What Should I Wear? 5 ways to dress Safari Style for spring break outings


Over 50 Feeling 40 in the safari fashion trend for spring 2020

Welcome to What Should I Wear Wednesday!  Today, I am wondering what I should wear to go on a few outings with my grandchildren over Spring Break, which in Texas is March 9 -23 and for me it is all about the safari trend. But,  I am sure some of you noticed immediately I am wearing a HAT!

I have been vocal for a long time about my search for a hat!  I believe long, thick hair made it a problem for so many years, but since I changed my hairstyle there have been more contenders.  But, let’s save the “hat”  talk for later.

First, the decision of what I should wear.  The challenge of spring break is that I want to look “springtime fresh” but so often this time of year is still cold. That is why I am glad to see one of my favorite trends back on the racks for spring.

Pamela Lutrell wears a Vince Camuto hat from Dillards


Harpers Bazaar reported last October that THE SAFARI TREND was on of the top 10 spring/summer 2020 fashion trends. It has hit the racks and fortunately we have many of these pieces already in our closets. 

Here is what to consider if you want to wear Safari:

  1. Safari colors are military green, khaki, cream (not really white), browns, and even black.
  2. The star piece of the safari look is the safari jacket.  It is the workhorse staple for this style in your wardrobe.  It can be worn often and is always in style. The one I am wearing today is from a 2019 collection of Christopher & Banks.  It is a great linen jacket and has the sleeve tabs so I can go up and down with the sleeves depending on the outside temps…so if Spring Break is cooler this year, I am set.  These jackets can top anything including skirts and dresses.  It is an excellent piece for transition from one season to another.
  3. The current safari trends include cargo pants, jodhpurs (have never worn a pair!), creamy jeans, mid-length culottes and khaki slim leg pants.
  4. Animal prints are a big part of 2020 Safari Styles. Many of the current safari looks include at least a hint of animal prints.

Pamela Lutrell shows accessories for Spring 2020 Safari Trend

5. Accessories can be fun as well…like my hat, and Baggallini handbag. Typically, brown leather belts, and sandals or shoes look amazing with safari styles.   I also like the safari styles with sneakers…but lately…I like almost anything with sneakers!  Also, notice I selected a bracelet with elephants on it…keeping with the theme.

Over 50 Feeling for in Vince Camuto from Dillards


When, I went to Dillard’s last week, the manager at The Shops of La Cantera location joined me in the hat department for a try-on party.  They had so many fun hats and, at first, I was leaning a different direction, but when I placed this Vince Camuto hat on my head, Sheri and I both said…That is the one!

My next problem is fear-of-hats-syndrome.  I have discovered that women who get past this fear, love and wear hats often and everywhere.  But, I am new to a hat commitment so it might take me a little while to become a regular hat lady.  The good news is that April in San Antonio is all things hats.  It is our time to celebrate Fiesta, and women of all types, shapes, sizes, ages, cultures, wear hats.  I hope by the time April gets here (I think it takes 3 weeks to create a habit) that I am best friends with my new hat.  I have this hat in the slideshow below and I really do love it.  It also comes in a lighter khaki color.

The hat inspired my safari style today.  San Antonio just may see me out and about next week at the park, or zoo, or park train…it will be great to finally have some additional sun protection from a hat.


“He who is not everyday conquering some fear has not learned the secret of life.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson. ( Maybe he was talking about wearing hats!)

Are there any fashion fears you have had in your lifetime that you actually overcame?  Anyone want to share or share why you love hats?  Please join in…and enjoy today’s slideshow with safari and hats in mind!


We have five and these three guys got haircuts and will be on their way to join the other two for our spring break outing!



By Pamela Lutrell




  1. I love hats on other people but I do not wear them. “Hat hair” is a real issue for me. My hair is short and fine. Once I get it styled to look half way decent, the hairspray comes out and the hairstyle is set in place. A hat flattens and covers what I spent so much time putting into place. 😞 Once I put a hat on it has to stay on until I am safely back home. I could definitely use the sun protection, but a hat is not going to be the thing to provide it. Plus, I think hats look better when you have longer hair. Like I said, my hairstyle is short and a hat pretty much completely covers my hair. The look is just awkward on me.

