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I sense it…and you probably do as well.  Our self-talk may be skewing a little negative these days, and it will affect our overall health if we are not careful.  We have been living through a type of war that was waged on our every-day lifestyle and the debris is hitting many in different ways.  It might be in the area of health, fear, economic insecurities, and skepticism of what the future holds. But remember...positive, healthy self-talk is a way to say I MATTER.

But, for purposes of this blog and the topics we usually discuss, let’s focus on our self-talk about our appearances and abilities.  So often during difficulties, it is easy to lapse into criticisms of ourselves…you know, the “you are too old, too ugly, too used up” kind of words.

The power of the mirror on over 50 feeling 40

This week has been the toughest battle I have had with my mirror in a long time.  As many of you know I am a proponent of not allowing the mirror to control us, rob us of joy, or become a place of negativity each time we are there. But, my hair is finally embarrassing.  I hate to be seen by anyone…even me. I just have two more days before my appointment, but this week has really been a battle as I try my best to persevere through this.   What happens is that when we see something we are not happy with, then we can so often allow it to set off a firestorm of negative self-talk.  We go from the gray streak down the middle, to the scraggly bangs, to the age spots, to the crepey skin, to the wrinkles, to the fat in the middle…and before we know it, we have decided we are worthless and a mess.  Then we can inflict awful messages into our heads…. And once again the mirror has been given the power and control over everything!

Have you been there lately?  I think more of us are at this point due to the recent quarantine circumstances.  But, it is our choice as to whether we give the mirror that power or take it back.  It is a choice.

What I have learned to do is verbally, loudly say STOP!  Then choose to focus on the positives.  I personally believe that there are so many new opportunities for us in this world today if we seek them and think on what we can offer that is new and not on what we can’t.  Begin to think on your passions and research how your talents may be utilized in a new world.  I am talking about service as much as financial opportunities.  We are not dead yet, but remember life is too short to listen to the voices in our head that are not helpful. 

Choose to listen to the ones that are positive and broadcast that there is no one else in the world like you.  Not one.  You are a unique snowflake with a lot of life yet to live. You have gifts and talents someone is looking for.   Think on those things instead and then let’s go do this!

After my hair appointment this weekend, I will be able to style some fun looks for you to see next week.  Can’t wait!

I MATTER mantra on over 50 feeling 40

Anyone else struggling with self-talk during this time?  Please feel free to share here…it is a lovely community and a safe place.  Of course, I have a slideshow for you today called ITEMS I HAVE HAD MY EYE ON CURRENTLY ON SALE.  And hope everyone will………………………………………………………………………….



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By Pamela Lutrell

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