What Should I Wear? to the office baby shower!

Pamela Lutrell discusses what to wear to a shower

Today is Wednesday…What Should I Wear day and I found myself with a little bit of a challenge when it was announced the office would host a baby shower for a co-worker.  I think it is fun now that usually we know the gender of the baby before the little one joins us in the world.  This shower is for a little baby girl and I LOVE to shop for girls!  

Over 50 Feeling 40 on Baby Showers

I hit Marshall’s right when they brought out some new baby items and these are just a couple of the baby girl specialties I grabbed! Everything was so cute…I could’ve gone nuts.   Remember at Marshall’s that Tuesdays are senior discount days with a 10% off of already pretty good pricing on quality selections.

Pamela Lutrell shops Marshalls for Baby showers



Pamela Lutrell wears Talbots navy blue

I had other meetings that day, but desired to stay in the “spirit” of the event, so I combined these pieces from my closet:

  1. A Talbot’s navy cardigan
  2. A navy silk top by Tahari and from Marshalls (years ago)
  3. A navy, pink and taupe scarf I found at the Loft years ago
  4. Taupe crepe Eileen Fisher Pants from Dillards
  5. Copper Cole Haan Ballet Flats

I felt like wearing too much pink would takeaway the professional vibe I needed for the day.  I do have some great JJill pink pants, but they are more for springtime.  I liked that I could go with a touch of both pink and blue.  These days if you are invited to a “gender reveal” most want you to wear the color of what you think the baby is.  So far, with grandchildren, I have been spot on!  We have four boys and a girl.   Normally, I would attend a baby shower after work and could wear something more fun, casual, and creative.  But, I have to say the co-workers did a great job and it was fun to have the guys around.  We had to guess baby pictures of people we work with and it was difficult but fun.  I enjoyed watching the guys put up with and even get into the shower games!


Pamela Lutrell at baby shower

So, let me ask you…do you think baby showers and wedding showers are events where you feel more compelled to wear a dress?  If so, please share with us if that is one of the standard fashion rules you usually follow?!  Today’s slide show features PINK and BLUE in honor of baby showers.  Hope you enjoy it!



  1. Pretty outfit and nice to hear your reasoning for your choices. I think dresses are always optional, given today’s fashion choices. I personally choose dresses for events like weddings, but there are always women wearing lovely pant outfits there too!

  2. I attended a baby shower earlier this week. There were approximately 20 women present and not one was wearing a dress. Perhaps we follow a more relaxed dress code here in Canada, especially during our cold winters. Even in the warmer months, however, few would wear a dress to a baby shower.

  3. I love dresses and skirts and wear them frequently, however, my decision on what to wear is based on the event and the location. My granddaughter is getting married on May 29. They’ve chosen an outdoor setting and I know I’ll buy a new dress for the occasion. I wore a blue crepe jumpsuit to the last wedding I attended but a dress is more “me.”

  4. Has been a few years since I’ve been to a baby or bridal shower (goes in cycles) however recall perhaps one or two people may have worn a dress. That said; more recently attended a child’s confirmation with a full church congregation and you could have counted on one hand (including myself) how many wore a dress or a skirt. -Brenda-
    P.S.: In lieu of a dress, I find myself opting more for two piece outfits (coordinated skirt and top) that gives me the illusion of a dress plus the opportunity to mix ‘n match the two pieces at will. Also when buying off the rack and speaking namely for myself; sizing for fit is much easier when sold as separates.

  5. I think the venue determines the outfit. For the recent baby and wedding showers I have attended, I’ve worn dressier pants and a blouse. I like to dress up a little because, to me, these are such special occasions!

    Love your scarf selection today!

  6. You chose a good outfit to give a nod to pink while still looking professional. I love to wear dresses and definitely would for a wedding, but showers are so casual these days. Everything is casual it seems, but I often wear dresses because I like them and I’m not trying to dress to follow a code. Like you pointed out yesterday, we should wear what we enjoy. For a casual shower I’d probably wear pants, but unless it was in a park, I’d wear dressier pants like yours. You look very polished!

  7. The last time I remember wearing a dress to a shower was in the 80s. Most of the showers I attend are held in someone’s private home & are casual affairs. I tend to wear a nice top & slacks to such events, but I have seen jeans & shorts worn, too. I enjoyed the slide show. I will be attending my younger granddaughter’s graduation in June & saw some things that might be right for that. How about doing a high school graduation ceremony in future “What Should I Wear”? Also, thanks for the tip about Marshalls 10% off Tuesdays!

  8. Unless it’s a black tie affair, I wouldn’t even think about a dress & still probably wouldn’t wear one. I have some lovely “cocktail” suits that work very well.
    I do wear midi skirts but no longer own a dress.
    You outfit is just right. Love that you’re choosing more waist defining garments, you look great in them, Pam.

  9. I Love your Scarf!
    I enjoy wearing dresses so in warmer weather I would wear a dress or skirt In the winter I would probably wear a pair of dress pants and nice sweater or top

  10. Thanks for joining in, Christine. I hope the thought processes help some understand how I look at events!

  11. Absolutely, I hate to feel uncomfortable in groups. I want to be confident in my selections. Thanks Karen.

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