The Weekly Journal: Hello, Goodbye, Hello, Goodbye, Hello, Goodbye

High School Friends 1 on over 50 feeling 40Welcome to My Weekly Journal update during the unusual times we live in.  I cannot tell you how excited I am to have a three -day weekend with hopefully some relaxation time. This week was a hodgepodge of emotions for me. (Note: I just had to stop and look up the origin of the word hodgepodge which originated in Britain and was most often used to describe a stew with lots of ingredients…goose, herbs, spices, wine…interesting.) Back to my point….

It was a week of constant hellos and goodbyes.  I believe one goodbye is the saddest I personally have experienced since the pandemic arrived.  As we return to “normal” life we will be required to make changes and sometimes say difficult goodbyes…just don’t forget that hellos wait around the corner!


Home Cooking during COVID19 on Over 50 Feeling 40

I confessed last week that Mr. B and I have been “supporting our local restaurants a little too much.”  So, I sadly said goodbye to eating out so much and returned to healthy home cooking.  I do feel much better and can tell the difference.  The heavy salt content and later hour to eat was dragging me down.  This was one of my home salad creations with a marinated roasted chicken, fresh fruits, butter lettuce, bell peppers, and vinaigrette.  One of my goals is that every meal include protein.  Then I am not as hungry during the day.

We will still give our local support…but occasionally…not three times a week!



BZEE Washable sandals on Over 50 Feeling 40

I sadly said goodbye to my grandchildren who were visiting for a few days.  Texas has already heated up and, in one South Texas town, already hit 108!!!  Needless to say, the kids want to be in water…lots of water.  This helped me to realize the value in having some shoes on hand by BZEES.  They are cute and washable!  I can toss them in the washer and set out to dry…they look great.  Such an easy way to say goodbye to some of GIGI’s backyard mud on my shoes.



Fashion Inspiration from nature on Over 50 Feeling 40

I found this leaf in the backyard and loved the pattern and color on it.  Usually I do not find these until fall, but there it was near springtime flowers.  To me, nature is such great inspiration for the clothing we wear.  I will often be inspired to mix certain looks or create patterns after finding something like this leaf outside which I find to be stunning.  Remember, there is inspiration for what we wear all around us if we just look for it.  I would love a kimono or blouse in the print of this leaf!


Working out with Friends on Over 50 Feeling 40

I had a recent visit with my doctor which I will be writing more about later, but during  that visit she had a stern talk with me about taking my “high risk” status seriously in regard to the virus.  She told me I should not be entering a gym under any circumstances until there is a proven vaccine…and that might be awhile. Regular readers know how much the gym has meant to my reinvention and how much my “gym friends” have meant to me.  This is an ache in my heart that I will miss so much.  Facing the courage to become a regular gym participant over six years ago was a huge step for me.  I met the most amazing group of women who have inspired and encouraged me and pushed me to do strength training beyond my comfort zone.  They are the best!  Of course, we will still talk and occasionally meet for lunch, but that is different from beginning my day with them during most weekdays.  It was their sense of humor and determination which saw me through many of the classes.  Leighann, Valerie, Angie, Kristin, Liz, Carmen….you will always be special to me. I could not have turned my health around without you.

I am developing a home workout option to the gym and will write about it soon as well, but there is no store or option available which can replace my friends.



High School Friends 2 on Over 50 Feeling 40

A good reminder that old friends are always around was my opportunity this week to say hello to a few of my high school friends!  This summer will be the 50th High School Reunion…who knows if it will happen or not, but it was nice see know my closest friends were a Facebook message away.  It seems that some people are using the Stay Home time to go back through old photos.  My husband received one first from an old friend…won’t share it here, just too embarrassing!  Then I received a couple from one of my high school friends when we gathered together about 10 years after high school graduation.  I could be modeling today’s trend in my short, wide legged pants!  It was amazing to say hello to this group and I hope we get a face-to-face soon!  There are some things time does not change.



