

I still love my new jeans from Soft Surroundings.  They are comfortable, flattering and look great.  So far, I am not missing the jeans they discontinued.  These are a wonderful replacement and in the slideshow below!

Do any of you still go Christmas caroling?  I know there are some professional groups which carol at Christmas events in different towns…anyone a member with experiences you would like to share?  The slideshow below has similar items to what I am wearing here and the exact jeans….please take a look and…..



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