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Nexwear Review on Over 50 Feeling 40

I am excited today to introduce you to Nexwear, a line of new products for incontinence.  I am going to show you how the creators of Nexwear listened to our needs as modern women over 50 and answered the call.

But first, please allow me to share my story.



During my late thirties and early forties, I experienced four pregnancies and was blessed to bring three amazing individuals into this world.  With each pregnancy, my problems with leakage became more prominent.  At first, I was completely taken off-guard by it and had some…let’s just say…rather embarrassing moments when a cough or sneeze happened outside of my house.  Wearing protection made me feel “old” and I wasn’t ready to face facts.  You do not have to go through many episodes in public, before you admit that there is a problem. I can remember feeling like a part of my life was over and I was forced to live a life I wasn’t ready for.  It may sound dramatic, but it is very true that to face this in your early forties creates fear that you might have to stop living an active life.

I share all of this, so you will understand that I have a 30-year history with incontinence and with products to help with incontinence.  After my youngest son was born, I agreed to have the surgery where everything is hoisted up.  It never occurred to me…nor was I warned…that it could all fall back down again.  And, it did.  After that, wearing protection became a part of my daily wardrobe routine.  Running out of protection is just not an option in my world.  I do not want to be embarrassed again and I am a proponent on my blog of confident-style.  You cannot be confident if you have to worry about leakage or products that lead to leakage.

I am a pretty typical modern over 50 -woman.  I am not sitting home and watching life pass me by (except of course if a pandemic says I have to sit home!).  But, even at home, I still work two jobs, workout, and interact with my family which now includes five grandchild and one more on the way. I do not have the time to worry or waste on poor incontinence protection.

Nexwear asked to send me their products a month ago, and now, I am sold!  This is the product I have really been looking for.



So, for the last month, I have put Nexwear through my own test.  I have done everything wearing their premium pads just to see how it “held up.”   I have done sit-ups (these can be a nightmare at the gym); I have coughed, sneezed, ingested mass quantities of water; worked out with weights, and sat at my computer for hours (which can be very uncomfortable with the wrong product).  The Nexwear pads passed every test.  Absorbency is amazing.  They are so silky and comfortable that for the first time over the many years I have worn product, I forget I have it on. That really surprises me.  I am just not aware it is there…but oh, so glad that it is.  Spring allergy season in Texas gave me many opportunities to test the pads! There has not been one issue with this product.  It is designed to fit well with an hour glass shape that is larger in the places we need it…if you know what I mean.

At the beginning of the quarantine in mid-March, I went to the grocery to get what I needed and, just like toilet paper, the incontinence product aisle was empty…not one package was there. Thank goodness I heard from Nexwear right after and was able to begin their products.  But, it made me think of the advantages of ordering online.  I know that especially for younger women, purchasing the huge, bulky packages at the grocery can be embarrassing.   Most of you know that I taught high school for 16 years, and I have a former student who is a sacker and checker at the grocery.  On those days, when I want to say hello and visit with him, it is embarrassing. 

So, now that I am a new Nexwear customer, I don’t have to worry about the inconvenience or embarrassment any longer.   Another plus with this product is that the packaging is attractive and much smaller.  It is a pleasure to add it to my lingerie drawer and not worry about where to put a huge, bulky package or stack.

The company is also so great with customer service.  There is a rewards program and they want to hear from the customers.  They also have options with a panty and pads.  Even a line for menMake sure for an additional  10%s savings you use the code Pamela 10. This is for readers of this blog!

I guess you can tell that I highly recommend Nexwear.  I want to be the cool, active grandma and the hard-working professional woman as long as possible.  This makes the process enjoyable.  I feel younger. Protected.  Empowered.


 By Pamela Lutrell

 Disclaimer:  I was compensated for this post, but the words are my own.

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