Open for Business on Over 50 Feeling 40

I learned this week as businesses open up that we all need to say hello to patience.  It is not the same as it was.  We are required to wait longer in a line to enter a store.  We must endure the “aromas” of excessive cleansers.  We must wear masks and be open to menu changes or products unavailable.  However, it is nice to see the OPEN FOR BUSINESS signs and life begin to move about. One way we give them support is not to complain, but to be there with our patience and smiles on.

My final goodbye this week is to our neighborhood PIER 1.  They are closing ALL storefronts and moving strictly online.  I loved that store, especially during the fall and Christmas time.  I am sad to see it close.  Probably not the last one we will bid farewell.

Forgive me, ladies, that this post was a bit more somber than you are accustomed to finding here.  While I note the many changes happening around us, I promise to bring options and solutions to those changes.  It is good to express our emotions and acknowledge we are sad to say goodbye, but glad there will be new hellos.

One place always open for business is Over 50 Feeling 40, and I have a fun slideshow for you today to help get ready for the warmer weather.  It looks like Texas is in for a brutal summer…we will see.  But, it certainly has showed some early signs of brutality.  Enjoy the slideshow…thank you for your support….and always, always





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By Pamela Lutrell

Disclaimer:  I was gifted some product for this post, but the words are my own.


  1. i will miss Pier 1 also…they have been around for a long time, i can remember as a teenager in Tulsa, it being the biggest treat to go in there and walk around…i thought it was so cool!
    it was my go-to place for when i needed a holiday gift for a party, or one of the holiday gift games. i always liked to go by myself in adulthood, so i could browse to my hearts delight.

  2. I agree, Sheryl. It was a great place for an ornament party or special party decor. Will miss the store a lot.

  3. Well Pam, somber is often real life, so you are still keeping it real. We are all having to face changes whether we agree, or like them, or not. I have to say, the picture of the leaf inspired me with the colors. It is so true that we can find wonderful color combinations in nature, and they will not let us down. This leaf is a perfect example. I can just see those colors in an outfit. Maybe for late summer/fall, but just the same, I’m going to save that picture so when the time comes (no hurry, please) I’ll have it for inspiration! You have thought of ways to work out at home Pam, and this is not to say you will never go back to the gym, it’s hopefully very temporary. The high school pictures are really fun to see. It’s nice you keep in touch with your HS friends! I remember high school like it was yesterday, so it’s hard to believe that many years have gone by. Time goes much too fast!

  4. Yes Karen…much too fast! That is why we need to embrace each moment, one day at a time. Thanks!

  5. I will miss Pier One. They had an Asian Spice scented candle that I love. If they have a going out of business sale I’ll be there stocking up one final time.
    As more information, that I think I trust, comes out about the virus the gym is seeming like a good place to avoid. They can wipe all the surfaces down, but you are stuck breathing air with others, usually for at least 30 minutes. The story about the choir practice where one infected person sickened a large crowd makes a point. Maybe you can find a group that works out outside!

  6. After my 70iet? mini reunion, I decided I don’t need to do those any more. We all are about the same age and it is not necessarily being kind to us. We are losing too many and that is in itself too sad. So I think I would rather look at pictures,so funny sometimes to see how we were in “Those were the days! Will miss Pier I, a fav esp. at holidays,they always have something. Right now, big sale!I really enjoy your posts. Have found lots of good ideas from you-Keep posting!. Love the leaf and its colors. Wonderful! Stay safe and cool.I would rather be seen in a mask than viewed without one!


  7. Our Pier 1 already has the signs up about the closing sale and is open. Now, you have me wanting to check out that candle Rose!

  8. Hi Pam, I wondered if you have tried the Serena and Lily robe. Since it’s linen, does it stay a wrinkled mess or does it have a soft casual look to it?
    Thank you.

  9. Hi Carolyn, I have not tried it, but I placed it in the slideshow because this is a high quality trusted brand. I like the idea of a linen robe for warmer weather, but do not currently own one. I wish I could help you with more information.

