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In the past week, one reader asked if I had shared the story of my recent hair style. She has no idea that there have been many lively discussions about my hair on this blog…and they may continue….especially when I ask if you think my husband gets a voice here.  When my hair was long and I was standing by it, some ladies would get very emotional trying to get me to be open to a cut.

I chose to start this discussion with my senior picture from high school, so you could appreciate that I have worn long hair the majority of my life. In the past I complained about how thick and out of control it was for humid Texas, but now I have learned to appreciate that it is thick and still grows quickly.

Reinvention and Blogging Lead to Change

Pamela Lutrell on Over 50 Feeling 40

Here is how I looked during the first 5-6 years of this blog.  If I remember correctly, I began to wear bangs in my 40s and have always enjoyed having them.  But, it became abundantly clear on this blog, that many women did not think my long hair was “stylish” and they would not hold back telling me so.  It wasn’t that I wanted to react to criticism and make a change, but I did want to be open to change and see if a shorter style might be youthful.  I had always feared that if I cut my hair, I would look larger and older.  I have found that with this cut, I actually feel younger and smaller.

The following series of images shows how it began at one point to just go shorter and shorter and shorter.

Pamela Lutrell's Mid-length hair


Pamela Lutrell reinvented hairstyle on over 50 Feeling 40

Now, there is a new issue


In the past two years, I began working with a new hair stylist and she convinced me to go with the current style and highlights…BTW, I love the highlights!  Since I began wearing my hair like it currently is, the blogging world has been so supportive and encouraging.  I would say overall my friends and readers love this.

There is just one problem…….

over 50 Feeling 40 with serum review

That would be the man I spend the majority of my time with.  My husband, Mr. B, was first attracted to me because of my long hair. He is not happy with how I am wearing it right now and really wants me to grow it back out.  I know some of you might take issue with that…however, he does get a big vote in the game. Keeping him happy is also important to me and my peace of mind.

I thought I had it all figured out, then he began to tell me in the last couple of weeks what he really thinks of it.  I do miss my hair, but this cut is way easier to maintain and less time consuming.  I do not see me growing it as long as it was when we married, but I may have to grow it out a bit and see if I can find a happy medium.  If the pandemic keeps us social distancing until summer, then it will grow any way.



Pamela Lutrell in new Chicos Jacket

Do you remember how the women who received makeovers on WHAT NOT TO WEAR? would get super emotional about their hair?  Some would cry…and some would immediately change it back after they left New York.  I am frustrated right now because I believe I am still in search of the style which meets all needs.  But I am not crying or losing much sleep over it…more important things right now to lose sleep over.   The requirements for my hair have now become:

I must feel confident in it.

My husband needs to like it.

It should be stylish and youthful for the mission of my blog.

Be fairly affordable to maintain.

I am looking for a Goldilocks hair style…it must be JUST RIGHT.  The saga continues….

Anyone else still looking for a perfect hair style on this side of 50?  Please share your story….

I have some great hair products in today’s slideshow. These are products I use and if you have hair that is difficult to tame, I highly recommend Kerastase products.  They have been worth every penny and tamed the wild beast on my head.  They also smell amazing.   I hope you will enjoy these options…stay hopeful…stay safe….


Remember, in our social distancing world, your smile is the way you send hugs!  Stay safe…and




By Pamela Lutrell

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