How to Dress Up Your Jeans + An Exquisite Mother’s Day Gift Idea from James Avery Craftsman

How to dress up denim on Over 50 Feeling 40

With everyone thinking casual, at-home style lately, let’s discuss our jeans and how to dress them up when needed and add an exquisite touch of James Avery Craftsman jewelry!  I can remember years ago when jeans were the ultimate casual wear.  We would never have considered wearing them to work or out for a nice evening.  Jeans were around the house wear…in the garden wear…or camping clothes.  Then it seemed in the late 80s and early 90s, they began to appear on women with pearls and classic suit jackets…then the trouser jean hit the fashion scene and went to work…then they appeared at church and in evening wear…and now….jeans are in for every occasion and come in every color, shape and style!

I still have my outside-with-a-tee jeans, but I love wearing denim almost anywhere.  Today, I am wearing my white denim from Chico’s and being a little flashy with my recent on-sale-Dillards-purchase of this IC Collection poncho style top.  Jeans are great to wear in the summer and so many are available in lighter fabrics to withstand the heat.

IC Collection on Over 50 Feeling 40

I can do so much with a fun top like this and go almost anywhere…including a lovely summer wedding if I style it with nice black trousers or even a pencil skirt!  The only reason I am being a little sassy here and waving up my arm is to show you what this longer sleeve looks like.  Very pretty.  It is a sheet top, so it arrives with a black tank to wear underneath.  Sheer is a style trend for 2020…and we need a little fun this year…right?

Accessories on Over 50 Feeling 40

One of the reasons I purchased this top is because of this necklace.  Mr. B brought it to me from a trip he took to Alaska to run a marathon. He returned with two necklaces and I love them both.  This one seems made for this top as it has all of the same colors in it!

Chicos Denim Style on Over 50 Feeling 40

I also want to introduce you to a new friend I have made in a Facebook group.  Her name is Kelly and she is a huge fan of Chico’s and mostly wears their clothing.  Her denim look also includes a sheer top, tank underneath and jeans… all from Chicos.  She looks great and is a perfect example of how to dress up your jeans!  She even has on the pearls.  But, speaking of timeless jewelry…..


Timeless jewelry for Mother's Day

Many of you already know that I am a brand ambassador for James Avery Craftsman Jewelry and I have worn and gifted their jewelry for over 35 years.  These are exquisite, timeless pieces that you will wear your whole life and even hand down to family.  I love every piece I own.  Today, for Mother’s Day consideration, I wanted to show you these beauties…as soon as my nails are done, I am wearing these out somewhere just to celebrate!

James Avery for Mothers Day on over 50 Feeling 40

In Texas, we love our turquoise and wear it often!  I think that is why this Marjan Turquoise Ring is a new favorite of mine. It is a beauty with the subtle mixture of bronze and sterling silver.  That is why I am thrilled to wear it with the Multi-layered Cuff Bracelet which also features the mixture of bronze and sterling silver.  They look so lovely together….I will show you soon when I have pretty nails!  Right now James Avery is offering 20% off your order for Mother’s Day and free shipping.  There are so many pieces I could recommend…you really cannot go wrong and you will please any woman with what you select.

Now, have I completely dated myself by remembering jeans as yard-wear and not everywhere-wear?  Do you remember those days as well?  How do you like to wear your jeans?  

I have some fun selections in the Fabulous Finds slideshow today!  Thanks so much for being here!  Also, thanks to everyone who ordered GOLI APPLE CIDER CHEWIES yesterday…I think you will be pleased….remember when you are ready to place orders or re-oder, please use this link ORDER GOLI HERE.

Remember, in our social distancing world, your smile is the way you send hugs! 

KEEP SMILING and hugging…yes, even through the mask, our eyes tell a story!

By Pamela Lutrell

Disclaimer:  I was gifted product for this post, but the words are my own.



  1. You look stunning and have given me my motivation to purchase two more pair of jeans in white! Thank you.
    I love the sheer over cami or tank top and wear this often with bkack it dark wash jeans as well.