  10. Somber and serious IS indeed our lives right now. Like you, I am higher risk than many with an autoimmune disease, afib (under control luckily) and an age risk in mid 70s. But I walk 2-3 miles per day…still cool here but very sunny. Also do yoga and tai chi which has helped me during this pandemic. Immensely.
    Like you I miss my yoga friends at the classes we took all week. I don’t belong to a gym,per se. The classes were given at a community center weekly, though you could go to multiple classes per day 5 days per week…Zumba, many yoga offerings, Gentle aerobic, and many dance classes. The place was great with programs galore! My book club also met there. The center us now closed. But as long as I can walk my 2-3 mines Infeel refreshed. Trying to be positive! Bless you.

  11. That’s me…continuing to look on the brighter side of life. Thanks Paulette…your community center sounds like it was amazing.

  12. You already know that your health is top priority. So while saying goodbye to takeout stinks, you know your body will benefit from less of it. The gym is another story because it represents so much more to you than just the exercise. But again, you started exercising to improve your health, so staying away now is just as important. I think we’re all realizing so many things that gave us joy and we took for granted just aren’t going to be the same anymore. It’s a tough pill to swallow. We should count our blessings, but some days is so much harder than others. I’m glad you wrote about the challenges because I think we can all relate. While I love positivity, I do wonder at times if I’m the only one who struggles. I’m not loving sitting home making pillows out of tea towels or whatever DIY projects everyone else seems to be doing! Hearing somebody else having similar feelings is so comforting. It makes me feel like I’m not alone. I thank you for your honesty.
    The weather in NJ is finally warming up and I’m hoping for pretty colors for the warmer weather. So many nice options in the slideshow!
    Have a wonderful long weekend and let’s all hang in there together!

  13. I’ve been eyeing this robe for a while. I think I will take a chance on it!

  14. Thank you ordering through the slideshow! Let us know what you think!

  15. Thanks for your column today. I had a doctor’s appointment yesterday and it is a good follow up. I have been doing some emotional eating and that was part of yesterday’s discussion, so I need to say goodbye to comfort food. Also as we face how we confront our “new normal”, I am having to make decisions about what parts of our old lifestyle need to be changed for awhile, since I too am high risk. Many things that brought happiness in the past, now come with great risk. We are having to re-evaluate many things in regard to risk versus life gain. And today’s answers are way different than the answers were a few months ago. Your column was a good reinforcement for decisions many of us are facing.

  16. You are welcome, Beverly. It helps me to know what all of you are experiencing as well.

  17. Pam I discovered Bzees by accident at DSW. Had no idea what I was about to discover and then you started posing about Bzees. (Didn’t know they can be tossed in the washer) I was wearing/invested in FitFlops because of the comfort of the thick sole. But their sizing was always a challenge. Now when my husband and I walk (About 2 miles with inclines) I wear my Bzees sandles instead of my runners. Crazy I know but my legs and feet feel better.

  18. Just a comment about yoga. I have for five years since I retired, attended classes several times a week at a gym. Now, I have found Utube classes that I love. I have gone thru a few that were not for me and have saved the ones I like. They are there when I am ready and I can do a short or long class or a combo of two. I am planning to keep those as my yoga class and save the rather pricey fee at the gym.

  19. Times are changing and we must adapt and that can be a challenge that won’t seem so bad as we share ideas and stay in touch with friends and family. One of my favorite quotes is “life isn’t about waiting for the sun to come out; it’s about dancing in the rain.” The Bzee sandals make me think of my Teva sandals which are so comfy, good for walking and waterproof. I have worn them a lot. And I found that as I grow older I am not able to eat the things I have always loved to cook—too many calories. So I challenged myself to acquire new recipes that are healthy and lower in calories. The Skinnytaste recipes are always good and easy to make. I enjoy your blog each day and will continue to shop through your posts. Have a nice week end everyone.

  20. I personally am thrilled that you are NOT going to the gym; I know that I haven’t been in a gym since the last day of February! As much as it hurts, and as much as I’m getting a wee bit doughy around the middle, gyms are NO unsafe. And you must take care of yourself!

    big hugs,

  21. I like Skinny taste recipes. I have made a couple and they are good!

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