Pamela Lutrell for Goodwill SA spring affordable fashion

Welcome back to our discussion of ways women over 50 can renew and refresh going into spring.  This transition period is a great time to prepare for when warmer weather arrives permanently.  Yesterday, my tip was to slowly add color to your neutrals.  I have done that again today, but with Tip #2 in mind….remember that fashion is cyclical, and every season, everything old is new again!  Fashion is a business with trends and cycles that come around and go around.  This is why we often have trends in our closet and only need to give them a modern spin in order to look youthful and current. 


Pamela Lutrell shops Goodwill SA for spring styles

The cycles of trends going and coming actually is the reason thrift shopping can work so well.  When I went by Goodwill San Antonio recently I found this top that I am wearing as a topper….plaid is still on trend, sheer garments are big in fashion this year and this is a sheer garment though it is difficult to see that (without the shirt underneath you could see right through it)…also, this is a great color for going from winter to spring.  I have styled it with black denim, and my Via Spiga athletic style leather shoes, and an old Chico’s necklace to give it a more modern touch.  The silver cuff I am wearing also came from a garage sale.   Thrift shopping at Goodwill San Antonio, going by my favorite consignment shop. (The Garment Exchange) occasionally, and hitting a yard sale or too is such a fun, affordable way to take your wardrobe into a new season.  One of my favorite summer necklaces was fifty cents at a yard sale!

I put these these items styled with my quality pieces (like the Soft Surroundings denim, and the shoes) and it makes for a fun way to go into a new season.  Treasure hunting with a friend is always a lot of fun.  I stop by Goodwill San Antonio often because I just never know what I will discover.  This week I will wear two more looks for you featuring Goodwill SA finds.  When I shop there, I am helping my budget, supporting sustainability, and supporting all of the positive work Goodwill San Antonio does for our community.


Pamela Lutrell shops hand sanitizer at HEB

San Antonio has been one of the cities in the news with coronovirus and since I am in the CDC’s target group of over 60 adults with respiratory issues (I have asthma) I am trying to be smart….although I am not really staying home more.  I picked what was left in the racks at HEB of hand sanitizer…I would have preferred the one with actual aloe in it and not merely aloe scent. Anyway, I am making mini-bottles to carry in my handbag, and use more often.  Of course if it worsens around me, I will stay home more.  But right now, I need to go to work, church, and blog reporting in order to maintain the status quo.  



Spring is the perfect time for me to encourage and inspire readers with their style messages.  Connie wants to say to the world that she is carefree, casual, approachable, colorful, and classic.  Great messages for colorful springtime!  Today’s slideshow is meant for Connie and women like her!  I hope you enjoy.  Remember everything you wear tells the world outside your door something about you without you speaking a word.  What do you want to say?




Over 50 Feeling 40 with hibiscus flowers

Every spring, I plant hibiscus of all colors in pots in my backyard.  This year I am trying to get my husband to make more of a commitment with the flowers and plant some bushes in the ground.  I love them and they do so well in San Antonio and South Texas.  if you visit our Fiesta Texas Theme Park, you will see them all over thriving in gorgeous color!  We will see if I convince him!  I found these at HEB, my favorite grocery.

Pamela Lutrell for flower shopping at HEB


By Pamela Lutrell

Disclaimer:  I am provided gift cards to shop at Goodwill SA, but the words are my own.

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