Would You Wear It with Pam and Jennifer

Pamela Lutrell with three looks on Would You Wear It

Wow…this week went super fast!  It is already time for Would You Wear It with me and my friend Jennifer! Can’t believe it…this is the day we bring you fashion displays we have discovered around town which makes us wonder what you would think of the looks.  All you need to do is give the displays careful consideration and with constructive comments tell us if you would or would not wear what you see.  Make sure you explain your answers in ways that will help other women who may be considering if the styles would work for them.

You do not have to comment on all three in the display above….it is perfectly fine to just do one, but be clear as to which of the mannequins you are scrutinizing.  So, ladies, look my display over and tell us


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Pamela Lutrell with SHEEC giveaway

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Over 50 Feeling 40 readers have been sending their style adjectives since the first of 2020.  These are five messages they would like to send with their clothing whenever they get dressed.  It has been fun to put together slideshows just for them in order to inspire the reader with all that can be done with their  own personal style messages.  If anyone would like to do this, I would love for you to send me your five adjectives at over50feeling40@gmail.com and I will add you to the list.

Today, I hope the slideshow will inspire Beth and women like her.  Beth desires to communicate that she is classic, polished, interesting, current, and intelligent.  A great list!  Putting the adjectives classic and interesting together made it more fun and more challenging.  So, Beth, this is for you………………………………..

Now, make sure you go by A Well Styled Life and tell Jennifer what you think of her fashion displays.  Have fun with it, learn from it and enjoy!


By Pamela Lutrell


  1. My fave is the mannequin on the left. The outfit is simple & unfussy. It looks like the blouse might be a bit fitted, which I like.
    I like the pattern on the middle jacket but the fit is too boxy for me.

  2. I’d wear them all, style-wise. The print on the jacket might overwhelm me, but I’d try it to see. I like wearing blazers with jeans and do this often. All three are “yes!” for me!

  3. I like the gray jacket. I was hoping it was nylon because I’ve been tempted by all the Spring wind/rain jackets I keep seeing. We have a long rain coat season in the Mid-Atlantic area, so my closet has room for a couple of different jackets!

  4. I will occasionally wear a lighter wash denim if the top I am wearing is darker. I like the dark striped jacket. The stripes would help elongate a figure. I also like the notched, stand up collar. The print jacket is not something I would personally wear. I don’t wear large prints at all and I am not fond of the collar on this one. Jackets are a nice way to make casual, light washed, jeans look a little dressier. Both outfits need a black bootie.

  5. I like all three jackets, but would likely only wear the black stripe one. The middle one is very much my style but the wrong colour. The denim is a bit too casual for work and I don’t often jackets in weekends. The black stripe jacket is more interesting than a plain black jacket and would go with black pants, skirts, etc.

  6. Blue is my color! .I like the floral jacket; however, it’s too long for me. I would prefer to wear dress pants in dark navy Travelers instead of jeans. If I did wear jeans they would be dark wash with a dark tank top or possibly light blue. Long silver necklace would complete the outfit (and black or navy booties). a

  7. The only jacket I like is the black stripe. the print jacket is too big and the fit looks boxy, which makes a somewhat big bosom even bigger! I’m so longing for some color, the spring here is so dreary. Never thought I’d miss Christmas red, but I do!

  8. The shirt on the far left looks crisp and has nice lines… I’d wear it in a heartbeat. I’m also fond carrying a wristlet… they stay out of the way and can sit on my lap at a meeting or restaurant. The jackets are streamlined so a good look for most any shape, but as a Summer, black does me no favors and florals just aren’t my thing. I feel like we need to be careful with the distressed and light wash jeans trend as they can make us look old and faded too.

  9. Love the snakeskin flats. I’ve been looking for snakeskin shoes, but everything I have found so far have had very high heels. Being 6 feet tall, the last thing I need is to add a few inches.

  10. I like the outfit on left with darker jeans, simpler jacket styling, though I can’t make out all if the detail. From the angle I’m seeing it looks minimalist which I tend to wear.
    The far right mannequin looks somewhat interesting but I’d suggest (for me) a shorter tee, a shorter necklace, and a shorter jacket. Whew that was some remake, but with my height and age, I feel these alterations would work.
    I would wear the center tee and jeans with a traditional blazer (tweed?) not straight and boxy and not floral. That’s just my personal choice.

  11. All three of thee outfits are ones that I would wear! Adding something, like casual jewelry or a short scarf to the shirt and jeans on the left though would give it a little spark. The buttons on the shirt are so cute and I have considered buying this same shirt for an upcoming trip. The jacket in the middle is a subtle design and would hide my larger bust and tummy. The pinstripe jacket is great to mix with any solid colored shirt and a pair of white pants for spring. I’m glad to see this brand in some longer lines. They are usually short and boxy. Love all the looks here.

