Pamela Lutrell wear IC spring collection at Dillards

It’s March 2 and we officially have permission to think about spring with our fashions over 50.  I was in a springtime mood so I headed out to one of my favorite stores, Dillards at The Shops of La Cantera in San Antonio.  What I found was a plethora of prints and colors and was told that the blooming is happening daily……so I need to stay in touch with them to see all that Spring 2020 will bring.

Before we dive in today, let me remind everyone that our audience is vast here on Over 50 Feeling 40…many different ladies around the world and who live on many different budgets.  I do bring you fashion from several different price ranges.  Some of you consider cost per wear and some of you are seeking the most affordable fashions you can find (that is why I also represent the thrift side of the business).  So I hope all of you will enjoy these lines which are considered to be in the middle of price points.  I also encourage you to sign up for Dillards emails…some of the best sales items I have ever purchased were at Dillards sales.   Now, let’s have some fun!!  

Details on IC Spring outfit at Dillards

Dillards carries many different brands that I love…Eileen Fisher, Bryn Walker, Ming Wang, Niche, Nick & Zoe, and the one you are looking at above…IC Collection.  I wanted you to see how they designed the top and the bottoms to go together by incorporating the color in the back. I also like the button details on the pants.  But, this top is one I would love to own…so cute and just put a “spring” in my step.  Another win for IC Collection is their jackets.  The design of the jacket below is a classic and the most flattering and fun style.  They do this jacket every season in different fabrics and colors.  I am not wearing my pants in these pictures and if this jacket were to ever come home with me, it would be paired with a slimmer leg pant.  I owned this design several years ago and actually wore it out I liked it so much.

Pamela Lutrell in IC Collection jacket

Pamela Lutrell at Dillards in IC Collection jacket

There are so many prints and colors at Dillards right now, and it is fun to just go take a boatload in the dressing room and see what you think!  In retail today, there are items online that are not in the stores and items in the stores not online.  Don’t assume that everything online is in the store, but I found several surprises there I had not seen on the website.  Also, these are my favorite sales associates.  They are so friendly and helpful…and will stay in touch with you if a favorite item goes on sale!

Over 50 Feeling 40 with IC Collection printed tunic

Pamela Lutrell in print top by IC Collection at Dillards

Most of you know that I like to communicate that I am creative with my fashion choices and IC Collection definitely plays toward that side of me.  I love to have fun garments in my wardrobe….especially, for the warmer weather months.  However……IC Collection also has selections for those who are quieter this time of year.  I love this tunic below.  I realize it is oversized…but the design and fit of it is also more flattering than typical style like this and, yes, it has pockets.   I would wear the printed garment above and the tunic below with black leggings or even black legging capri pants.  The first photo and the green tunic below have a neckline that I like a lot.  I would like to eventually get one of these garments because I did like the neckline so much.

Pamela Lutrell in Olive green tunic by IC Collection

Tomorrow, I will include within my post a softer neutral side of spring.   The post will feature me in my softer nod toward spring neutrals and then a local designer from San Antonio carried at Dillards, Niche. I hope you will return for more fashion fun…..but, I am not done today!


Pamela Lutrell with printed handbags for spring at Dillards

Remember I told you that printed handbags are big this spring and summer.  There are many pretty prints on the market.  The one below is on my wish list now.  I love Brahmin bags and carry a small tote.  But, I have wanted a crossbody bag.  This is a print I would love to own and since I wear a cross body bag most often when I wearing denim, I think this bag would be awesome!  I wear jeans often when not at work and believe I could justify the cost per wear easily.  It is another item I will be watching!

Pamela Lutrell with Spring 2020 Brahmin Bags at Dillards

“That is one good thing about this world, there are always sure to be springs.”  – L.M. Montgomery

I realize so many of you are cold, but does thinking and dreaming of springtime help you get excited?  It is still cool in San Antonio, but we are not dealing with snow and ice.  I have a Dillards slide show for you today, so see if you can dream a little and enjoy some fun.  Thank you for being here!  I hope to see you again tomorrow.


By Pamela Lutrell

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