Pamela Lutrell on 2020 Health Goals

Today is the last of our goal setting posts for 2020, and we will end discussing some attainable good health goals.  I do want to encourage you to be a constant goal setter, because the clock is ticking, and life is short.  Goals keep us focused and hopeful that we can constantly make changes and improvements, no matter what areas we are discussing.  

Let’s begin with some easy, basic and obvious ones…..

Pamela Lutrell Good Health Goal #1

  1. Drink More Water…I thought I was a great water drinker…in fact prideful about the amount of water I drink each day, and then ended up in the hospital just a few months ago with dehydration.  It can be a scary experience.  I was passing out behind the wheel of my car on the way to work.  My goal now is to drink water first thing in the morning, before coffee!  If you knew me, you would know that is a big change.  Drink More Water…make it your preference this year. 

Pamela Lutrell encourages women to move more

2.  Move More, Sit Less!  I do go to the gym (goal has been 3-5 days a week, and I hope to increase that) but between the two computer bound jobs, I do a lot of sitting.  So my goal this year is simply to move more.  Take more walks at work and move some in the evenings.  No matter what your life is like, choose to walk more and do some type of cardio daily. Studies are showing that it does make a huge difference to stave off heart disease and dementia.  Talk to your doctor if you have been mostly immobile and see if professionals can help you to make a plan.  I walked 10,216 steps yesterday…so I have a good start!

Pamela Lutrell discusses healthy eating

3. Cook More, Eat Out Less.  I am certain that we all have our own healthy eating goals, but for me, I want to get back to cooking more and eating out less.  Since my husband and I both work, we tend to get into cycles where we are eating out often and it Is not good for us.  I must be determined to cook more and not just pick up something on the way home.  There are many days that is hard, but I plan to get better about cooking on the weekends for the week ahead.  I began to take a homemade lunch last year and it made a huge difference for my weight loss plan.  So I need to go to the next step. There are so many things I could write here about supplements and eating plans, but we will save that for another day. How do you plan to eat healthy this year?

Pamela Lutrell discusses living one day at a time

4. Live One Day at a Time….My word for the year is TODAY, to remind me to live each day one day at a time and not WORRY about the future.  I think it is natural for women, especially over 50 women, to worry about our future and the futures of our family members.  So much has been written about the damage constant worry does to our health.  Worry and bitterness directly affect our health negatively and take us down the road to aging much faster.  I never want to be a bitter old woman! So, I will choose to focus on today, because each day comes with its own set of challenges.  I will mentally reprimand myself when I start to go into the future and pull my thinking back to TODAY.  

Over 50 Feeling 40 2020 Good Health Goals of Joy

5.  Choose Joy!  Since we are living one day at a time, then Choose Joy each day to keep us smiling and engaged in life.  Along with this comes PRACTICE KINDESS.  I am flooded with joy when I can focus more on others and less on myself.  For 2020, I am going to look for younger women I can encourage and help to get through life.  That might mean holding a child while a hassled mother looks for her money in the grocery line….or offer a listening ear to a woman struggling with her marriage…or simply praying with someone in need of advice.  I believe as older women we are called to help the younger ones, and I want to look for ways to do that purposefully this year.

When we do these five things, then the result is radiance seeping into our smiles and faces.  We will naturally look our best no matter what age we are or what we are dealing with.  It is all about healthy choices.  Does anyone have a good health goal for this year that they would like to add?  Please do….


Back to our Style Messages for 2020… For anyone wondering what we are doing here, Please read 2020 Style Goals: #1 Know Who You Are

You will then understand why a list of readers have sent me their five style adjectives.  They have decided these are the messages they want to send with their wardrobe choices.  Four women have already been featured in the slideshow, and today I am featuring Shirley who wants to send the message that she is confident, comfortable, current (not trendy),  and classic (but not formal or stuffy).  So the slideshow below is for Shirley and women like her!  I was in Talbot’s recently and tried on the Patch Pocket Sweater Blazer and Envelope Neck Stripe Top.  The image is below….I loved both pieces and wish I owned them!  They do fit with Shirley’s message adjectives and that is why I am sharing the photo now.


Pamela Lutrell in Talbots January 2020

By Pamela Lutrell

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