Pamela Lutrell on How to Look Like You Lost 10 pounds

Happy Monday, all!  Today, we are going to discuss how to look like we lost ten pounds…even when we haven’t.  Over the past ten years, I have written about it often, but in the last five years with a couple of job changes, I had gone away from my own advice.  A reader asked that I write about this, and I am so glad she did, because it has reminded me of all things I need to be doing…as a lady with curves and a larger midsection than I like to confess!  My personal goaI is to be wearing blouses tucked in by the end of the year.  I have strong start out of the gate…just need to keep it going.

If you do follow these suggestions, you will see results in the mirror.  I love it when someone says, “Wow, how much weight have you lost?”  when in fact, I hadn’t lost any!

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The first thing to remember is a lesson about “the eye of the beholder.”  You want to elongate your look and direct the eye of the one looking at you to see you as a long, streamlined woman! Proportions are important and you do not want to break up your style too much.  Let’s look at what I wore on the blog on Sunday.

Pamela Lutrell in $27 Chico's jacket

Column dressing….wearing one solid color in a top and bottom,…is elongating, and flattering and slimming.  That is why I do this often…usually with black but occasionally I wear columns of navy or olive green.  The dark jeans I am wearing in both pictures are slimming.  In the top picture I am wearing the new pull-on Soft Surroundings jean which is designed to hold in the midsection and looks like this in the waist band.  Look for pants like this to help with your mid-section.

Pamela Lutrell in Soft Surroundings Jeans

The structured jacket I am wearing above is the best tool in your arsenal if you have a fluffy midsection like I do.  Jackets should include seaming and not be boxy.  They should hit at the bottom of your hip for the most slimming style. Jackets provide the appearance of a waistline and nipped-in look.  Not as dramatic as a belt is, but does the same work for you.

Tops that float away from your body are the best to slim your look.  The one I am wearing above Is designed with a rounded hemline and this is one of the ways to slim your look.  Be very careful of peplums and hi-low hemlines as they can actually give the appearance that you are larger than you are. (especially from the back!)  The most elongating and slimming neckline is the V-Neck, like what I am wearing in the second look above.  The majority of my tops are V-necks.  They open up our faces and help to pull that eyeline down.

Another warning is for long necklaces…especially those with a big embellishment on the end that sits on top of your midsection.  Just know when we do that, we are directing the eye right to our midsection and breaking up the elongated look.

Long, slim pants and pencil skirts are the most slimming in the pant and skirt catagories.  I love the ankle, cigarette style pant, but honestly it is true that the longer pants are more slimming on us curvy girls.  A pencil skirt universally makes all women look great…no matter your size.  Try it before you knock it. Pencil skirts with structured jackets are one of the most slimming professional styles and are available to plus size women in many places.

Finally, let’s talk undies.  The first thing to do if you want to look slimmer is make sure you have a properly fitted bra…not an exercise bra.  Holding “the girls” up high will immediately slim you down…it is amazing.  Also, shapewear does help if you want to wear it.  I only wear it for special occasions, if needed.  But, some ladies like to wear them every day.  There was a time I did that, but I do not do it now.  It does help though.

Pamela Lutrell in Rockport flats for a formal event

Now, let’s talk shoes.  The best shoe style to wear when you want to elongate your look and look slimmer is any shoe with a pointed, long toe line…even flats.  The longer that eyeline, the slimmer we look.

Pamela Lutrell for James Avery

Before we sum things up, let me call your attention to this beautiful necklace from James Avery Artisan Jewelry.  I am so honored to be a brand ambassador for a company like James Avery, family-owned and specializing in finely crafted, timeless  jewelry designs which celebrate life and are made in the Texas Hill Country I love so much.  I have owned James Avery pieces at least 1/3 of my life. If you are considering a wish list for Valentine’s Day, consider this lovely, light Enamel Teal Cordoba Necklace.  It is lovely and goes so well with my silver James Avery Bracelets.

Now, let’s summarize how to look 10 pounds lighter just by how you style your clothing:

  1. Think about how you direct the eye of the ones looking at you.
  2. Consider column dressing.
  3. Wear dark wash jeans and dark pants.
  4. Wear structured jackets and blazers
  5. Wear tops that float away from your midsection.
  6. Wear V-neck tops
  7. Wear long, slim pants.
  8. Wear pencil skirts
  9. Wear properly fitted bras
  10. Wear shapewear if needed.


Now, for more five adjectives from a reader!

Catherine writes that she wants to communicate that she is creative, classic, comfortable, cute, and she wanted to camouflage her style to look 10 pounds thinner!  Thanks Catherine for bringing me back to my roots and for sending your adjectives.  This slideshow is for Catherine and women like her…like me!



By Pamela Lutrell


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