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Midweek Pop up on over 50 Feeling 40

You asked for it and we have it….another Would You Wear It Mid-week Pop Up with me and Jennifer!  We do not mind doing more than one outfit a week, as long as you keep saying you want it.  

At the moment, I am using images from different fashion brand mailers, because I have not been able to get to a mall since they re-opened. But I will eventually get there…I don’t really want to run into anyone I know until my hair is done.  I hope you understand.

This is the day that we ask you to tell us what you think of the outfits we post.  We want to know why or why not you would or would not wear the look.  We ask that you comment in a constructive manner in order to assist other readers with understanding…they may have the same body type you do, or likes or dislikes similar to yours or the same lifestyle.  Please do not say Yes or No and nothing else…share why you feel the way you do.  This is an educational day which helps others…and maybe even a brand or two. 

Now, please give your scrutiny to the outfit I have up today, and tell us………………………………………………………………………………….


I have some spring to summer style in the Fabulous Finds slide show today, so I hope you will enjoy what you see.  Make sure you go to A WELL STYLED LIFE to tell Jennifer what you think of her outfit and, as always, make sure that you


ALSO, Soft Surroundings just released a new colorful collection! Here is a little taste…..


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By Pamela Lutrell


  1. I would definitely wear the shirt and have some exactly like it. Love stripes. The pants are a definite “no” because they are cropped and this is not a look that I care for. I do have and wear linen wide-leg pants in warm weather, but they are full length. Just don’t like the look of wide crops. The colors work though, I like the shade of blue in the top and the color of the pants is a good neutral.

  2. I would definitely wear the top. I’d probably wear it with jeans or Bermuda shorts though. I’m not a fan of wide leg Capri length pants. Somehow they see to look out of proportion with my wide hips. I just end up looking blocky. I like the stripes on the top. Very classic and neutral.

  3. i liked everything in the slide show today, the bright happy colors, flowy material.
    the featured outfit is not for me…sometimes stripes work for me, but its rare, they do have to be thin stripes, like this top, so that being said, i would probably try on the top..but the pants on every level arent for me…they are linen, i dont like the rumpled look on myself, some women can carry it nicely….and that length just breaks up the line of sight, its not my friend.

  4. I’d wear the shoes, pants, and bag with a kimono that’s tan and baby blue with a solid baBy blue tank and long blue and tan hippie beads.

  5. I would definitely wear this outfit but not go on the boat!! The linen flowy cropped bottoms in classic darker linen color contrasts in a very summery mood with the light blue striped T. The straw bag keeps things light and airy. I imagine espadrilles for shoes in the same color as the pants or white classic slip-on Keds with that blue logo patch on the heel.

  6. I really like this combination of blue and white striped T with flax colored pants. The straw bag is a great accessory. I might swap out the flaired pants for something more fitted that might suit my (lack of height) better, but I would definitely wear a version of this look.

  7. Oh this is just the type of casual outfit I love for summer! It looks so comfortable and stylish!

    Those linen pants are gorgeous, although I’m not sure how I’d look in the shorter length. I have a long torso and shorter legs. But I would try them. They look great with that navy striped top.

    What a great outfit!

  8. I love the top and would wear it a lot. The wide-legged, cropped linen pants just don’t look good on me—I’ve tried. I look very frumpy and dumpy, or at least that is the way I feel in them. I know they would be cool for my hot climate (South Georgia), but I’ll have to find other ways of staying cool.

  9. Yes I would wear this outfit but with maybe i solid color top. I’m a little heavier in the middle and try to stay away from horizontal stripes

  10. This was my favorite look from the recent J.Jill catalog. It looks so comfortable and put-together, yet very casual. I like that the linen pants are machine wash/tumble dry, but I don’t want to spend the summer ironing, so I avoid 100% linen and instead look for a linen blend. The top is adorable. At $59, I will wait until it goes on sale. J.Jill only offers free shipping with a purchase of $125+, so in the past I always ordered more just to get free shipping, then I’d return what I didn’t want at my nearby store. Since I can’t do that right now, I find that I’m ordering significantly less clothing these days. Thanks for the midweek pop up!

  11. That’s a carefree summer outfit and I wish I was on that boat.
    The wide leg crop pants do not look good on me. I’d wear a slimmer cut pant.
    The striped shirt is one I’d wear but I’d like longer sleeves. The straw bag makes the outfit look fun.
    I still wish I was on that boat on a sunny day! haha

  12. Yes, I’d wear this outfit. I would prefer the tee to have elbow length sleeves, but I’d still wear this one. Looks nice and cool.

  13. Love the striped tee, but for me (and I assume other women my age), upper arms are not too attractive, so would prefer 3/4 or elbow length sleeve. The pants are good looking on taller women, I think, not for those of us who are on the short side.

  14. Yes! I see myself wearing this on warm humid New England days in July or August. The loose linen pant in natural color is my style absolutely. They are versatile enough to pair with a modestly cut black tank top with necklace to spark it up a bit. The tee can be worn with a summer denim skirt or Bermuda shorts so nicely, and the bag shown is perfect! Love all three pieces for their versatility! I’m retired so they work!

  15. I love that outfit. I’m long legged and would love those pants. Like the top with it too. Love everything about it. My kind of casual style.

