Over 50 Feeling 40 encourages dressing for dinner during stay at home isolation

Our at -home- life during this pandemic is certainly one of choices. Many of us have been asked to shelter in place and not leave our residences, so how about making some of the experience special…even if you are surviving alone.  Let’s dress for dinner and make it a memorable moment.  I know these are difficult times, but they are times where we can take lemons and make some lemonade in the way of creating memories that bring a smile when we think of them.

Pamela Lutrell sets a pretty table during stay at home for COVID-19

I would guess that the majority of us have nice dinnerware…perhaps even china that sits in a cabinet.  I think this occasion merits eating on the good stuff!  Don’t you?  When my husband saw me set the table, he said, “Well this is nice!” He liked the idea.  Our biggest challenge right now is eating at the same time.  During the traditional go- to -work -week, we often eat at different times M-F. 

But right now, ee cannot go out to a restaurant or for a special occasion because the dining rooms are closed.  But we can make it special in our own dining rooms.  Setting a nice dinner and sitting down with a loved one will…

  1. Take away some coronavirus stress
  2. Help us to recall special moments
  3. Set aside any fears associated with constantly watching the news
  4. Make us take time for a quiet.
  5. And create a memory to look forward to during the day.
  6. Provide the healing laughter we need when we share some funny memories over the meal.

Make sure you turn off the television, turn off the cell phone, and focus on whoever your dinner partner happens to be.  Each day brings larger numbers and more anxiety…treat yourself by turning it off for a time,

Dress for Dinner…and I don’t mean your PJs 

We have already discussed on the blog the importance of dressing for your day especially when working from home, but here is another occasion worth a little additional effort.  It is true to say that it takes as much time to put on a kimono, matching top and a necklace on with my jeans as it would to put on a tee and flip flops. Just nix the workout wear and loungewear for a time every day to sit down for dinner.  Put on something nice…add a little jewelry…and make it a special moment.  I am enjoying having a little time to closet dive and bring back some favorites like this Chico’s reversible kimono.  I am wearing it with Chico’s jeans, a V- neck blue tee from Marshalls, and a necklace I have owned for a long time.  You can’t see my feet but I have on my bronze Cole Haan ballet flats.  I saw one woman online who said she is treating each day as if it is a travel experience and dressing for it!  Whatever helps us get through, but I also want to say whatever helps us get through with a smile and good memories.

Remember to add accessories…this little blue and gold bracelet was a discovery last fall at a Chico’s on a clearance rack…It was $9! Goes great with this outfit.  The other gold bracelet was a gift from Mr. B.

Pamela Lutrell shares accessories for at home style

Each Day Top Chef’s Competition….at home!

Pamela Lutrell cooks whatever she finds at the grocery

When I went to the grocery over the weekend, I had menus in mind for the week now that I am cooking more.  We are not vegetarians…yet…it might go that way, but both of us enjoy eating meat with most meals.  Our Southern cooking mothers would not have had it any other way.  So, I was looking for two different meats and ended up with the last pork roast and hamburger meat.   I kind of feel like I am stuck in one of those cooking competition shows where they have to make something fabulous with whatever ingredients they are handed. It’s a lot of pressure!! This is one of those circumstances that it does no good to fret or complain (it is not the store’s fault that people are taking too much!).  Like I said yesterday:  we must be patient, optimistic, flexible, creative, hopeful, and grateful.

Pamela Lutrell reviews Kraft BBQ sauce

So, the pork roast became pulled port in a crock pot.  I seasoned it with garlic salt and Mrs. Dash Garlic & Herb, poured mushrooms and sliced red onion around it, and a bottle of this BBQ sauce over it that was one of the only brands on the shelf.  I have to say…it was delish! My husband was very happy and I would recommend the sauce.

Pamela Lutrell cooks with fresh veggies

I do not purchase many fresh veggies during the week, because in my previously rushed “Before-Virus” life I needed more flexibility to change things up when needed.  So, I usually bought frozen veggies.  On this day in the store, there was not a one frozen vegetable (nope, not one bag).  So, with our pulled pork we had fresh spinach and it was also very good.  I wish I had grabbed a second bag…but we were very good to just buy one of each item.

 I will say flexibility and creativity taste delicious!  My new mantra!

“Life is Short” Quotes

Pamela Lutrell writes of appreciating life now

I do like to remind us that life is really short and goes by so quickly…so here are a couple of quotes that I have in my quote file that apply for today….

Life is too short to wear boring clothes

Life is short, eat dessert

So, what do you think?  Is it possible to take a time like this and make some good memories?

I haven’t made dessert yet, but perhaps that will be a weekend treat! OOOH….something to look forward to!  Something else to look forward to are all of the beautiful fashions coming out for spring and summer ..enjoy the slideshow below…..and remember….


Your hug is currently your smile…keep hugging!

By Pamela Lutrell














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