Pamela Lutrell asks audience if they would wear clothes in display

Anyone else exhausted after a very intense week (with a time change thrown into the midst of it)?  I know I am, so let’s have some fun and lift our spirits with a little spring 2020 fashion on Would You Wear It? with me and my friend, Jennifer. Also, look farther down for some inspiration from a special woman over 50.  Let’s think on the bright side of life today.

For any of you new to the blog, Saturdays are when Jennifer and I select fashion displays we have discovered around our communities and bring them before you (our own unique fashion board of advisors) and ask what you think.  We want to know if you personally would or would not wear the looks in the displays, and then constructively tell us why or why not they work or don’t work for you.  Please do this with an effort to help other women understand what you think…yes or no answers do not help anyone understand and there are many who love to read each and every comment.

Pamela Lutrell with reviews on Alfani Spring 2020 at Macys

As always, I do not go looking specifically for fabulous style or awful style….I just look for a display that makes me stop and wonder what you would think about the looks and garments.  You can comment on all three in this display or on just one…whatever you like.  I encourage you to think about your body type, your style messages you want to send with. your clothing, your personal colors or color needs this year and age appropriateness.  Those are good benchmarks when deciding how you feel about an outfit.  Maybe. you want to step out of your comfort zone into a new arena…tell us if that is the case…. So, ladies, look my group of three over and tell us……………………………………………………………………………………


Alfani dress and skirt on over 50 feeling 40


Project Runway Designer

This is the third time I have written about Nancy Volpe Beringer.  She is the first over 60 fashion designer to be in the finals of Project Runway and present a collection at New York Fashion Week this year.  I personally believe she should have won, but I am still super proud and inspired by this woman.  After a long financial career, she decided in her late 50s to follow her passion and she went back to school to study fashion design.  She asked herself, “What would I want to learn if I wear young again?” and the answer was fashion design.  Her NY runway show was so inspiring, because she designed high fashion to include everyone… even those who are wheelchair bound and with prosthetics.  Her collection theme was SUS-TAIN-OUR-ABILITY and it was a zero waste collection.  She lives in Philadelphia and I predict will be very busy from now on…her creativity is amazing.  You can read her inspirational story here. 

Or watch the final show of Project Runway Bravo Final Part 2.

Nancy shows us that it truly is never too late to chase a dream.  Does it take dedication and hard work…YES!  But, possibilities are endless for those who are willing to work hard and dream big…even in your 60s!  Thanks Nancy…you go girl!

Now, after you comment on my mannequins, then head on over to  A WELL STYLED LIFE  and tell Jennifer what you think of her look.  I have a fun  slideshow below which includes items from today’s display for those who like them…so I hope you will take time for that as well.  Be hopeful, everyone, and


By Pamela Lutrell

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