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Pamela Lutrell with Today's News for Women 50+

Happy Sunday, ladies, let’s get our beverage of choice (for me, strong coffee) and sit down with Today’s News for Women Over 50.  Why read something else when you have a whole website just for you?  I look around different news outlets and curate news I believe is interesting or helpful for our demographic…and lately there has been a lot to talk about.  We might as well dive into the most talked about story at the top…that would be the halftime show of the last week’s football championship.  Pamela Lutrell discusses halftime show at the SuperBowl with J Lo

I selected this graphic specifically because it is blurry and the opinions of J Lo’s performance have been blurry and vast as well.  There are so many angles to discuss, but I have decided to stick with this column in The New York Times Style Section.  I hope all of you will be able to read this and that it is not subscription protected.  The article, J Lo and the Power of 50 by Vanessa Friedman, said, “But the total J. Lo effect was kind of mesmerizing: an in-your-face demonstration of a woman glorying in her own physicality, and a dare anyone who might render judgment based on a number.”  So, I ask what you thought…was the performance a powerful, empowering statement for women over 50?  If you can’t get the NY Times, try this one Your Amazement at J. Lo is Ageist as Hell.

 Would love to hear your thoughts and if you want to discuss other opinions from the show, then please do…but I would like to ask that we stay clear of political discussions…they just get too emotional and dicey these days. I am sure you understand.

Pamela Lutrell shows train trips in US

This week friends were discussing the fun train trips available in the United States, so I thought you might enjoy 6 Unforgettable Train Trips brought to us from AARP, and information on the Wine Train Trips.

Pamela Lutrell on health benefits of pears

I do not know why this article surprised me so much, but the information about heart disease made sense to me and as a result, I added these to my grocery list for this week!  Read (from Women First) This Anti-Aging Fruit Will Help You Lose Weight, Fight Diabetes, and Prevent Heart Disease.

Pamela Lutrell on healthy eating

Ok, when I saw this headline, 23 Foods with almost no Calories, I thought, well that is easy to list.  But, there were a couple in here that pleasantly surprised me.  See what you think?  You might also want to read 3 Diet Changes Women over 50 should make right now from the Mayo Clinic.

Please feel free to comment on one or all!  I thought it might be fun to look at shoes today…so many fun designs hitting the market right now…See what you think of these and think of warmer weather!

Optimistic Aging

I leave you with this optimistic aging quote for the day:

“There is a fountain of youth: it is your mind, your talents, the creativity you bring to your life and the lives of people you love. When you learn to tap this source, you will truly have defeated age.” ~Sophia Loren


By Pamela Lutrell


  1. Thank you Pam for putting together a great collection of interesting topics. Something to think about in all of them. Cute shoes too!

    I watched the Super Bowl half-time show and was surprised at the outrage it provoked. Super Bowl Sunday is all about spectacle, centered around men playing a football game for a trophy, lots of cash and a diamond ring. It’s party time on a national level.

    Shakira and J Lo are fabulous performers who put on a high-energy show with carnival-like dancing and singing that totally fit the occasion. I read both articles you included, and particularly liked the “Your amazement at J Lo…” article.

  2. I love these posts! Lots of great information and entertaining…I always look forward to reading them!
    As for J. Lo….I briefly watched the half time show and gave up. My perspective was a bit different from others I spoke with about it at work on Monday. I agree that for a woman in her 50s she has an amazing body and can move it. However, I worry about the message it sends to girls. No matter what level of success a woman achieves, pole dancing in basically a thong is what is expected to get any attention. I think she is a talented dancer and singer and the outfit and props were unnecessary. But once again, all people are talking about is her body and how great she looks for her age. In my opinion, it diminishes a woman. I want my granddaughter to respect herself enough not to believe this is what a woman needs to resort to in order to be relevant. And how seriously will women be taken if it all boils down to her looks and sexuality?
    Again, this is my opinion. Others can disagree but that’s what makes the world go round!
    Have a peaceful and relaxing Sunday!

  3. Honey, if I looked like JLo at 50 I would shake it too! Lol! I didn’t look like that at 25 so there you go.

  4. I’m all for being your best self especially women if a certain age, but J Lo with a stripper pole sets everyone back.

  5. I think J Lo and Shakira are talented entertainers and are in great shape, but I did not enjoy the Super Bowl half-time show. I thought it was vulgar and inappropriate for the viewing audience, and I did not find it one bit empowering. Writhing on a stripper pole says “Objectification” to me, not “Empowerment.”
    I cringe to think of all the little girls AND boys who, having watched it, now think crotch-grabbing, simulating the sex act and emulating strippers are good things.
    I hope future half-time shows are more appropriate for viewers of all ages.

