Would You Wear It with Pam & Jennifer

Surprise!  It is another mid-week Would You Wear It Pop Up with me and Jennifer!  The last one was so well received that we decided to pop-in every now and then with an extra outfit.   Just in case you are new….(patience from the rest)….I need to explain that Jennifer and I have been doing this on Saturdays for a long time.  We find styles (usually on mannequins at the mall) that cause us to wonder what you would think about them.  We do not look for styles we love and we do not look for styles we hate.  We look for styles that really make us want to open a discussion about the looks.  We ask that you not say YES or NO.  But that you explain with constructive thought why or why not the outfit would or would not work for you personally.  It helps other women with their shopping and outfit selection.  The comments are read and the constructive ones are much appreciated.

Would You Wear Overalls on over 50 feeling 40

I have been using styles from mailers since I came home from the mall….well, I came home to work, but also left behind my time at the malls which I really enjoy!

So, ladies, look this outfit above from head to toe and tell us constructively what you think………………………………………………………..



Pamela Lutrell and Goli

Mr. B and I began chewing the delicious apple-cider vinegar chewies, GOLI, about three months ago and we cannot believe how on target the reviews about them are.  Since we started chewing them, we have more energy; we want to eat less: we are losing weight; and feel healthier.  I chew two of them FIRST thing when I get out of bed and follow with a glass of water before I do anything else.  Occasionally, I will chew one of these all natural supplements before I eat a meal…especially if it is not homemade.

  So, we continue to be impressed. As in all things, talk with your own physician about apple cider vinegar supplements and adding it to your diet.  Just check GOLI out here for a discount for this audience….this is also an affiliate site for me…hope you don’t mind me covering expenses of this blog.  


Now, go to A WELL STYLED LIFE and see what Jennifer has selected for your scrutiny today!  Then I hope you will return here to look over the fun Fabulous Finds slide show I have for you today!

Remember, in our social distancing world, your smile is the way you send hugs! 

KEEP SMILING and hugging…yes, even through the mask, our eyes tell a story!


By Pamela Lutrell


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