Pamela Lutrell discusses when to wear a sneaker

One of my readers, another Pamela, asked recently for me to discuss shoes…particularly, when to wear a sneaker.  Is it really stylish to wear a sneaker or athletic shoe anywhere…to any event…with anything?  This is one of those areas that is acceptable, in style, and, yes, done with anything (even under wedding dresses and formals), but each of us has to decide what works best for our style and what we want to say about us, when we leave the house each day.  Does wearing a sneaker communicate the message you want to send?  I submit to you that it depends on the sneaker….and many fun ones are available now.

Over 50 Feeling 40 in Sneakers from Soft Surroundings

Confession time...I am wearing sneakers more and more to work.  They look youthful and stylish and are better for me right now at a time when I am taking my walking during the day up to a new level.  Since the first of the year, my goal is over 10,000 steps a day…so the shoes matter.  I wear sneakers more on the days that I do not have meetings.  For meetings with leadership, I am more likely to wear a boot, or ballet flat,  pointed -toe- flat or a loafer design…depending on what I am wearing.  My fun Via Spiga leather flats that I love so much, pictured below, have been worn with just about everything.  Favorite Outfit is a plaid boyfriend blazer, dark wash jeans and these shoes!

Pamela Lutrell in Via Spiga flats

Since, I have funky feet and I am now in the world of flats, I am so excited to have many fun options.  For those who are retired, remember these tips:

  1. Keep your sneakers clean and current. (A dirty athletic shoe is just not attractive).  I understand when you do not check into an office every day that it may be easy to let the shoes go, but don’t make your whole outfit and confidence suffer!
  2. For a youthful, current touch add flats and boots in animal prints, metallics, and with the white sole athletic design.
  3. Keep your eye on mules for the warmer weather.  They will be back.  A simple, leather mule is so classic and stylish and looks great with jeans.
  4. For nicer occasions, I would recommend going to a more formal shoe than a sneaker like the pointed- toe- flat or embellished shoe or a metallic. I think only the 20-somethings can pull off a sneaker with formal clothes.  Here’s a tip:  If you have a plain, pointed-toe-flat, embellish it with a clip-on earring!  They look amazing!
  5. Have fun with it…sneakers don’t have to be boring and can be a really great accessory to a simple jean and top.  Enjoy the fun styles currently on the market.  But, there is nothing wrong or frumpy with a sneaker …it is more about the outfit you are wearing them with than anything.

Yesterday was hair salon day for me and the woman next to me was wearing this sneaker…I thought it was so cute, I asked her if I could take a pic and where to find it.  Both are below!

Pamela Lutrell shares Tory Burch sneaker



Here are a few of my favorite shoes that I currently own that are not sneakers, but in the fun world of flats…..

Pamela Lutrell in mules

Pamela Lutrell discusses style goals for 2020Pamela Lutrell wears shiny loafers

I have a slideshow below of fun sneakers and flats on the market.  Over the next couple of weeks, look for two posts which will help your feet immensely!  You can tell this is a big issue with me.  Just because we don’t wear heels like we used to doesn’t mean we over 50 girls don’t want to have fun!   Hope you find something here that inspires you....(and thanks Pamela for asking for the post, Hope it helped!)


By Pamela Lutrell

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