  12. The popover shirt with button details is fitted and slimming. Floral jacket is way too long and boxy for my smallish frame. I tend to swim in that style. The pin stripes don’t work in my retirement, SoCal environment and I’m afraid it would just be too heavy. All three are put together nicely with the jeans! Very attractive!

  13. My favorite by far is the outfit on the left….so simple, classic and current! The floral jacket is too boxy, and I am not in love with the jacket on the right. I would rather pair the Chico’s jeans with a long cardigan in a pretty spring color.

  14. The jacket is pretty but I don’t like how I look in oversized clothes. If I tried it on, I’d choose a size down from my normal Chico’s size 2.
    I’d wear the navy top, necklace, and jeans. I’d pair the outfit with one of my denim jackets.

  15. My favorite is the outfit on the left. Very simple… The print jacket is a bit much for my short, dumpy frame and the black wouldn’t do me any favors. With the right coloring, those jackets would be fabulous on another lady.

  16. For myself, a definite no to the tunic blouse (far left) namely due to its style for starters, being a pullover plus also too restaurateur for my liking (being a tight weave cotton and the button accents). Though not fond of floral prints do like the center jacket however would prefer the same colors in an artistic/geometric print as would be more apt to wear as a fashion statement. As for the rest of the pieces; with exception of rolling up the jeans to create a cuff (too wimpy as displayed) I would wear them as well.
    P.S.: Seen several pieces in Beth’s slide show that appealed to me.

  17. For the first time ( I think) I would wear all 3 outfits. I’m a Jeans girl, and like to throw a jacket on over. The jewelry Is bold, but not too big.

  18. I would stop and admire this display. I love the soft, muted colors. This is the exact color scheme I am planning around. I don’t know if I would try any of this on. I have plenty of tees and jeans and the jackets are too big for me. The scale of the jewelry would also not work.

  19. I love the outfit on the right. The black striped blazer is okay with a natural colour but a red camisole or t-shirt would be nice especially with Valentine’s Day coming in a few weeks. I have skinny jeans I would wear with this. Don’t do the cuff thing. .Also love the necklace.. My adjectives would be : classic, bohemian, casual, edgy and soft.

  20. I would and do wear these outfits! This is my style in our relaxed state of South Dakota. I could come up with very similar outfits from my closet today. I would love to have that longer blazer. I try to always put some thought and effort into my outfit and still be relaxed casual.

  21. The one on the left is perfect for me the shirt is slightly fitted hope it comes in other colors I would like more than one. The jeans are all perfect. Not much of a jacket person, but I would pick the middle it has great texture and can be dressed up or down.

  22. The outfit on the left is my favorite (an everyday ‘uniform’ for me) and I would wear the middle one with confidence as well. While the one on the right is attractive, the collar on the pinstripe jacket (I do like vertical stripes!) and the chunky necklace aren’t my personal style. I tend to purchase dark denim but have noticed the lighter wash in the stores this season…personally, I’m not a fan of distressed jeans

  23. The one on the left is my favorite – I especially like the turned up collar and it looks like a cute little handkerchief on the arm? Just shows how easy it is to accessorize with the simplest things.

  24. Oh, all three mannequins look wonderful!

    I especially like the jacket in the middle but wonder if it might look better in smaller size. It looks a bit too full. I really like seeing these jackets with jeans. They really dress them up, and are perfect for someone like me who works in a business casual office.

    I could also picture all three jackets with dressier pants, which would give another wardrobe option.

    Yes yes yes to today’s post!

  25. Back at one of my favorite stores again, I see! I like pretty much all of these mannequins. I like the jeans on the left mannequin and I probably own 6 pairs of different styles of Chico’s jeans. The only thing I am not wild about is the side button tunic… I find that I do not like ornamental buttons, zippers, etc. I actually own the satin brocade jacket in the middle and I really love it …it looks great with a black top and jeans as on the mannequin or I can dress it up. I also love the blue stitched pinstripe jacket and I actually tried it on and wanted to buy it with the matching pants but found out the pants did not come in petite sizes. Since I am 5’ tall it is not worth it for me to buy anything but petite pants. So overall I love these looks and am really loving all the blues!

  26. I really like the jacket in the middle, the colours and style are fun. I am not a fan of faded or distressed jeans so would wear a darker jean or even a light grey trouser. The scale of the jewellery is perfect for me as well, so yes and no to this one.

  27. I like the way the outfits are styled. I would wear both jackets & the white top. I usually don’t care for florals, but this one appeals to me, & pin stripes are lengthening. The white top is interesting because of the buttons. The top on the right doesn’t look quite right to me. I don’t know if it is how it was hung on the mannequin or if it actually has gathers on the side, but I don’t care for it. I wouldn’t wear any of the jeans. I prefer at darker wash & don’t find distressed jeans attractive.

  28. This is one of the few posted that I could and would wear all three. Like them all! Although I think the middle may be the least flattering for my skin color, I still like it.

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