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Welcome to What Should I Wear Wednesday where I brainstorm different situations we all face with our clothing and present ideas and options to solve the challenges.  This recently happened to me, so it made me think…perhaps it happens to some of you too. 

I was working around the house wearing these JJill cargo pants,  an over sized comfy tee, house shoes and no makeup when a friend called and said…I am in the area near you…come meet me now for a glass of wine…but hurry! I really wanted to see her so it was worth the slight panic when I looked in the mirror and said out loud…I can’t go out looking like this!

Pamela Lutrell for Fish City Grill

As you can see, I changed to a nicer top, a denim jacket (really for warmth), changed house slippers to my Via Spiga flats , and touched up the makeup.  I was there by the time the waitress served the drinks.

Over 50 Feeling 40 with What Should I wear


Making “Spur of the Moment” work

Here is what I recommend for times when you need to grab and go:

  1. An organized, clean closet is a must.  I can easily see what I have and how I can coordinate it very quickly when my closet is organized the way I like it.  I have told you before that I hang my garments in families.  That way I know where to find this leopard print Chicos top…it is with the Chicos Family.  If I was just looking for “a top”, then I would get overwhelmed and lost.  These pants hang with the JJill Family. The way I always remember my clothing is by brand or where I purchased it…that is why it helps me to hang them together.
  2. Extra Tip: I have three scarves which are already tied like the one below and ready to just slip over my head quickly.  This also helps if I am running late for work!  I decided to go without the scarf and necklace on this particular day. If I had gone with a neutral top then I could’ve worn the scarf below with the shoes and mixed the patterns for an interesting look.  If they are in the same color family…then they GO.
  3. Shoes need to be easily identified and I do this by keeping them in boxes with the type of shoe written in maker on the end of the shoe box. 
  4. Don’t try to do your entire makeup routine…I only used mascara, concealer, blush, and lip color.  
  5. Of course, brush hair, spritz some cologne, and put on a big smile!

Pamela Lutrell on accessories


I have a WHAT DO I WEAR situation in process for a good friend.  She asked me to help her find a Mother- of -the -Groom dress for her son’s wedding in October.  It is a destination wedding on a beach.  The bride has selected colors to wear as navy, light blue, white and gold.  She wants the wedding party to be barefoot for the wedding.  I found the dress below at Soft Surroundings (will put in the slideshow) and we believed it to be perfect.  However, when it arrived the blue was not close enough to the light blue of the wedding.  However, she loves this dress and is going to wear it in Coral at the Welcome Dinner the night before the wedding. It is very flattering with a special design and piece that covers the tummy area in the front beautifully.  We also found the shell necklace at Soft Surroundings for her to wear either with this dress or with another one we find for the wedding.  We do have time.

Over 50 Feeloing 40 for Soft Surroundings

My question to you, friends, is do you believe navy to be too dark or heavy for this situation?  Should we stick to a dress in the light blue, white and gold area?  What would you do?  We are truly looking for a resort type dress and not a formal one.  So, I will keep you up to date, but would love to hear about what you feel on wearing navy for this.


I hope you enjoy today’s slideshow…  Thanks for being here and always, always


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By Pamela Lutrell

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