Tea Time with Pamela Lutrell

In honor of Thursday (starts with T), let’s get our favorite cup of tea and have a tea time talk.  Today, I wanted to take you through five questions to ask when you see the perfect dream outfit online.  This happens to me almost every day!


Pamela Lutrell features Misook on Over 50 Feeling 40

Recently, this outfit from Misook hit my email and I sighed out loud…Oh you would be so perfect in my closet…. or would it?  These are the questions to ask to find out if that is true….

  1. I always make myself ask if the outfit fits my style messaging. Does it speak the messages I want to say to the world if they were to only see me dressed and walking down the street?  I want my clothing to send a consistent, confident message about who I am.  So, I always ask myself…does this piece do that?  For me, I am looking for it to say that I am intelligent, strong, approachable, current, and creative.  I also ask myself here if I would feel confident or shy wearing the garment.  I am going for confidence.  If I would feel shy wearing it, then it hangs in the closet and is a waste in many ways.
  2. Is it already in my closet? I think many women make this mistake when they really love a particular style or fabric.  We love it so much, we forget it is already hanging there.

Pamela Lutrell likes this jacket at J McLauhlin

  1. Does the fit of this look flatter my body shape? This is a tough online call, and where reading other comments on the brand website can really help.  As I said the other day, some women and even brands will tell you if it fits small or large. Some will say how it looked when they put it on.  Reading those comments and reviews can be so helpful.  I am sizing down more lately with over sized garments and it has really helped.
  2. Does this fit my lifestyle? I do not know how long I will be out of the office and working at home.  The answer to that really matters when it comes to purchases and I will probably hold off with professional wear for now.  But, I am also a wife, mother, grandmother, Website editor, and a professional woman.  My outfits need to wear many hats and these casual chic styles do that for me.

Over 50 Feeling 40 features casual chic at J McLaughlin

  1. Finally, (and this is a big one) is it in the budget? All three of the outfits here are ones I am attracted to, but they also are high end garments.  If my work life truly does transition to more at home life, then the cost per wear is higher and no longer makes sense.  All three of these outfits meet my test, except in this one area.

So is the decision done…ended…over.

 Not necessarily, I have always used garments I discovered and loved that out of my price range as inspiration to find something similar at a lower price point.  I have started a Pinterest Inspiration Board that is not open to anyone but me.  These styles will go there, and I will begin to look for options…sometimes my best options are at thrift shops or consignment.  Sometimes the garment might go on sale and eventually experience a deep cut.  We may see more of the ones we drool over in the deep cut categories if this pandemic goes on much longer.  Most of my Eileen Fisher garments I purchased at deep cuts. 

There are always ways to take your inspiration and find an outlet for it!  Never, breeze by an expensive look you love without considering alternatives. 

Would anyone like to add anything?  Please do…then go enjoy the Fabulous Find Slideshow and pass the macarons!


Thank you so much for being here… stay home…stay safe…stay hopeful, (be cozy) and…………

Remember, in our social distancing world, your smile is the way you send hugs!  


By Pamela Lutrell

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