Foxcroft’s Friends & Family Sale Celebrates Strength through Relationships

Pamela Lutrell for Foxcroft Sale

Foxcroft would like to put a smile on the faces of you, your friends, and family members and celebrate the strength we have shown through a challenging time of history.  The good people at Foxcroft truly care for their customers, employees, and communities and wish everyone good health during this time, and always.

Here on Over 50 Feeling 40 we have been looking at the positives throughout this horrific event…you have come here to find the silver linings and one of those is the strength in our relationships which has been developed since early March.

Previous to this, we had been so busy…many barely slowing down to enjoy the life around us.  But, once we were confined to home, things changed.  Somehow, from a distance we have seen our neighbors and friends for the first time in a long time.  Sure, we may be waving from the porch, but we are laying eyes on them and taking the time to talk when in retrospect so many were just spoken politely to at the mail box once a week.

Video conferencing with family and friends has become our new normal for checking in to make sure everyone is doing fine.  At a time when we were asked to stay away, so many are closer than they were before simply because we are taking time to give to the relationships.

So, I have been excited to wave to my friends from the porch in this fun and comfortable Foxcroft Wrinkle-Free Seaglass Medallion Tunic.  This fabric is cool, comfy and colorful.  It moves and feels wonderful.  I have always appreciated the structure in Foxcroft garments and the way they create wrinkle free fabrics is so carefree and comfortable.

Now, Foxcroft wants to celebrate those relationships which have kept us so strong.  The Foxcroft Friends & Family Sale is April 15-20 and offers a 30% savings across the website. This sale only happens twice a year and will give you beautiful stay-at-home comfort when you need it the most. I am making this sale available to you as my friends, so make sure you use the code PAMSFRIEND when checking out in order to get the savings.  

I want to thank Foxcroft not only for producing excellent garments, but for giving me the opportunity to remind us all that relationships matter.  Once we are on the other side of the pandemic, may we remember to continue smiling and waving from the front porch all year long.

Let’s continue to be stronger together. 



By Pamela Lutrell


Disclaimer:  I was gifted product for this post, but the words are my own.


  1. While I always read what you post regardless of what’s going on in the world, I have to say that I know when I come here you will have something uplifting, normal and fun for us to read. That’s really very much appreciated Pam! This is a cute outfit and I really like your crops! Since abandoning shorts this year I am looking for more lightweight pants in this length, and summer casual skirts to fill this gap. I’m thinking with the extra time these days, I’m going to convert some jeans that were going to consignment (I just had too many pairs of jeans!). Your jeans here are just the needed inspiration.

  2. Your front yard is great inspiration this morning. We are still getting snow and below freezing temperatures and those green leaves give me hope that spring is on the way. The colour of the top is a favorite and does look fresh on you. Thanks for keeping our spirits up.

  3. You look so pretty in those colors Pam, and I love the name of the blouse! We vacationed in Maine last summer and I absolutely fell in love with sea glass and the unique jewelry they make with it.
    Happy Thurday!

  4. We have had chilly temps all week so I know it is really cold in other places. Glad to show you that spring is on the way!

  5. This is a great Foxcroft tunic…the seaglass and the medallions are make such a wonderful textile. Thanks for being here, Yvonne.

  6. A great casual outfit. Love the tunic. I’m only 5’4 and capris are often full length on me. I love this length you’re wearing. Must check out Foxcroft!
    Stay safe everyone!

  7. You will like Foxcroft, Paulette. This is a top brand sold also in the top department stores and boutiques. Well respected for quality clothing.

  8. Good Morning! That’s a very happy looking blouse today! 🌼 I ended up so busy yesterday that I missed hopping back on to comment on your kitchen refresh!! The inspiration pic was SO gorgeous, and who doesn’t love a special window like that?! I was thinking since you mentioned you don’t have one like that, could you possibly fashion a similar shape alcove for your new stove/oven?! I seem to recall Joanna Gaines updating one in her awesome Texas style.
    I would love to follow your inspiration ideas via Pinterest if you post a public board (already following your fashion, obviously). 😉

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