Spring Renewal for Women over 50 – Tip #3 Pinpoint Target Colors

Pamela Lutrell wearing spring colors from Goodwill SA

I know many of you are cold and wet, but I hope these springtime thoughts are helping to get you thinking ahead into warmer weather….so, welcome to Tip #3 of Spring renewal for women over 50 week.  I think rather than being overwhelmed by all of the blooming colors of springtime.  It is best to look our wardrobes over and make note of colors we would like to add in for this spring.  I have shared with you the trend colors of the season and also told you how I am looking to add blues (particularly navy) and pinks this year.  But, I must confess the soft yellows have been enticing and inviting! 

Today, I am showing you a vibrant blue I found recently at Goodwill San Antonio.  This is a soft suede jacket so I cannot wear it long here, but it is a great affordable piece to transition me to warmer springtime.  I am wearing it with brown knit pants, and a white knit tank for workwear.

Pamela Lutrell in spring colors from GOODWILL SA

Springtime is vibrant and colorful…full of life and joy.  Our spring looks should be the same…even if we are a more classic simple style lover.   This simple, colorful jacket is a great way to say you love the colors of spring.  When you select the colors you would like to add, it gives you a fresh approach to your older spring wardrobe.  Again, thrift and consignment shopping is a great way to do this.  My jacket is from Goodwill San Antonio and my necklace is from The Garment Exchange, my favorite San Antonio consignment shop.  Please share….what colors would you like to add in this year?

The first blooms of spring always make my heart sing. – S Brown

So, do those first beautiful colors to come out after fall and winter clothing.  So plan now, for the colors you would like to add!


Pamela Lutrell and Spring Birds

I believe there are cranky people everywhere this week as some adjust to the awful time change they put us through!  I struggle with it, but am purposefully trying not to let it rob my joy.  One way to focus on the creation around us right now is to take a moment and listen to the birds.  I turned off all of the noise recently and pulled open the screens and just enjoyed the sound of the spring birds.  Try it…it brightens your day so much.


I love curating these slideshows in an effort to encourage and inspire some of you to think about what your clothing says to the world about you.  I also think spring is such a fun time to talk about new directions and new messages.  Today, I am introducing to you, Joanne.  Joanne would like to dress in such a way as to tell the world she is confident, comfortable, casual and elegant.  I haven’t seen the word elegant yet and putting it with comfortable and casual presents a little bit of a challenge.  But I will give it my best.  So, Joanne, this slideshow is for you and women like you.  I hope it inspires. Would anyone else who likes to communicate elegance in what they wear like to share with us your favorite casual ideas?


As always, I am so blessed by this group and love going through this journey of over 50 life with you.  Thank you for being here and as always…..



By Pamela Lutrell


Disclaimer:  I am provided gift cards to shop Goodwill San Antonio, but the words are my own.





  1. Challenging suggestion – casual elegance! I think it means a considered style that is pulled together, comfortable and stylish….well-fitting clothes that communicate your style, but are appropriate for casual occasions. No elaborate jewellery or fussy details.

  2. Miss Pamela, you look fabulous in that brilliant blue! The necklace is perfect for the outfit.
    Years ago I worked with an interior designer who named her business Casual Elegance. I think that name fits not only home decor, but how many ladies wish to look. If you remember back to high school, all the cool girls had an effortless look about them. Miss Christine is spot on with her description.

  3. Thanks for another great blog. I am interested in wearing more cool pinks, greys, and blues. I have blue/grey eyes and some pink in my cheeks. 🙂 Since my glasses and anniversary ring are ruby, I’ll include a bit of ruby as an accent. Good grooming seems connected to casual elegance.

  4. Oh my! I really want to add that lovely vibrant blue to my wardrobe….love it! I think sone pink might do well with my already navy and white intensive wardrobe too! The idea of pinks just makes me smile, despite all the horrid stuff bombarding is on coronavirus.
    Do you know the name or shade of blue in your jacket?

  5. I love muted colors, but this spring I am craving bright colors. Goodwill to the rescue! I added raspberry, turquise and a very bright sunshine yellow. My mantra is “just one color”. By pairing my bright with neutral pieces – jeans, a white tee, black jacket, etc, it tones the look down a notch and meets my comfort level.

  6. Hi Pam, You have a fabulous selection of clothing in the slideshow. It made me feel like I was not out in left field as I already have similar pieces. You have boosted my confidence level by confirming my style adjectives. I absolutely loved the shantung jacket, as aqua is a favorite color. Also, the Eileen Fisher clothing is so adaptable for casual and elegance. Thank you for all your time and talent that you put into researching and writing for the “over 50 feeling 40” women.

  7. That jacket is a beautiful shade of blue. It was warm & sunny here yesterday, so I pulled out my white denim jacket when we went to our accountant’s office for tax prep. It felt good to lighten up things. I would like to add lilac & aqua to my wardrobe for spring.

  8. That’s such a pretty color on you! I know you are heading into warmer weather, but that jacket will really brighten up dreary winter days next year! I have so much color in my wardrobe for spring and summer, but I always am drawn to rich pinks and definitely yellow and coral. I think I’m too stocked on blues, but definitely will be looking at adding more yellow and pink.

  9. I love the blue in that jacket. Even though blue is supposed to be popular this spring, I am finding more yellows and greens in the styles which do not look good on me. I would love to find that blue in some tops. Guess I will have to go on a treasure hunt for something in that shade!

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