Honey Nut Cheerios honors National Heart Health Month with special, limited edition

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Pamela Lutrell for Honey Nut Cheerios

Good morning!  I am here to celebrate healthy mornings and National Heart Health Month with a new special edition of Honey Nut Cheerios, a brand on a mission to inspire happy hearts.   With more than 100 million Americans having some form of heart disease, the good people at Honey Nut Cheerios understand how important heart health is. 

Honey Nut Cheerios wants to encourage people to adopt simple, fun behaviors that get them active like walking the dog, playing with grandkids or joining a group fitness class. And of course, eating three grams of soluble fiber daily from whole grain oat foods, like Honey Nut Cheerios, which can help lower cholesterol as part of a heart healthy diet.  Honey Nut Cheerios provides 0.75 grams of soluble fiber per serving.  In fact, whole grain oats is the first ingredient on the ingredient list on the side of the box.

Over 50 Feeling 40 with Honey Nut Cheerios

I like to begin my day with my Fitbit on my wrist, walking either in the neighborhood or on the treadmill at the gym, and with a heart healthy breakfast.  More activity has kept this smile on my face and making sure I pay attention to healthy eating.


Pamela Lutrell with heart shaped cereal

For a limited time, America’s favorite cereal is adding happy heart shapes to Honey Nut Cheerios and their original yellow-box to help bring the heart health conversation to the forefront and remind Americans that living a happy, heart-healthy lifestyle can be fun, easy and delicious! Just in time for the start of the new year, the limited-edition boxes will contain happy heart shapes. Those tiny little hearts in the right-hand corner are the actual cereal pieces shaped like tiny hearts. 

Pamela Lutrell chooses Cheerios for healthy llifestyle

I will have fun showing these to my five grandchildren.  They will love the heart shapes and we can have a conversation about how being healthy can be fun, while enjoying a snack they love.  As grandmothers, I believe we need to begin these talks about health early, while also making them lighthearted!

Pamela Lutrell shares Cheerios with grandchildren

I have stepped up my own healthy heart plan which spans across exercise, healthy eating and stress-free living.  February is an important month to remember to make it a priority to care for your own healthy heart.  Yes, it is Valentine’s Month, but give yourself a Valentine and begin an aggressive health plan now. 

Let the little Buzz the bee remind us to BEE HAPPY, and BEE HEALTHY with Honey Nut Cheerios!

Pamela Lutrell and heart shaped cereal


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By Pamela Lutrell


  1. I have been eating Cheerios for years now, my favorite is the multigrain. That’s cool how they did the heart shapes on the honey nut! The active lifestyle is so important. It takes discipline, but it’s worth it. I’m still working on the “stress free” part. As things compound with my mom, I’m having to get creative with more ways to reduce stress. Exercise does help, but it’s taking a little more than that lately! I’m staying with the Cheerios because they have helped keep my bad cholesterol low, which is good! Just like the benefits we get from oatmeal, but crunchy!!

  2. I only eat or buy cereal with low or no sugar ,these have lots of sugar but their plain Cheerios don’t ..sugar is what causes belly fat ..learned so much about nutrition reading south beach diet original book by cardiologist

  3. Great reminder, thank you Pam.
    We eat two meals a day now that we are retired, our big meal is at lunch at 11AM. Sometimes our dinner is fruit yogurt & Honey Nut Cheerios. 😉

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