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Happy Saturday!  Welcome to Would You Wear It with me and my friend Jennifer!  Typically, Jennifer and I go out and about and locate fashion displays on mannequins that make us wonder what you think of the style presented.  The community I live in, San Antonio, remains under stay at home guidelines and there is no shopping in store available…Walmart, the groceries, the garden nurseries…don’t use mannequins. I went looking for window displays and pretty much they are still the same because employees have not been there to change them out.  I promise to keep trying next week.

Until then, I am using fashion mailers that have delivered in my mail to get a conversation going about different styles.  This is a different retailer from the one I showed you last Wednesday for our surprise pop up event.  Jennifer and I show you styles and want to know if you would or would not wear them?  We ask that you answer with the intention of teaching others why you feel the way you do. It should be more than a yes or a no…it should come with a constructive explanation to help other women understand why somethings work or don’t work.  Also, feel free to mention if you would style the pieces differently in order to make it work for you.

Johnny Was on Would Your Wear it on Over 50 Feeling 40

For those who like this style, I will have similar looks in the slideshow below for your consideration.  So, ladies, look this over and tell us



Making the Cut featured on Over 50 Feeling 40

I will be in my comfy leather recliner, in a favorite caftan, and watching the season finale of Making the Cut with Amazon Prime.  I have really enjoyed Tim Gunn & Heidi Klum’s new program since leaving Project Runway.  While many critics have said it is just another Project Runway, I completely disagree.  The creative filming is awesome…the settings are all around the world…and the content is more like a combination of Shark Tank and Project Runway.  They focus on the business side of fashion and what will make the designer a successful brand.  I find that to be very interesting.  So if you love fashion and Project Runway, I encourage you to watch Making the Cut on Amazon Prime.  You could binge watch the whole season if you want to take a day off!

Now, head over to A Well Styled Life and see what outfit Jennifer has come up with for you to evaluate.  Hang in there…we are trying to keep this going without our mall visits.  But the minute the gate is opened, I will rush through it with everyone else and get the pictures!


There is such an overwhelming response to today’s outfit! I wish I could link to the brands through my slide shows, but as many top retailers have done, they are not going through the affiliate programs right now.  But, I love you guys, so I will share this with you.  The mailer is Neiman Marcus Spring Sale, Catalog Code V320.  The brand is Johnny Was.  Here is the link to JOHNNY WAS ON SALE AT NEIMAN’S and there are lots of pretty similar styles and scarves on their pages. I did not tell you in the beginning, because I want readers to comment on the clothing and not the price points.  I think it is important when we do these events.  The slideshow below offers you some similar options…and I will continue to look for styles like this for the slideshows!



Remember, in our social distancing world, your smile is the way you send hugs! 

KEEP SMILING and hugging!

By Pamela Lutrell


  1. Oh yes!! I’d wear this in a split second and now feel like I “need” that jacket/topper. What a great outfit. I love the colors, the scarf, the jacket and the jeans. A big YES to the whole thing!! I have a boho side to my fashion personality, and this is just how I’d do it! What a fabulous look. I was trying to see through the blue ink to see which catalog this is! I get so many, but haven’t seen this!

    1. Thanks for starting us off today, Karen! It is Neiman Marcus and the brand is Johnny Was! I blocked out info because I want readers to respond to the look and not the price point! Thanks

      1. Had a feeling as soon as I saw it that it was Johnny Was. My sister and I have slightly different style personalities, but we both love Johnny Was!! The sale links to some great pieces! Thank you for sharing that!

  2. Yes I love this look and it definitely fits my retiree lifestyle…..when Im able to be out and about again. It’s eclectic enough without being absurd on me. The scarf and cuff are great! Love everything about this look!

    Later, I’ll be on my deck with some planting in pots. Plants were delivered by a local garden shop (small). I then plan a short drive (won’t be getting out) over our bridges to Newport, an island city, off our coast. Change of scenery needed.

    1. I love this outfit. It would look good on me. I like gray jeans and like the colors in the scarf .Might you tell us what store makes it a available?

      1. Hi Mary, This is a Neiman Marcus mailer featuring a Johnny Was outfit that is on sale and very well may be on their website in the sale section. I blocked out the price because I want readers to comment on the look and not the price point. Thanks so much.

  3. I would wear this and in fact it’s right along the lines of my style for casual weekends. I couldn’t wear jeans to work, but with less casual pants it would work for me there too.

    1. Absolutely love,love,love this outfit. The colors and lines are so flattering. Would you be so kind to reveal the catalog.

