Social Distancing, Spring 2020, Soft Surroundings and Smiles

Pamela Lutrell practices social distancing at home

Hi, everyone from social distancing in Texas!  Maybe we can’t hug or shake hands right now…but we can smile and wave!  Despite everything going on, spring 2020 will definitely arrive this week and it will help for all of us to put on a favorite color and touch of spring style. I have this beautiful new outfit from Soft Surroundings and was happy to pair it with my bright pink Kenneth Cole suede sandals I bought a few years ago…love the pearls on the heels and they go perfectly with the embellishments on these gorgeous pants…..

Soft Surroundings white pants for Spring 2020

I think we all can acknowledge that clothing can often transform our outlooks and help us to face the day with more confidence and joy.  That is what I encourage all of you to do today.  Resist temptation to wrap up in an old sweatshirt and just watch the intense news headlines over and over.  At least put on some color and do something around your house which gives you a smile.

Soft Surroundings Tunic for Spring 2020 on Over 50 Feeling 40

This COVID-19 situation may or may not go on for awhile, but one thing is sure, it will affect the economy and the businesses so many of us love and support on a regular basis.  Many retail store fronts are closing even for just a few days…but online is still happening!  If you are shopping and planning to purchase some items for spring, think about your favorite retailers and try to give them some love and support.  Soft Surroundings would be one on my list of brands I hope will be around for awhile.  This tunic is gorgeous and it is a bit heavier, so if you are in a cooler climate, you will love it for spring.  It has a great design in the back with seams and buttons which give it a more flattering fit.  I also like the tabs on the sleeves for taking them up or taking them down if the weather is colder.  These white denim pants are one of my new favs!

Pamela Lutrell shares Texas bluebonnerts


I know…Bloom where you are planted…is an overused cliche of a phrase…but I still like it…especially now.  Spring is all about new growth; new birth; new beginnings; blooming flowers; singing birds; and sunshine often after long dreary days.  This year the season comes at a time when the world most needs refreshment and HOPE.  There are other phrases which say, HOPE CHANGES EVERYTHING and HOPE IS THE ONLY THING STRONGER THAN FEAR.  It is often the case that this time of year you will see beautiful Texas wildflowers blooming with dead leaves and limbs around them…in the midst of the ugly dry land, the flowers bloom.   So, how can we bloom amidst the brown ugliness of this virus that has changed our way of life for the moment?


  1. Be a light in the line!  If you are stuck in line at the market or department store, smile, laugh and be patient.  I just don’t get the panic, anger or judgmental attitudes of those in line or even in the aisles.  Be the one of reason and calm and laughter.
  2. Once again, look for ways to help others (without putting your own health in jeopardy)…perhaps it is just a call, email, or note to tell someone you are thinking of them.
  3. Don’t stress out family members.  I am very careful what and how I speak to my adult children right now, I do not want them panicking or worrying needlessly, but I do want them to be wise.  
  4. This is only a time of drawing back…from a very busy, crazy world…and enjoying the quite, the calm, and opportunity to focus on relationships or home…especially for those of us who tend to go, go, go. 
  5. Have a hopeful attitude that this too will pass. Just as other trials have for our world and country…at some point this will pass and life will return to normal…although we may see some modifications and that is ok.
  6. If you need help yourself, ask for it! Reach out if you are fearful or anxious, but I will say, the best way to deal with our own anxiety is often to help others with theirs. The best way to find joy amidst difficulties is to serve and help other people.

In other words, BLOOM.  Springtime 2020 needs more blooms than ever!

Would anyone like to add to this list?  Ways we can be a light and a blooming flower amidst all happening during this time?  Please share.

There are other Soft Surrounding styles in the slideshow below to help us bloom this spring.  I hope you enjoy them and please, please, be hopeful and


By Pamela Lutrell


Disclaimer:  The clothing was provided for review by Soft Surroundings, but the words are my own.



  1. I wish there was a Soft Surroundings near me so I could try their clothing on before purchasing. Their clothes are lovely but I just don’t care for the hassle of returns when something doesn’t fit. The turquoise color is beautiful and one of my favorites. My parents, who are in their upper 80’s, are the calmest people I can talk with right now about this virus situation. They are taking it all in stride. They tell me about the days of the depression and rationing during WWII…believe me, we’ve got it easy right now. People just need to be patient and show a little kindness. Stay cautious, make healthy choices, and wash those hands. I’m smiling and waving from Indiana.

      1. Love your outfit and attitude Pamela! It’s so true about taking time to help others even of it’s just a smile or letting someone in a store who only has a few items, to go in front of you. Stay safe and smile.

  2. Waving back at you from little Rhode Island!
    Retired and older and worried here. !
    But we are following the guidelines for being safe! Washing my hands to dryness that even hand creams can’t help!
    Missed my grandsons big 18 birthday yesterday! Sad. But it’s for the good of all!