  6. With regard to J Lo , she is without question an entertainer, that being said, her act belonged in Vegas, somewhere where you have to pay to have the option of seeing it. Not at the Super Bowl where people of all ages are watching. I have heard from countless people of all ages who felt it was inappropriate for that venue. Imagine the young girls and boys who were watching and mistakenly thinking that behavior is appropriate. I like her as an actress and entertainer but not as a role model for young girls/young women.

  7. Agreeing with Pam and Deborah’s comments above here. The show was fabulous IF you just look at all the glitz, high energy, songs, etc. It was a disaster in terms of the message it sends to women of any age….we are still selling that women must be crotch grabbing, sex simulating, toys for men and that not much else will get attention. I love that these women are in great shape (for whatever age) but there are other ways to show this to women if you want to be an example. And the darned Pole….”Pole Sport” has been trying to get away from the sleazy image and promote a more Sport version and a Theatrical version….this has probably sent their efforts back a few years into the “strip joint” version. It takes tremendous strength to do gymnastics on a Pole and that message will be missed in this rendition. And don’t get me wrong there is nothing wrong with being a very sexy woman but there are more ways to show it than for me to be grabbing my crotch…..can you imagine if we all started doing that in public LOL

  8. Great articles again Pam! As for J Lo and Shakira….I think they both look fabulous for their ages, but I am concerned about the message they send to young girls and boys. Skimpy outfits and pole dancing? In my opinion it was a bit over the top.

  9. Why is the violence of a football game O.K. but the half-time show isn’t? Do we want children to grow up thinking it is permissible to try to crush someone’s head?

  10. I watched the halftime show. Both J Lo & Shakira looked amazing, but I didn’t find it empowering. The old saying goes “Sex sells”, & advertisers certainly paid for spots. A friend of mine noted that somehow, a children’s choir & a stripper pole did not seem to go together. On a positive note, I love the snow leopard sneakers.

  11. Thanks for the basket of articles today, and the interesting and controversial topic regarding the half-time show last week. Does anyone remember the “Up with People” groups back in the 70’s that would dash out and perform at the bowl games? I’m not advocating we go back to that necessarily, but it does point out how very far we have digressed as a nation in terms of what people find acceptable entertainment. For me personally, I love Super Bowl each year and making the food, sitting with my family to enjoy the game and snacks . . . but how awkward is it to view a show like this with my 25 year old son, or 80-something parents in the room?! I am a huge fan of Shakira and admire her belly dancing abilities, so had no trouble with that, but J. Lo’s pole took it too far. Perhaps at the game itself people were not “treated” to the up close views we saw at home on our television screens, but it seems like the broadcasters positioned those cameras for maximum shock value.

  12. I barely know who these women are, but that isn’t what 50 looks like. Real women have sags and bags, they have wrinkles and crinkles. They have had babies. They have full time jobs. They’re too tired to exercise or cook. They can’t afford trainers and cosmetic procedures. The entertainment industry sets women up to feel inadequate. My two cents.

  13. First, I want to say I look forward to and enjoy reading your daily blog. Great topics for this 50 and beyond girl.
    In response to the halftime act…..we shut it off. Not a bit empowering but was embarrassing. Steps backward as a whole for women.

  14. I find the violence of football & the lifelong injuries that can be sustained intolerable to watch so I didn’t see the halftime show either.
    As a lifelong woman’s advocate I always find it difficult when women are objectified but I’ve also fought for women to have the right to do what they chose.
    With that in mind, I guess I’d say Viva Carnival & Latin culture.

  15. We didn’t watch the game or half time. I saw clips the next day and I am glad that we didn’t watch it. My 11 yr old granddaughter lives with us-not appropriate for her. I wouldn’t have watched it anyway by myself.
    Not all of us care about glitz, glamour or false ideals that only destroy people.

  16. Loved the half time show. 2 very talented, and beautiful women. I didn’t think they were any more outrageous than the cheer leaders that wear very skimpy outfits and dance. I can’t imagine how the 2 women stay in such great shape.

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