      1. Hi Theresa, The was in a Neiman Marcus mailer from a couple of months ago. It is a Johnny Was outfit. There are some Johnny Was looks on sale at Neiman’s, Last Call, and their own site Johnny Was. I have attempted to find similar styles in the slideshow below at lower price points. I do love this brand!

  4. Though I have not seen Tim or Heidi’s program I am a big fan of the latter as one cannot dispute her creative and amazing Halloween Costumes …. ☺. As for today’s ‘Would You Wear It’; with the exception of the sunglasses a yes to all pieces as particularly love the caftan fabric which ‘appears’ to be screen-printed and hand loomed. -Brenda-

  5. Jeans, tshirt, scarf, topper YES! I like the styles and colors shown. This looks like a great weekend outfit.

  6. I love everything about this look. The scarf would look great on it’s own as well, with just the little T-shirt. I like that the jacket is linen, gives it a casual look. Layers work best for me because I go from cold to hot in the blink of an eye.

  7. I really like the topper and scarf. I’d definitely wear them. I would prefer a darker wash on the jeans, but these aren’t bad.

  8. I love this outfit! The scarf and jacket complement each other without being too matchy-matchy. The colors are totally in my wheelhouse and I can definitely see myself wearing the jacket and the scarf with lots of other pieces in my wardrobe.

  9. I like it! I am not sure about those colors on me – I’d have to see. I am not good at mixing prints, but this looks great without being overdone. The solid pants and top keep it from being too fussy. I would definitely wear this style.

  10. Another outfit that I love! I would wear this with jeans to lunch with friends but also wear it to church with pants or a long skirt. It is very chic. I may not always wear the scarf since they sometimes get in the way, but is is beautiful. I am glad to see your slide show of kimonos. Last Saturday I ordered a few to decide on one since I cannot go to the store to shop. I am a big Internet shopper anyway. I plan to wear one of the kimonos (that has a tie belt), as a morning jacket or short robe for the summer. Thank you for your article today. I am glad to see that you like the BoHo look, too.

    1. hi Jan! Let me know which brands are your favorites and I will do my best to include them in the slideshows. Even if you click through to the brand site and order something else it helps to fund the blog. So I appreciate any sales I can get. Thanks so much!

  11. I like your choice for today. The scarf is very feminine and I would wear it. Personally, I would switch out the t shirt for a pink colour and wear a dark denim jean with no distressing. I like the shape of the sunglasses, but in a grey blend would be great. As for the “making the cut’, I do not have netflix or Amazon, so cannot enjoy that. I really like anything Tim does as well as Heidi. I may have to subscribe to a few actual catalogs for some fun looks.

    1. This is a mailer from Neiman Marcus and I think if you give them your email, you get one sent to you. These are sales mailers and always include brands on sale.

  12. I glance through your Saturday “Would You Wear It” column weekly. This is the first time I felt inspired to comment. Great outfit! Most of the time I have only negative thoughts about what is shown. This is what I would wear. Thanks for a contemporary and flattering look for me. Also liked the kimono looks. I am looking for a kimono to wear to a Martha’s Vineyard wedding in September.

    1. Hi Cathie, So happy to have you here and to read your comment. I will look for more kimonos ready for weddings and do a slide show for you before September. I have seen some beauties on the market. I hope you will return often and watch for those styles. Thanks for being here.

      1. Thanks. Kimono would be for a not too formal wedding. Just something striking with a flowy pant. I am 5’1.

  13. I really like your slideshow today! The topper over slim pants and close to the body tops is a slimming look for me. Also, I love scarves and have collected them for years. Thank you!

    1. As I have said in other comments, Elaine, this is a Neiman Marcus sales mailer from a couple of months back and the brand is Johnny Was. I did not want it seen originally because I would like readers to comment on the styles and not be influenced by the price points. You might check NM website and look under SALE and search Johnny Was.

    2. Sorry for the repeated comments, Pam! I’m not sure what went wrong, but I was having trouble posting my comment. Please feel free to remove the duplicates.

  14. Love this look. I probably couldn’t pull off the scarf – at 5′ it would be overwhelming so I’d probably accent with a necklace. The dark grey jeans go perfectly with the top. Definitely a keeper!

  15. As you know, I prefer fitted second layers. Having said that, I love this look! I think it’s the soft, muted colors.They just draw me in.

  16. I like the scarf but wouldn’t wear the outfit. I can even say except the subdued colors just feel dreary to me right now.
    When life is back to normal, everything will feel different to me, I’m sure.

