Pamela Lutrell in ALi Miles jacket from Dillards

We need something to celebrate right now, so Happy St. Patrick’s Day to everyone! My family heritage is Scotch-Irish, so I welcome celebrating this day.  My most memorable St. Patty’s Day was spent in Boston…it was so much fun and I was in my 20s and single and enjoyed every moment. I know this year most events have been cancelled but we can still get out our favorite green and wear it around the house or neighborhood.  Also, later I will discuss what the color green represents.

Pamela Lutrell celebrates St. Patricks Day

I am wearing an Ali Miles jacket I purchased at Dillards last year and I love this jacket…open or shut.  It is a lovely light yellow/green and perfect for springtime. I have the collar down today, but it wears well popped up.  Here is how I looked in it last year.  Then I wore it with black pants, and this year, though the picture looks dark, I am wearing it with blue denim from Chico’s.  The hair is pretty different!

Pamela Lutrell in ALi Miles jacket from Dillards 2019

I thought it would be fun this year, to carry a older handbag I own of spring colors.  The last two years I have carried this bag during the time San Antonio celebrates Fiesta.  However, our Fiesta celebration has been moved to November for the first time in order to keep the event but hopefully be past COVID-19. Fiesta is well over 100 years old and I am glad they decided not to cancel it, but reschedule.  It is important to our city. 

Green is such a soothing color and represents growth, renewal and life.  Wearing green for a day could not happen at a better time this year.  It is actually said that green is the most relaxing color to the human eye and, of course, it represents youthfulness!  For those of you desiring to dress youthful, pull out your green.


How about celebrating youthfulness in a 100 year old woman who is known for her fabulous hat designs…and she is till making them!  I happened to catch this story on Fox News Sunday and thought I just had to share it with you.  Watch here: MEET THE 100 YEAR OLD HAT MAKER WHOSE DESIGNS ARE ONE OF A KIND.

I have introduced to you two amazing women recently who  at the ages of 64 and 100 are fulfilling dreams and living with joy.  Being home bound is a good time to do what Nancy the Project Runway designer did.  Ask yourself, if I were younger what would I want to learn and pursue?  If you have a passion not experienced, maybe now is a good time to spend time and make a plan.  You never know what you might accomplish. 


Since we are celebrating the color green today, I have prepared a green slideshow (with a little Ali Miles thrown in at the end)…how fun is that?  I hope you like it and as always



By Pamela Lutrell

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