Over 50 Feeling 40 Fridays with wine

Happy Friday, everyone!  It has been a crazy week, so I am happy to wind down this afternoon with a glass of wine.  The week had many blessings with family, flower and rain.  But, I am about to go through another confession in the food area.  Let me sum It up here with the words, I am a mess!

Over 50 Feeling 40 with sons

This week during pandemic time actually included a family gathering on Mother’s Day.  Of course, it wasn’t the entire family, but it was a blessing and so good to get some hugging in again.  These are my two sons. 



 I took some time off this week to enjoy my three grandsons and my daughter who came in for a short visit.  They were here during the Thunderbirds flyover and we thought that was mega-cool!  We watched a couple of videos on the Thunderbirds and stood in the right spot to get a good view of the flyover.  We even met an older man while social distancing at this location who was a parachute soldier during Vietnam.  He was very excited about the flyover.  Everyone was following rules, but we still all shouted and clapped together.  As these types of events begin to happen again, it is so nice to remember what our lives were like only a short time ago.  This week we have played with and enjoyed all five of the grandchildren…it was wonderful…and exhausting.



My Mother’s Day gift from Mr. B was a side of the yard planted with Plumbego and yellow hibiscus.  Plumbego are actually bushes from South Africa, so they do very well in the South Texas heat.  They are known to thrive in it.  Just after a hard two days of planting, we received two days of good rain and there is more forecast for this weekend.  So, I am expecting these plants to flourish.  We have more to do, but it was nice to get started.  I added several pots of begonias last week and  love all of the color popping up in our backyard.


 Long time readers will go through these words and say….This Woman Has No Will Power!  You would be right.  I have been working to change my eating habits for years.  I go up….and I go down…and up and down.  I have been on most diets…lost a lot and gained it all back.  Prior to the stay at home edict, I was losing, slow and steady.  Eating properly and exercising at my gym.  The first month of the pandemic was controllable.  But, then Mr. B and I started enjoying ourselves!  We wanted to support our favorite local restaurants.  The food was so good that we began supporting them….often! 

I like to eat early, and Mr. B likes to eat late.  So, I began to eat these meals with him later and later.  All this said, I have gained nine pounds, my blood pressure is up again!  It was the blood pressure that made me pay attention and get on the scales…since I hate the scales.

What is crazy is that I have gained weight but lost some inches!  That began to happen when I started taking GOLI APPLE CIDER (see below) and carrying the 20 -pound kettle bell up and down the stairs.  Once I weighed….I really looked at myself in my images and sure enough…I look larger in my face.

Like I have told you sooooooooooo many times, I am starting from scratch again. I still do not know when my gym is opening, but I hope it will be next week.  It is a great idea to support the local eateries.  I just caution you not to over indulge.  (We have had some great meals though and please don’t remind me of the recent incident with scones!)


Finally, I did get my manicure and pedicure done and it felt great.  It was in a completely safe situation…almost too much bleach in the place, but I was first in the door on Saturday and it is a very small salon.  But, my hair will not be done until May 30 because that salon is in a large gym.  Never occurred to me that one day that would be a problem.  I have pledged to support my stylist, so I am waiting, but things are not pretty!

Thank you for all of the wonderful comments this past week.  I apologize that busyness with the grandsons and work kept me from replying to all of the comments.  You guys are the best. 

Memorial Day sales are beginning, so I have made fun selections below for the Fabulous Finds Slideshow!  Tomorrow is another Would You Wear It with me and Jennifer….see you then…make sure you



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By Pamela Lutrell

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