  2. This is such a great look, and such a fun trend! I have all of these pieces in my wardrobe because I do like safari style, so it’s good to know that it’s trending. You look very pretty in the hat, and such a nice hat it is! I love hats and wear them often, even though where I live no one really wears them. Maybe we’ll see more of them in the spring. I have beautiful winter hats and enjoy them so much! You picked perfect jewelry for this look and have given me some ideas, because safari-style jewelry is completely absent from my collection. Have to remedy that! Being a big fan of olive and khaki tones, I was just thinking how you could even add a top with palm leaves for the safari look. Since tropical seems to be trending, it would serve two purposes. I think I’ll be looking for one of those just for fun. Thank you for the inspiration, and enjoy the spring break with your little ones! Nothing like kids to keep us youthful! I’m staying with my teenage grandsons for their spring break too, in April. Always such fun and important to invest in their lives! You will certainly look stylish while enjoying your activities!!

    1. You look amazing in your hat! With that outfit you will be ready for any adventure! Sadly, like Michele, my short fine hair is completely flattened under hats. I still wear them if I am out in the sun all day for sun protection but can’t take themjbooff until I get hone!

  3. You look so good! Safari colors don’t do much for me but I love the outfit!, enjoy your time with your littles. Mine are almost all grown up – youngest is 14!
    I don’t wear hats often but I enjoy them when I do.

  4. Due to Germanic/Scandinavian heritage I really need to wear hats for sun protection. I have very short hair, but find that larger earrings help from making me look “all hat.” Always seeking out new ones, of course……but really really like the Canadian brand Tilley. Great quality and durability…..most models are crushable so pack easily or store easily. When in my straw hat people I don’t know will stop a second and say, “nice hat” or “love your hat.”

  5. My hat collection has grown since moving to the desert because of the sun. I like Wallaroo for crushability and wearing in the pool. I’ve always loved hats and can distinctly remember some of my favorites as a child! Easter always meant a new hat! Love your safari look. Have fun with the grandchildren!

  6. Fantastic look for you and the hat completes the outfit along with the bracelets. I enjoy the safari look and love olive and khaki. The little grands are adorable! Hard to believe it’s almost spring break time!

  7. Good Morning! I love the hat as a topic. I am a big fan of a select few adorable baseball style caps. They keep my face mostly protected from the sun whether lounging poolside, swimming, or playing on wave runners out in the ocean. This all happens on vacation of course. I tried the more beguiling straw wide brimmed hat, complete with a pretty wide grosgrain hatband, but never felt like myself wearing it. I felt like I was playing dress-up and it wasn’t authentically me, though my husband loved me in it. ☹ Likewise, at home in Oregon, I also avoid hats mostly because they feel like I’m playing at being somebody I’m really not. I don’t think it’s a fear for me, but an acceptance of who I am.

  8. I love, love, love the safari look, it makes me feel like I’m on vacation. Sun hats are a must for me, living in Southern California, as I go to events in the desert frequently. Linen is a perfect fabric for the safari look. I learned a trick with linen if it gets terribly wrinkled – just hang it up, mist it with water and smooth the wrinkles out with your hands.

  9. You look great in this outfit and the hat is such a great added accessory! I wear hat’s often and many women have commented that they like the way a hat looks on others but feel silly wearing one. I truly enjoy them and have quite a collection. May husband likes me to wear them also.

    Have a great Spring Break and enjoy your grandchildren ❤!

  10. I have a plethora of hats since I was a swim team mom and now am the glammie to 5 swimmers. I love wearing them but so often forget to take them on vacation…so I keep adding to my collection. You’ve shown how they look great with the safari look. I wear khaki and olive with peach and pale turquoise shirts, tees and scarfs since olive and beige wash me out. Have fun with your grandkids.

  11. Love you outfit and your adorable grandchildren! Being short, ave to avoid the mushroom look of a big hat. However, I need sun protection so have to wear big brims. I find that a smaller crown with a shaped brim really helps!

  12. You will be the most stylish grandmother wherever you go with those precious grandchildren. I have two winter hats & one summer hat & enjoy wearing them occasionally.

  13. I too love hats and have several. Baseball hats don’t look especially good on me. My head is too small for most of them. I would love to wear hats more, but it’s the hat hair thing. However, I just bought a hot brush that takes all the frizzies and waves out after a day of wind and rain. So, I’ll have to see if it solves the hat hair Issue.
    Love the yellow safari jacket in the slideshow!

  14. Yay!! That is such a fabulous hat on you, Pam. Just pop it on and head out then don’t give it another thought. You’ll forget you’re even wearing it until the compliments start rolling in. You look great!

  15. I think the hat looks great on you! I wish I could wear hats. But with my thin, fine, body-less hair, well, add a hat & I have a real hair disaster!

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