Over 50 Feeling 40 in March 2020 Collection from Chicos

This week has been all about Spring Fashion Trends for 2020 and for the stylish ladies over 50 who visit this blog.  So far, we have looked at vibrant colors, soft neutrals, and safari styles.  So, today let us take it another step forward and consider artistic, abstract prints and I found them at Chico’s.  With Chico’s  first collection of Spring, they say it is a nod to their artful heritage….including abstract prints and color.  They have a new way to celebrate their heritage with a logo redesign that emphasizes Chic as part of the word Chico’s.


Chicos March 2020 on Over 50 Feeling 40

The introduction to their current catalog is:  “This spring, we move chicly forward by looking back, embracing our roots as a small, folk-art-filled boutique, and our love of intricate detail, rich color and global treasures.  We’ve reimagined favorites, channeled your individuality…renewed our appreciation for art. You’ll see the shift in everything – including a new expression of our name – an artful interpretation of classic Chico’s.”

I love this. By far my favorite marketing campaign for Chico’s in a long time.  The minute I read they had designs with an artful, abstract inspiration,  I wanted to stop by because those are by far my favorite prints.  I have always loved abstracts, artistic and architectural prints.  That is what I much prefer to a floral or dot.  Again, it goes back to my five style messages.  I believe these prints communicate the strength and creativity I seek with my clothing. 

Now, if I wanted to communicate femininity or southern charm, then I would look at the florals and the polka dots.  Understanding what you want to say with your wardrobe has everything to do with what you purchase.  If someone walked by you and you did not speak a word, what would they know about you from your clothing. This is what Chico’s means in the language about channeling your individuality...we are all unique and precious designs ourselves. I pass by and turn down so many beautiful garments that are just not me or what I want to say to the world about me.  One reader commented yesterday that wearing a hat is not her authentic self…well, bravo that she knows and understands her authentic self and wearing a hat isn’t what she wants to say.


Pamela Lutrell in Chicos short kimono

Over 50 Feeling 40 in reversible Chicos jacket

So I headed off to the store to see what was in the artistic collection.  Sadly, I arrived while they were unpacking the boxes…so I will need to return.  I only tried on this short reversible kimono, which I wasn’t that crazy about.  But I did take home the artistic top that brought me there in the first place.  I do love it and I am wearing it today with a vintage Chicos Asian-inspired necklace.  I will wear this with jeans and then nicer pants like I have here, often…it is going to be perfect for me for warmer weather.

Pamela Lutrell in black & white artistic top from Chicos

Yesterday on their social media Chico’s quoted the artist Edgar Degas, ” Art is not what you see, but what you make others see.”  I hope what I am making is others see my joy of creativity and artistic expression.  That is what I desire from a garment like this top.  I have more of this collection in the slideshow below.


I appreciate the honest comments about yesterday’s hats…it seems we are about half and half on wearing hats.  Like I said, I am new to this and the jury is still out as to how much I will wear it.  I still remember Meg Ryan as Kathleen Kelly in “You’ve Got Mail” writing Joe Fox, “Once I read a story about a butterfly on the subway, and today, I saw one! It got on at 42nd and off at 59th, where I assume, it is going to Bloomingdales to buy a hat that will turn out to be a mistake, as almost all hats are.” When I first heard that in the movie, I silently thought “that is the truth.”  But I am warming up to hats…so we will see…and I will consult the nearest butterfly for their opinion!



Pamela: Time to stock up on full link neutral pants; prefer pull on, knit, wider waste band. I 66 years old, work in a business casual world, and wear a 14-16. I mostly shop at Dillards, Macy’s, Chico’s. Suggestions?

I think the best way for me to respond to Nyla is to put together a slide show of what she requested. Nyla, I am throwing in some other brands because I know they have want you are looking for as well.   So…..here goes…





Just had to throw in what is now on my wish list at Chico’s………………………………………………………..

Pamela Lutrell's Chicos WishList

By Pamela Lutrell



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