    1. Waving back, Paulette. Stay hopeful and patient. Hopefully your family celebrations will continue soon!

  3. Pam—Good thought on supporting your favorite retailer on-line. I’ll bet most of them can provide you with an on-line link that gives your local store location the credit for your sale, so you are helping your favorite sales associates while getting your fashion fix. Call your local store and ask if there is such a link for them. And it sounds like all of us are up for some brightness in our lives especially if your weather–like ours–seems complicit in the gloom. Look at the bright colors and happy prints and know that there will come a day when you’re past taxes and drama and shortages and feeling on top of things again——-and treat yourself to a nice piece of spring/summer fashion in anticipation!

    1. I like supporting local, Carol! Please remember going to retailers through my slide show supports me as well! 😁 All support welcome for the work I do here and I appreciate it soooooooooooooooo much!

  4. Love the color combo! Turquoise i s one of my favs and also love Soft Surroundings. The white pants are great! Will have to break down and bring these home. I am finding my neighbors are being so very neighborly,checking on us(guess we are the old folks in the hood!) and bringing us stuff-like TP.Hope others are doing the same. Am trying to use the extra time constructively and get something constructive done each day,besides reading and snoozing. So that I feel that I have not wasted my extra time.Hope every one stays safe and keeps washing their hands. Best to all, Keep waving!!

    1. This is a beautiful top…the colors are lovely. I think in many ways people are being kinder..maybe somehow this will stop some of the ugly division we have had in our country. We can pray for that. I will keep waving!

  5. I do love those white jeans with the added femininity of lace and actually have my eye on a pair of lower leg embroidered ones but honestly cannot recall what online ‘cart’ they are sitting in …. lol!

    With respect to the crisis; was out and about yesterday to do a little shopping as was experiencing some cabin fever and admit it was a bit eerie as the parking lot was close to empty and traffic on the road was exceptionally sparse. Also I felt so sorry for one little cashier when in conversation I told her that ‘ I appreciated her for serving the public at this time’ while she fought back tears and responded ‘I was the first person in days’ to really acknowledge her”. (Perhaps that is something people can do. THANK the people who are on the front lines, no matter their status.)

    As for family; I too like yourself am cautious what I say and have had to have a little chat (not a lecture as included some humor) with one my grandchildren who is an absolute social butterfly and is finding it difficult to adjust to isolation explaining when I was the same age; we didn’t go on holidays let alone have March Break, for entertainment had either the radio to listen to or a black ‘n white television to watch that only offered two channels, no organized sports to participate in, school field trips etc. etc. Received a text later in the evening from my daughter thanking me for my input as mission was accomplished as entire attitude had changed. -Brenda-

    P.S.: For over a month now; there has also been rotation strikes by elementary school teachers in my Province which has taken a toll on many families (routine and monetary) who have children in said system, so needless to say this current health crisis is sadly just another added challenge for them.

    1. THANK YOU for sharing the story of the cashier! We do need to remember that. In my grocery, people had actually purchased boxes of treats in the bakery and brought them to go in the employee workroom for the checkers and baggers to share. We need more of that.
      Thanks Brenda!

  6. Hi from 🇨🇦 What great thoughts this morning from you!
    It would be so easy to get ‘down’ on a Monday morning. I had 3 events planned today…..all cancelled. I will go for a walk with my friend in the spring sunshine 🌞.
    I love your colourful spring clothes today.
    Keep safe.

  7. Thank you, Pamela for your timely tips! I’m waving to you from sunny Colorado where it feels like spring until Thursday when we are expecting a snowstorm! My hubby and I just returned from our walk. We are staying home except for a few quick trips to the grocery store for necessities. We plan to take out from our favorite Chinese restaurant. I love your SS top and pants and your pink sandals! It is a nice distraction from all the bad news getting worse everyday. If I purchase your top I will be sure to purchase through your link. Thank you for continuing your blog….I look forward to reading everyday! Stay healthy and safe💕

  8. Thank you, Pam. A wave from the beautiful Texas Hill Country where the first blue bonnets are in bloom and the purple martins have returned, yea!

  9. What a lovely spring outfit. I really like the combination of colors. Our weather is it’s usual spring weather where you layer because your will have all 4 seasons in a short time. Please take care and thank you for your uplifting manner.

  10. My DIL is setting up virtual play dates for my 5 yr old granddaughter She sent me a photo of her sitting at the table with her dolls and accessories spread out in front of the iPad. She had a delightful time, even if only for a bit with this new novel way to play with her friends.

    Just to keep a little perspective, on average, 3,000 people a day die in traffic accidents, yet we all get in our vehicles and take that chance daily. The very best thing you can do is cover your cough, try not to touch your face and throughly wash your hands often. I have also started wiping the stirring wheel, my keys, my phone and door handles with sanitizer wipes.

    Please remember to support your local non-profits. Many events that fund them are being canceled over the next 2 months.

  11. 3000 people killed a day in auto accidents would mean over 1M a year. From what I could find on Google search it’s more like 120/day, still too many for sure.
    Love the blouse, it’s sitting in my cart on SS site but haven’t clicked & bought yet. I’ve been supporting a number of my favorite stores lately & trying to justify another purchase!

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