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I hope everyone is safe and was able to find peaceful, joyful moments throughout the weekend.  This will be my second full week of working (two jobs!) at home!  I still feel a little off my game and flustered, but hope by the end of the week to be able to find a good at-home schedule which includes workout time and quiet time!  I am attempting to do my day job during the morning and afternoon, and then work on the blog at night as I always did.  I have to laugh when I see the list of projects some at-home workers are doing…I have no time to clean out a closet or work in the yard, but so welcome the day that time comes.

Today’s outfit reflects what I typically need for the day now…an interesting, professional look at the top for video conferencing, and stylish comfort on the bottom.  This is mostly a JJill outfit (at least the pants and cardigan). This little print tank with the zipper V-neck style gives just the look I need for being on camera.  I needed to straighten it a bit more for the picture, but my professional (A-Hem) photographer husband did not notify me of the adjustment!  

I tried these full-leg capri pants on at JJill before the pandemic hit and I only wanted to see how they looked.  However, the feel of the fabric was why they came home with me.  They feel amazing and as far as comfort goes…they deliver that big time.  I have these in the slide show below.  I like them best with this shorter cardigan from JJill that I already owned…wish I had it in another color! Super, super comfort. 


So, today I will wear them out to the front porch. I kind of have a black & white thing going on here.  Have you noticed that the social importance of the front porch has returned?  When I was a kid, we played outside and all over the neighborhood all day long in the summers and on holidays.  In the evenings, the adults would come out and sit on their front porches, watch the children play, greet one another and sometimes just relax and enjoy.  I have commented to my adult children often that it is sad that people became so busy…especially in urban areas…that the front porches became bare and neighborhood activities ceased to happen from the homes.  Until now. With more time on our hands, less distractions, sports gone from television, I now see people on the front porch.  Kudos to the photographers capturing memories and photographing families on their front porches. EXAMPLE OF FRONT PORCH PROJECTS.

Again, I agree this is an horrific event.  I am afraid to venture too far out since cases are rising in our community.  However, there are advantages to slowing down and appreciating life once again.  


Spring Flowers in San Antonio Texas Spring 2020

Mr. B & I took a little walk in the neighborhood yesterday and I thought I might share with you some of the beautiful spring flowers beginning to show off in San Antonio.

Pamela Lutrell shares springtime in San Antonio

Spring flower inspiration for fashion

I often am inspired by the masterworks of nature with my fashion.  Colors and color combinations in nature are so incredible and gorgeous that to bring those combinations to our own styles can be just fabulous and confidence building. Do you have flowers that inspire you?  I think one of my goals during this time is to bring more flowers to my front and back yard.  I told my husband that depending on the virus spread locally that I might go to the nursery with him next week…we will see. To be continued……

I am so glad that there are many of you who enjoy the slideshows.  They are full to put together.  With comfort in mind, I have curated this one and included the JJill pants above.

Now, do you agree with me about the front porch?  Do you see things going on now that might be a resurgence from the past?  Please share….stay hopeful…stay safe….and

Remember, in our social distancing world, your smile is the way you send hugs!  Stay safe…and



By Pamela Lutrell

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