Fashion Over 50: Spring shopping for something unique


Pamela Lutrell shopping in Macys

I guess you could tell with yesterday’s Would You Wear It display that I went to Macy’s.  I am in search of something unique for my spring fashion over 50 wardrobe that is not currently there…different colors and prints.  I was met with this mannequin when I walked in.

Doesn’t it remind you of the Supremes….STOP IN THE NAME OF LOVE??

Pamela Lutrell and snake print jacket at Macy's

I like snake print and this mannequin really captured my attention so I decided to try it on. I will note that many times when I try to look like a fashion display, it does not work out.  However, I have used many displays as inspiration to style similar looks of my own.  But, I did take this jacket in with me…..

Pamela Lutrell shopping spring at Macys

I liked it and it does speak my style adjectives of intelligent, strong, approachable, current and creative.  However, 

  1. It does not really say “Spring or summer.”  Actually, if it was fall, I might have bought it.  I am like many of you and ready for vibrant color.
  2. It is a third piece I am trying to get rid of for warmer weather.  I need lighter “third pieces” more than heavier ones.  It is already in upper 80s here. 

But, on this trip finding springtime was not that easy. But, there are some things in this first slideshow I really like…and they are on sale today.

Pam Lutrell wearing green at Macys

I tried on this top because it is unique…different…but not for me.  I did not find it to be comfortable or flattering and the long tie in the front would bother me when wearing…so it was not what I had in mind.

Spring 2020 at Macys with Pamela Lutrell

I stopped and looked over this display and thought it was refreshing and spring-like.  But it was not different from items already in my closet.  I own similar things. So I walked on by…hummm, another song lyric.  Guess I am in a mood to sing today!


Pamela Lutrell dressed for shopping

Now, these pants are a subtle snake print…I do love the pattern and these colors are not that far off from some of the current spring trend colors…but I was ready for something different.  This is an older knit cardigan from Chicos, pants from Soft Surroundings, and a long Eileen Fisher tank from Dillards.   If I remember correctly, I bought the necklace on a clearance rack at Dillards.  Here is what I had difficulty leaving behind…..

Sale Jacket Pamela Lutrell

This jacket was gorgeous…and on sale.  But, I need another black jacket like a hole in the head and chances are it would not be worn until next fall.  So I had a talk with Pamela in the dressing room and told her to walk away…even on sale. 

This post is to show you that not every shopping trip for me ends with success.  At the moment, I ask

  1. Does the garment meet my style messages?
  2. Does the garment fill a need in my wardrobe?
  3. Does the garment fit well?
  4. Is the garment unique… in a good way?  One of the ways I express my “creative” adjective is by looking for unique pieces.  


I was leaving the store without a purchase when I spotted this over 50 woman and thought she looked super cool!  I could not photograph her from the front, but here is a rear shot….she looked great and had styled her outfit with flair and confidence.  This is communicating creativity.

Pamela Lutrell with Street Style Look


Let’s look at another reader’s style adjectives.  I can tell from Robin’s email that she is a lot of fun…it is laced with emojis…upside down and right side up.  Robin wants to communicate with her style that she is feminine, relatable, peaceful, mysterious, and whimsical.  Very unique! And since we are talking. unique today, I thought it was a great day to do a slideshow for Robin and women like her.  Hope you enjoy!  (BTW, I did find some shopping success. Look for it this week!)


Don’t be sad while social distancing…be hopeful and



By Pamela Lutrell


  1. Those are really unique adjectives, and relatable! I was looking at my spring and summer things the other day (snowing here this morning. ..boooooo!!) and am happy with all the colorful things. It’s not very inspiring (yet) in stores. I like the blazer, and yes, definitely The Supremes. It’s good for early spring or fall, great cut wKith being slightly nipped in at the waist. That black one is gorgeous…but isn’t it great when we recognize that we have too much of something and can walk away? Sales are nice, but often cause us to think we should buy because of the price. In the past I did that and would often donate the purchases. Good for you knowing to walk away!!

    1. It was hard to do it…but I knew I had to! It was a beautiful jacket. Thanks Karen…stay warm in that snow!

  2. I don’t own any snake print so plan on adding it to my spring/summer wardrobe by purchasing shoes. I doubt I add clothing with that print unless maybe a tank top I could wear under a brighter/lighter cardigan. I agree the jacket you tried on would do better in the fall, even though I do like it. Stay safe everyone and wash those hands!