  2. Happy Thursday!
    You look terrific in that outfit, Pam! I am a huge fan of the sheer over camisole or tank, and also a big fan of the placement print. Happy to see your new Facebook friend rocking her jeans + sheer blouse look – and her fabulous hair color.
    I’m a little younger, but absolutely remember jeans as what I changed into after school to go outdoors and play, or, as I got older, what I wore to go horseback riding. I had grown up in Nevada, and it wasn’t until we moved up to Seattle in 1977 as I started into high school that I saw girls wearing jeans to school. I was shocked, and realized, too, that my form-fitting Levi’s (classic cowgirl chic for a young Nevadan) were not going to cut it; these N.W. gals were all about high-waisted, wide-leg or bell-bottom denim with logos emblazoned across the cheeks. The colors were quite light, also. My poor mother was shocked when I drug her to the mall and she saw the price of helping me to fit in! 🙄 Oh, how I wish I’d had a bit more confidence at 14!

  3. What a wonderful and joyful picture. You look fabulous. A great combination.
    Bless you for all the love and effort you put into these posts. Thank you !
    Have a great weekend everyone.

  4. Don’t we all, Connie! The difference that makes for youth is incredible.

  5. I am enjoying doing this and appreciate knowing that you are too! Thanks for being here, Sharon.

  6. I loved colored jeans with white being my favorite. I think white jeans make the loveliest summer outfits. It’s easy to dress them up and it’s such a crisp, put-together look whether it’s a pretty and feminine blouse like you showed here or a tee shirt and a white sneaker.

  7. Love the jeans with the sheer top over the cami. Love jewelry from James Avery. I also bought a couple of things from there earlier this month. Happy Mother’s Day!

  8. Cute look Pam! Love how the necklace and shoes bring out the red in the poncho. Also love Kelly’s look and her beautiful hair color and style.

    Our Dillard’s store just opened and my first purchase was several pieces of James Avery. Beautiful, quality jewelry and a perfect time to purchase with the discount and Dillard’s welcome back bucks.

    Wishing you a Happy Mother’s Day!

  9. Love your look today, dressy but casual.
    The sheer is so feminine.

  10. I’m a bit older than you and I remember having to go to the boys’ department to buy my 1st pair of jeans. Pants of any kind were not allowed until my senior year of HS, and only with a tunic top that covered your derrière. Then less than 2 years later, dress codes seemed to have vanished entirely as my younger sis got to wear jeans and halter tops!
    Love your shear tunic with the white jeans. If it were in navy, I’d snap it right up!!

  11. Happy Mother’s Day to you too, Kerri! So glad you also love JA.

  12. I know…I am so excited to see Dillards open and they have a wonderful James Avery department. Thanks for sharing this Sonja.

  13. I also love the sheer…it just feels feminine to wear it. Thanks Dianne.

  14. Thanks so much Susan…I do remember wearing a lot of dresses in high school.

  15. What a lovely outfit. And how fun that your necklace accents the top. Have a blessed Mother’s Day and thank you for the joy you bring to us each day.

  16. What a beautiful, artsy top! That is really gorgeous! I also really like Kelly’s look with the sheer top (love those!) over the tank. And the pearls are the perfect finishing touch. I like the contrast of glam with jeans and often wear my diamonds with my jeans. That turquoise ring caught my eye immediately! I love turquoise and actually collect it. My son gave me a gorgeous turquoise ring that has become my signature piece over the years. That ring you feature (and the bracelet!) is a beauty!

  17. Years ago jeans were not allowed in my office. We gradually moved on to casual Friday when we were allowed to wear jeans. We now wear jeans every day. The jeans I wear to work most days are dark navy or black, straight or boot cut. I have a nice pair of white jeans that I wear on weekends or out to dinner. My white jeans are Black House/White Market from a resale store $4. They fit and look fantastic!
    The coral necklace looks nice with the top.

  18. My husband got me that James Avery bracelet for Christmas; it’s a really versatile piece. I have never worn the IC brand but will look when I go shopping in person; Dillard’s is a go to for me!

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