Tweed Jackets: Classics That Never Go Out of Style


Pamela Lutrell wears classic cardiganTweed is considered to be a timeless classic in a women’s wardrobe and a workhorse across casual to professional to cutting edge fashion looks which never go out of style.

 It is always on the racks in some form or another and we can thank the iconic Coco Chanel for that.  She discovered the functionality of tweed fabrics in the 1930s and is credited with the classic Boucle tweed jacket.   You simply cannot go wrong having a tweed jacket …or in my case above, a tweed cardigan…in your wardrobe.

I think what I love about tweed is how wonderful it goes with denim.  A tweed jacket and classic jeans are just about perfect.  But, then I can also turn around and put it with a pencil skirt and go almost anywhere.

Pamela Lutrell discusses shirt tucked in

“You can be gorgeous at thirty; charming at forty; and irresistible the rest of your life.”  – Coco Chanel

My outfit today is somewhat of a victory for me!  I have not tucked in a blouse and felt confident in it in….well, let’s just say…it has been years.  I decided to try it on this look and was pleasantly surprised.  I believe one of the reasons this tucked-in-top works (aside from consistent work in the gym!) is in these new black jeans from Soft Surroundings.  They are designed to slim. Also, in order for me to do this the top has to not cling too much to me…or the little rolls that are still being worked on.  I still have aways to go before I feel comfortable in tucking in for the majority of my looks.  The bulge in the middle is slow to respond, however, with faithfulness to work at it, it eventually will respond some more. For those of you working on the middle with me, I hope this gives you encouragement!  Here are the Soft Surroundings jeans…..

Pamela Lutrell wears the classics

The tweed cardigan is a favorite from Ming Wang that I gifted to myself and was worth every penny.  Since it is a classic workhorse, I will get my cost per wear lower on it over time.  I have already worn it in a variety of situations, and because it is timeless, I believe it will live in my wardrobe the rest of my days!  I found the blouse when I cleaned out my closet at the beginning of the month.  I had forgotten about it…and oldie but goodie!  A fresh take on a ruffle or pearl necklace always look good with tweed.  I love my Rockport boots so much and there are some beauties on sale right now…enjoy them in this little slideshow today!

How to Keep Your Style Fresh

Timeless classics like tweed will always keep your style fresh, as long as you are styling them in current ways. One of the first books I read early in my reinvention is called Parisian Chic by Ines de la Fressange and Sophie Gachet.   Ines warns of how style can become aging over 50 just with a few fashion faux pas.  American women have watched Parisian style for years and followed their lead, so this book covers how to be classic French style.  For example, they write…..

  1. Avoid neon colors because they are associated with teens.
  2. Loafers and ballet flats suit everybody, as do athletic shoes.
  3. Always mix chic and cheap…don’t pile on luxury labels.
  4. Beware of prints that can become too much like costumes.
  5. Mini-skirts and micro-shorts …not found on Parisian women over 50.
  6. Go for offbeat chic…head to toe matchy, matchy looks are aging.
  7. Simple classics go a long way: “A good-quality round necked sweater is a must in any 50+ wardrobe. Mix it with jeans and a rope necklace for a chic look that’s never dull.”

So, what do you think?  Do you agree that these are faux pas or fashion successes? Do you agree or disagree with her statements here?  Do you wear tweed?  Here are a few pieces currently on the market.  I hope you will join in the conversation and thanks for stopping by!

The majority of tweed jackets and cardigans in this slideshow are on sale…Score!



By Pamela Lutrell


  1. I like the portions of this outfit on you. It is youthful and flattering. Your legs look longer. Perhaps straight cut jeans would better without longer jackets or sweaters. Enjoy your comments on fashion etc.

  2. You look stunning! I just found on clearance a pair of black Blondo short leather boots similar to yours. Another classic I will wear for years. I wore tweed jackets when I was working, and I had a gorgeous tweed cape in my teens that my mother made for me. Great memory! Love the French chic “rules”!

  3. Pam, you really look amazing. That outfit fits you perfectly, and the color mix of black and brown is wonderful on you.

    I love your hair — the style and color are so chic!

    I’ve been a fan of tweed forever. Right now I’m on the hunt for a tweed jacket or perhaps a winter coat. It’s such a classic.

  4. Thank you, Beth! There are some really pretty tweed jackets on sale in my slideshow!

  5. You do look absolutely fabulous! The tweed jacket is classic and classy. So glad you found the pretty white blouse in your closet. You can tell this outfit is a home run by the big smile. When an ensemble comes together, it shows on your face!

  6. You look absolutely beautiful and so thin and trim. Your hard work at the gym is really showing. I love your outfit and saw immediately that your blouse was tucked in! Bravo!

  7. I absolutely love the classic look of this tweed jacket. I think maybe it is time to find one to add to my wardrobe.

  8. This whole outfit is extremely attractive on you. The jeans are slimming and the blouse goes perfectly with the sweater. What a great classy look!

  9. Your hair looks great. Like the outfit as well. However,
    I disagree about rounded necklines being for everyone. Nope. You look marvelous, darling.