    1. I love my snake print shoes…I think you will too! If I see that jacket go on a deep cut sale…I might consider it for fall! Thanks Michele.

  3. That first jacket looks fantastic on you, the tailoring works great. I would not have the willpower you have, and would style it with a light weight fun spring scarf and a turquoise or other spring top and light pants. I have stepped away from all black and am enjoying that. By the way, your hair is looking so fun, inspiring.

    1. You are so sweet…thank you and yes…that blue and pink would go with this jacket. If we had cooler weather, I would’ve considered that.
      Thanks Diane.

  4. Love the snakeskin jacket!! I may not have had the willpower to walk away from it! Enjoyed the slideshow and looking forward to seeing what you bought. Thank you for giving us something fun to think about right now!

  5. Liked the first jacket on you, I personally liked the 2nd in the slide show for me,shorter. My current pet peeve is all these clothes that are so long, extra fabric realise that is the current style, but I am very uncomfortable with all that fabric flapping around me. I am very tailored and like my clothes structured not that loose. They seem to look great on others, but I have only found a few pieces that don’t make me feel like a bolt of fabric! Comes under the heading of to each her own,I guess! Cheers,stay safe!

  6. Oh, how I miss having a Macy’s nearby! I like that trellised blouse with the blue flowers scattered about. Oftentimes with that much pattern I like to wear a light cardigan so all you see is that little column of print down the front (kind of like a scarf does). I’m up in the Portland suburban area this weekend, and enjoyed some fabulous outlet shopping yesterday at Christopher & Banks. The store was empty except for the clerks so they were glad to see me. (We did keep our distance though.) All of the spring colors were on display, and it felt SO cheery! 🌼 Racks were all 40 % and 50% off, and there was a $5 bonus on each “spring color” item purchased. I went a little crazy since shopping at home is non-existent. I picked up navy blue and sand/khaki pairs of capris, a sage pair of slim ankle jeans, and then a striped linen top, yellow and blue gingham cotton button downs, a lightweight denim long sleeve, a butter-yellow tank and a crisp white tank to go under the shirts, and a lovely blue and white print popover blouse. I snagged a cute yellow abstract floral summer weight scarf and two fun necklaces. 😁 Just $270 for all that FUN!! I don’t mind purchasing less expensive clothing for spring, summer, and vacation wear. I had a great time back in my hotel room last night making different outfits on the bed.

  7. I love the display, but you’re right the jacket does say fall & winter more than spring. I’m intrigued by the pink jacket in the slide show & like the trellis print shirt on the display. I have seen a pair of snakeskin wedges that I am contemplating. I don’t know when I will get out for my spring shopping day. Stay safe everyone & have hope!

  8. Thanks for sharing your shopping experience! I loved this article and agree with you that we sometimes need willpower to stick with our objectives. The look and fit of the snakeskin jacket was fabulous on you. As Diane wrote, a spring color top underneath would definitely lighten it up and would work in cooler climates.

  9. I like to go shopping when I have some time and can try things on.
    It doesn’t mean I buy anything, it’s helpful because I have better ideas about what’s available and how it looks on me.
    More often than not I go shopping and end up going home and digging something out of my closet that I’ve been reminded of on my trip.

  10. Oh my goodness, am surprised to see the snakeskin printed blazer as have one very similar (single buttoned/off-white background/not so much a shade of brown as it is closer to a black print/ buttoned slash pockets/tailored cut) that is about five years old. That stated; hooray as still in fashion and you just made my day Pamela! -Brenda-
    P.S.: Shall be adding slimmer legged pants (black ones will work for sure as that is what the buttons are ) to update its look and have the perfect peep-toe shoe to wear with it.

  11. Oh my, both the black and snake skin jackets are gorgeous. They both looked so good on you. I think you should definitely buy them. When I come across something that I love and feel good in I will buy. Especially if the price is right I know that I will love the piece and have it when needed. This strategy has always worked for me. One caveat is extremely trendy items.

    1. It was hard to leave them…but I will watch in future sales and see if they pop up. Thanks for being here Virginia.

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