Your Appearance Over 50: A Powerful, Useful Tool for the Over 50 Life

Pamela Lutrell in Chicos jacket

Yesterday, we discussed the importance of getting up, getting out and getting going in the second half of life.  Today, I would like to encourage you to also look your confident best every day in order to have greater impact during life transitions.  Your appearance can be a powerful tool to achieve your life goals. One of my favorite quotes is from an image consultant, Alison Vaughn.  She says….

“Appearance can be a powerful and useful tool in controlling the kind of message you send to others about who you are, your age and how you view your age.”

Right now, no matter your age or current lot in life, you have a unique beauty that is all your own.  What is great about working on our outsides is that we always have the ability to make changes and “improve the house” so to speak.  We can upgrade in many ways…a new hairstyle, or hair color, or healthy eating plan, or a different look that finally says, THIS IS ME.

If you have just retired and are finally home for the first time in a long time, make it a part of your daily goals to fix up every day.  At least with a well- coordinated casual look, makeup, and fixed hair.  But, if you are going to go and approach someone about volunteering, or joining their professional group, or leading a Bible Study, take the time to create a personal look you feel confident wearing.  Be a leader to younger women with your style and grace.


For the past 30 years, one of my life’s goals is to be known as a woman of strength and dignity.  Purple is the color of royalty and dignity, so it has been my favorite for several years…I also look good in the deep royal purple colors.  This purple silk jacket from Chico’s has been in my wardrobe a long time…it is a favorite. 

Today, I am pairing it with a new Ming Wang white top that I love because it floats away from my middle and doesn’t cling. Ming Wang does provide quality, “designed to flatter” foundation garments.  On the bottom are my trusted JJill pants and my super comfy Rockport ballet flats.

Pamela Lutrell reviews SHEEC socks

The whole ensemble is popped with a colorful neck scarf.  This is an example of how to wear a print in your accessories with a predominately neutral wardrobe.  This is how I say, “Lookout Spring, here I come!”

Wearing your favorite colors and clothing that you feel confident and powerful in goes a long way to help you achieve the goals you have right now. It can wake you up each day and help to send you off on an adventure.  You never know what possibilities are out there.


Even over 50, 60, 70, plus…. even in retirement…. even a grandmother…even the “more experienced” end of the workforce, you are always sending messages about YOU with choices you make on the outside.  When people first meet me, I want them to see a confident, joyful, approachable, intelligent, and youthful woman.  I like it when someone walks away wondering my age and not quite sure.  We send communications with every choice we make on the outside and isn’t it great that we can control what those communications are?

Pamela Lutrell of Over 50 Feeling 40

I am not talking about spending large amounts of money; in fact, some of the fun I have is seeing how I can meet my style adjectives on a budget.  It isn’t money you need to do this.

You need an understanding of yourself, who you are right now in this stage of your life, and what you want to say with your outsides.

Without speaking a word, what does your appearance say about you?

Today’s slideshow is dedicated to those of you who are retired or just beginning retirement and you need some inspiration of how to look at this new stage of life. There will be more about this tomorrow. 






By Pamela Lutrell

Disclaimer:  I was gifted the top from Ming Wang, but my words about it are my own.


  1. Great advice, as always ! Love today’s look too. I really love your hair…the bangs are so youthful! Nice! I realize it’s not a new Look but today it just pops. Thank you fir inspiring..

  2. Pam, You are always spot on. Thank you for your blog. I bought the Ming Wang white, sleeveless, zip front blouse you wore recently. Haven’t spent that much on a blouse in a long time, but this blouse is worth it. The fit is sheer perfection. Can you link or tell me the name/style of the white top you have on today? I live in CA and no Dillard’s, I miss shopping at Dillard’s.

  3. Ming Wang and retirement don’t belong in the same sentence. That brand is too expensive for most people.

  4. Hi Suzy…for some it is pricey, but others have different budgets. I represent many brands at different price points in order to reach out to everyone. I did not say this yesterday, but that top I wore yesterday was a Goodwill treasure I recently brought home. I am so glad there are many ways to find good fashion. For those who can afford high end quality, Ming Wang pieces will live in your wardrobe forever. Thanks for being here!

  5. Great advice, and a spot-on slide show!! I got hung up on the gorgeous yellow blazer and the yellow sweater!! It’s true that how we dress each day is important to communicate our messages. I used to love getting dressed up for work each day and had no interest in ‘casual days’, which we really didn’t have in my office! I would miss that if I didn’t still make an effort daily. Granted, now I wear more casual pieces (unless the occasion warrants getting dressed up!). It seems that we are more productive when we take the time to fix up, have more self-respect and feel generally better about ourselves. That is important to how we go through our days. Your outfit today is a perfect example of a relaxed, yet polished look. That blouse is a winner. I finally found the white one I was looking for last week. I do like how yours (and the one I got) fall away from the body rather than hugging it. Such a flattering cut! Silk, like your jacket, is always so luxurious and feels wonderful! So glad you are doing these posts as reminders that it is always going to be important to live our very best lives!

  6. I agree that your attitude and how you present yourself is really important as you age. I just turned 75 but I’m frequently told I don’t look or act my age. I will sometimes skip makeup if I’m going to be home alone all day but I never go out without thinking about how I look. I went to my new tax lady today so I had that in mind when I dressed. I also have a Bible Study in my home tonight. I knew I’d have time between the two events so I needed to choose something I could wear to do a little housework too. I choose black legging style capris and a print Chico’s tunic. I added a simple long necklace and matching drop earrings. It was 72 by 9:30 this morning so I opted for mule-style sandal. I’m comfortable but you can tell I put some thought into my clothes and my hair and makeup are done. Best of all, feeling good about how I look gives me energy!

  7. You are awesome, Nancy! Thanks for sharing your thought process…I am certain it helps others! Have a great Bible Study tonight!

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