Pamela Lutrell Christmas Dinner

It is officially only ten days until Christmas….crunch time, ladies!  But, while we are stressing out, I hope you have taken time for enjoyment as we have.  Last week, I hosted a Christmas dinner for three other couples and it was so much fun.  Plus, one of my friends here, inspired a look for me to wear to work.  But, first, let me show you my table setting for the evening. Fortunately, it was cold enough to light a fire and make it a very cozy, inviting atmosphere.

Pamela Lutrell hosts a Christmas dinner party

I will confess that I found my holiday wine glasses in a thrift store a few years ago, and they have served me well.  This fun group has found some wines we love and each and every dinner includes one of those wines.

Pamela Lutrell finds holiday wine glasses in thrift shop

Since life is short, why not have Christmas dishes.  It makes the festivities more fun!

over 50 feeling 40 Christmas table setting

These ladies are so precious to me.  We have known each other a long time…raised kids together and I taught their children when they were in high school.  We always have tons of laughs when together…so I had to show you the silly picture too.  Over 50 feeling 40 Christmas Dinner

When I saw my friend, Jody, in her tan suede jacket with a black column underneath, it reminded me that I have something similar.  I really like these neutrals together…any black and brown is a favorite combo of mine.

Pamela Lutrell in Soft Surroundings

I know these are different shades of brown/tan and different styles, but I still like this look and it works for my job very well.  The suede jacket, black denim, and necklace are all Soft Surroundings with the black jeans being the most recent addition to my wardrobe. I had to add a necklace…it is just who I am.  I put some similar items in the slide show below.  Jody definitely inspired me that night with what she wore and that is one of the reasons I love to watch what other women are wearing.  We all learn so much from each other.

Dinner was fun and I did not think about holiday stress once that evening.  Make sure you take time to enjoy!  Is anyone still shopping or are you done??

I hope you will enjoy the slideshow…thanks for being here!  


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