Our at home coffee shop on over 50 Feeling 40

In many ways, the time at home with Mr.B has brought out some needed creativity and fun for both of us.  I have already told you that M-F our home becomes our office building where both of us work in offices side by side upstairs (both are children’s old bedrooms) and we refer to the kitchen as the cafeteria. However, before it becomes the cafeteria, it is the morning coffee shop and Mr. B is the barista!  The only problem is that he sleeps later than I do and sometimes it is hard to await this coffee shop to open!

Fresh ground coffee on over 50 feeling 40

But, so far it has been worth the wait.  He grinds the beans and makes a wonderful fresh roast coffee and takes great care to swirl in the cream! Every morning, I stand on the other side of the kitchen bar, stamp my foot impatiently and ask for scones…and he never has scones.  I tell him he needs to diversify in order to keep my business!

Avocado Toast on Over 50 Feeling 40 for breakfast

But he does have a delicious avocado toast on sprouted grain bread!  It works….though I dream of a scone!  One half of the avocado is mashed with olive oil mayo, a touch of cayenne pepper, and garlic salt.  I love Ezekiel Bread…it is sprouted grain and frozen.  Makes an excellent toast, and considered one of the healthiest breads to eat.

Using Coffee Grounds as plant food on OVer 50 Feeling 40

Afterwards, the coffee grounds go out to fertilize a flowering plant.  We actually tested this theory when my daughter was in middle school for a science project.  She is mother of three now, so it has been some time ago.   We took three begonias in separate pots.  One was watered with regular, plain water.  One was watered with sugar water.  One was watered with water which had coffee in it.  The one with coffee grew twice the blossoms and size of the others. Actually, the sugar water one died eventually.  So, now our flowers also get a cup of coffee.  Something we both did not take time to do when we are rushing off to work at another location.

All in all, Mr. B’s coffee shop is a fun, delicious way to begin our day!


Tunics and Leggings on Over 50 Feeling 40

Today, I am showing you my take on a long tunic top, capris leggings, and flats.  I agree with those of you who said on Saturday that the WOULD YOU WEAR IT look had ruffles in a bad place. 

Tunic & Leggings on Would You Wear it

Those ruffles would draw the eye right to a rather large portion of my body where I do not want the focus, and the straps on the shoes make them less flattering to wear than a regular pair of ballet flats because they chop off the legline.  But, a long tunic with capris and flats like I am wearing today is a look I really like for me. Today’s tunic is vintage Chico’s and the capris leggings are by Planet, a brand often found in boutiques and on the website Artful Home, which I have shared with you a lot lately while I await my return to the malls for mannequins.

I have not ever been one to wear scarves in my hair…rarely has it happened.  But, I am about to become a fan.  It is a fun, creative way to bring in some color and cover the gray.  I do not see me going gray before I officially retire, but the growing out the bangs “might” be a consideration.  We will see what this looks like once the salons open and I see my stylist again. You can probably tell ( I can!) in the picture that I am not really comfortable with my scarf, but I am going to keep playing with it.  (NOTE: Later in the day, I reworked it with the knot on top and liked it much better!)

Now, for the update…Jennifer and I are going to bring to you another Would You Wear It Pop Up tomorrow!  We hope you will join us for some additional fashion fun.

Now, of course, I have a Fabulous Find slide show for you ….enjoy…if you take your time to shop, there are some great finds out there right now!

Remember, in our social distancing world, your smile is the way you send hugs! 

KEEP SMILING and hugging…yes, even through the mask, our eyes tell a story!


By Pamela Lutrell

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