  10. Another home run, Pam! Lovely outfit today, and your middle looks super, too. As to tweed, I adore it and had a gorgeous blue suit (pencil skirt with long very tailored jacket) in my twenties that I wore for important days at work back then. I loved that I could also seperate the two pieces so easily, pairing the jacket with slim navy gabardine pants or skirt, and the skirt with simply every blouse I had at the time. More recently I came to love boiled wool jackets, which have always given me that same polished look. I like the look of the green jacket in your slideshow! This would be fun to wear out to a St. Paddy’s lunch with friends.

  11. You look great in this outfit! The shorter jacket is very flattering. Don’t you love it when you see results after all those hours of exercise? Keep it up girl!

  12. Pam, This is a great look on you! I’m loving your new more fitted look for 2020. Seeing your outfits is a good reminder for me to stop buying/wearing so many oversized clothes. I lost over 50 lbs last year and still gravitate towards loose styles, but seeing how great you look in fitted styles encourages me to pay attention to more tailored fashion. Jeans are pretty much my go to and pairing them with a classic jacket is a look I love! Thanks for the inspiration!

  13. Shauna, I have been afraid of losing my oversized clothing, but with each baby step I have developed the courage to step out in more fitted looks. 50 pounds!! You are amazing! Take those baby steps and enjoy your success!!

  14. When recently editing my winter outerwear; a tweed midi length coat and a shorter length jacket (both classic in cut) where two that I kept and are probably the oldest of what I own as find both are so versatile going from dress up to casual depending on how they are worn. Whereas I also own a few tweed jackets (collarless/no lapels/hip length) that take me from Fall into Spring which have also proven to be worthwhile investments, as look fabulous with trousers or jeans and various fabrics ‘n styles in tops.
    Looking amazing, Pamela! -Brenda-

    P.S.: So agree with Parisian tip #3 ‘always mix chic and cheap — don’t pile on luxury labels’ but also feel one does have to have the eye to do it well. i.e.: For garments; IMO fabric and construction dictate.

  15. I have always loved tweed. Happy when it came back again. Have at least five tweeds in various color combos in my closet. MY eye always goes to it for the mix of color and jacket design.Love your. wish is were still available. But Ming Wang does lots of tweeds so One is coming my way. Best

  16. Pam, you look so great in this outfit! It looks like you lost at least 20lbs. You should be so proud of yourself for all your work at the gym. Your overall health will benefit. I think the ruffles on the blouse are hiding any tummy issues. We all have that middle age midriff to contend with, even our much slimmer sisters. I understand now why our mothers and grandmothers wore girdles!

  17. Pam—That is definitely an outfit I would put together and wear comfortably. Chic yet subtly casual. I guess those would be two adjectives I’d use to define my style. Love it……

  18. I love love love this outfit on you! Again – your hair is rock star gorgeous! Congrats on the shirt tuck!!!! I’m so happy for you and you look a little bit happy for yourself! (That big smile says it all! ) I’m still working towards my own “shirt tuck” – you are an inspiration and example for all us “Over 50 Feeling 40” gals! Wonderful blog and love the slideshow! 🙂

  19. Congratulations on tucking in your blouse! It’s a beautiful look, with the ruffle down the front of the blouse. This outfit is so versatile and I like how the jacket can be dressed up as shown, or dressed down by pairing the cardigan and blouse with blue jeans. And with a pencil skirt, definitely yes! Tweed is always going to be in style, and there are so many variations, there is something for everyone. It has always had a place in my wardrobe, from jackets and coats to tweed skirts. I do agree with the fashion tips from the book. I have found that having some go-to “uniforms” help when I’m not feeling it when getting dressed in the morning. I still update my clothing journal that I kept when working full time and it’s continuing to serve me well in putting together stylish outfits.

  20. Your outfit is so flattering! The ruffled blouse adds just the right touch of femininity. I enjoyed the tweed jackets in the slide show. They show the modern side of tweed, just as your jacket does. Back in the day, tweed was that salt & pepper look done in wool that was oh so scratchy. Today’s looks add color & interesting vibes.

  21. Fabulous look for you. Pam! Your hard work has paid off.
    You look slim, trim and super stylish! Way to go, girl! You rock!

  22. This is your best look to date! Stay with the shorter jackets and slimmer pants – fabulous!

  23. Haven’t seen your blog in awhile. You look absolutely fabulous! Your new hairdo and style of clothing make you look years younger. Keep up the good work. You were already beautiful but this is your look for sure!

  24. Wow! Of all the lovely outfits you have modeled for us, this one with shorter tweed jacket knocks it out of the park! Sensational. You look younger, taller, slimmer and so so beautiful! Keep this!

  25. This outfit really bats it out of the park, Pam. You look wonderful. I love the whole outfit. I never wear ruffles but that blouse is perfect.

  26. Thanks, Connie. I don’t wear ruffles either, but I found this older top when I did a recent closet purge and somehow I thought it might work with this. So glad it did!

  27. I have that cardigan and it is my favorite! I feel amazing in it, I wear it with camel slacks and a shell. I will never part with it.

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