  17. Love this outfit!!! The only negative for me would be the tassels on the scarf (but that would be an easy fix!) I could see it getting a LOT of wear in my pre-pandemic lifestyle. Our ‘shelter in place’ won’t be permanent and it’s fun to think about where we’ll go and what we’ll wear when restrictions lift.

  18. Thank you for presenting this look. From Spring through Fall, I wear this look, sans scarf. With a short neck and ample bust, I look better with more skin showing at the neck. Also, because I’m a plus size, I avoid jeans and don’t tuck tops in. This to reduce layers around my middle and to avoid a line that cuts me in half. For a continuous line, usually the same solid color in worn top and bottom under the kimono. Seldom seeing people my age wear BoHo, today’s feature and reader responses makes me more confident. Easy care and well made Johnny Was offers a full plus size line. Budget drives me to look for his sales. When lucky, I snap up his tunics and kimono.

  19. Sassy & edgy statement outfit. A lot of texture! both visual & tactile. All American Girl Next Door Baby Sister (@5’10”) with her high energy & presence would look fab. Definitely sending this post to her.

    For me, the last slide of the sheer open-front top is perfect. I’d style it with a pointe knit knee-length fitted skirt, lacy camisole & flat strappy sandals. Ooh! a lacy pair of drop earrings.

    At just 62-in tall, I look better in pared down styles.

  20. You’re getting more favorable responses, myself included, because the outfit is curated better than the mannequins. Stores don’t have the stylists the catalog and mailers do. I much prefer this over the sloppy, unironed, mishmash looks put together in the stores.

    1. Hi Lucretia, You may be right about the styling bringing favorable responses. I have always thought that these posts are great for retailers to read. However, Would You Wear It has always been done with the intention to discuss what works on different body types, lifestyles, ages, etc. with the intention to help women in making their own fashion decisions. I hope that it helps everyone.

  21. I like the look of the topper but not the color. I love many of the toppers in the slideshow! I have a short neck so when I wear scarfs I never tie them that close to my neck. I wouldn’t wear a scarf with a waterfall front topper. I don’t need added bulk over my bustline!

  22. Love everything about this outfit! I would wear it in a heartbeat! I might have to change my makeup a little to wear the scarf with my fair skin but I would do it. Love it!

  23. A definite yes! I love the jacket, the scarf, the jeans right down to the bracelet! Great colors…neutral with just a touch of brights on the sleeve and scarf. I like that the jacket is long enough to hide my curves without looking too slouchy.

  24. I love the whole outfit and would wear it. Thank you for the information on where to find the clothing. Have a nice weekend.

  25. This outfit could move right into my closet! It’s what I would call boho chic. I especially love the scarf. I would wear that often with jeans and an army green or taupe denim style jacket, moto jacket, tunic, long sweater or even a gray knit dress I have.
    I have also been enjoying Making the Cut. I have 2 episodes left!
    I would so love to own that full length kimono topper in the slide show. I think it’s so dramatic, but it would just sit in my closet with no place to go. Maybe I’d wear it as a rope around the house. Ah, dream on!

    1. Thanks Susan! I am finding that I wear my kimonos more now that I work at home than I did before! I love them. Enjoy the finale of Making the Cut!

  26. Yes, yes, yes. And again, yes! This outfit has so many things going for it.

    I love the casual and easy feeling, but the beautiful scarf and detailing on the jacket elevate it to a more stylish look. The colors are neutral and definitely in the color palette that I wear. This outfit look so comfortable yet so chic!!!

    I would wear this jacket and scarf with dressy pants or even a flowing, long skirt.

    Just great!

  27. Surprisingly, I would wear this. My usual style is very classic & tailored, but this speaks to me. I might go with a darker jean, but that is all I would change.

  28. LOVE this outfit!! It has a casual but stylish vibe that I love. And since I’m seeing Dr Birx on TV almost everyday with her gorgeous scarves, I’m thinking that I need to get back into wearing more scarves!
    Thanks so much for showing this look, Pam!

    1. I always look forward to seeing her scarves too Cindy! She definitely has a collection of them, and I’m always checking out how she ties them to get new ideas!

  29. I wear this “uniform” a lot. I love jeans and a tee with a third piece and a scarf. I love the Soft Surroundings pieces that you often feature, but they don’t always look flattering on me. Last year I found a gorgeous kimono-style topper similar in style to this one, but in blues and golds that I often wear over jeans and a tee. I can also dress it up. Great look!

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