  16. I like the top, the colors, linen…but I’m not a fan of the wide leg capri length. So, while I think this looks cool and comfortable for summer and would think someone wearing this looked lovely, it’s not a look I would choose for myself unless I could get the pants in a full length.

  17. Yes I would wear this…except on my feet I would be wearing Sperry Topsiders because they have a non slip tred pattern developed to stick to slippery decks….don’t want to end up overboard due to sandals.
    Just a note about linen (as a Spinner and Weaver): Linen is a fibre that gets better/softer/less wrinkles the more you wash it….ironing a lot in the beginning helps too. Now here comes the BUT….the ironing can then stop if you have a high quality linen fabric because the wrinkles will now be minimal. If the linen fabric is cheap and processed badly at the source it will stay “crunchy”, wrinkle badly, and generally look like you slept in it. If the fabric is processed well starting at the harvesting of the plant, through the finished fabric you will have a garment that is fabulous. This is one fabric where you likely need to spend a few dollars to get something worth owning and wearing

  18. I actually just purchased a top like this. Not crazy for the cropped pant but would wear in full or ankle length.

  19. I love linen, or gauze, wide-legged pants for warm weather…but the pants need to be full length. Cropped, wide leg pants are a style I personally do not like. Pairing the pants with a striped tee is a classic look I love. Sandals, espadrilles, or sneakers would finish the look for me. I also really like adding straw/crochet totes during the summer months. Looking forward to warmer weather so I can wear this look. Just received 3 pairs of linen/gauze pants from Soft Surroundings so I am set.

  20. Yes, I would wear this outfit. I love tees with stripes and the open slit on the sleeve is a cute touch. I have two striped blue/white tees , one is navy stripes and the other is medium blue. I love the beige line wide leg pants and I just ordered some similar the other day. Some cropped wide leg pants look fine on me and I hope the ones I ordered work out. I guess I could pull out my straw bag from last summer and almost duplicate this look.

  21. I love this summer look and would wear it just as it is! I love linen on a hot day and that look is right in my alley!
    I enjoyed reading Lauren’s comments regarding linen. I always knew there were different qualities of linen (because of my purchasing mistakes!) but now I know more. Thanks!
    It’s still chilly here in Minnesota, so I look forward to our(few, but wonderful) linen wearing days ahead.

  22. I love the look but would prefer it with a v or lower scoop neckline. The pants would be closer to full length on me which I would prefer. I’d add some jewelry…because I like to use accessories to personalize my outfits.

  23. I think the outfit is lovely on the model. I fear I am too short and heavy to pull it off. May visit a store later and try on the pants. The Soft Surroundings beautiful colors are calling my name.

  24. The outfit is cute however I don’t see myself wearing it. I avoid horizontal stripes. I have a full-bust and I feel that stripes add unneeded emphasis. I am not attracted to beige or tan pants. I know beige tones don’t look good with my skin tone and I guess, in my mind, that means I shouldn’t wear beige pants! I loved the colorful clothes in the slide show!

  25. I like the look but am not fond of linen (assuming the pants are linen). I still iron all my clothes (and get teased about it) and I am more of a classic, pressed look gal.

  26. Love the “light & breezy” overall feeling of the ensemble. A “French Blue” (?) stripe top is one of my favs. And! the straw bag is darling.

    Paired with the same colour linen-blend, tapered, below-the-knee skirt (even skorts) would be perfect.

    I’d add a chiffon kimono topper in complimentary floral print. A little sun & wind protection. Plus a boater hat with nautical theme hat pin. Minimal accessories of sparklie stud earrings & enormous smile. In my element on the Ocean.

  27. I would wear the tee shirt. I have mixed feelings about cropped/ capri pants… so often they hit at the widest part of our legs (calves) making them rather unflattering. Because the featured pants are a bit longer, that may to be the case but with the wide leg and my shorter stature (5’3″) they usually are not flattering on me. I tend to migrate more towards an ankle pant rather than a capri.

  28. I would wear the top but not the pants. Wide cropped pants are not flattering to my figure. They look very cool for a warm summer day, but I would need a little less width & a little more length.

  29. Absolutely love the look and would wear it as pictured! I bought some flax colored similar linen blend pants at Talbots last year on sale, and can’t wait to wear them. The outfit looks cool and comfy…. my style.

  30. Thanks for all the detailed information about linen. I have and LOVE a linen duvet and bedskirt set which behave so much better for me than the few clothing items I’ve tried in linen and never quite felt truly great wearing. I may just give it another go now that you’ve given these tips. Thanks Lauren!

  31. Top is cute. I would wear it with straight leg blue or white jeans or long navy shorts. Wide leg linen crops no. I dislike linen, the length and the color. The straw bag would be fine without the words on it.

  32. I would wear that Tee with the navy wide-leg cropped linen pants I already own. For those of us who don’t wear shorts and don’t like fitted Capri pants, these are a great alternative: nice and cool, not restricting.

  33. I give the t-shirt a definite thumbs up. I love horizontal striped tees and especially the navy and white nautical look. I would definitely try the pants on. The fabric looks cool and comfortable and I’ve been thinking about trying the wide leg look. I’m just not sure if I’d like the length. I might prefer them in a full length.

  34. I feel really out of touch after reading that so many people would wear that shirt with the color of the pants. I like both colors, but, imo, they do not go together. I do not like the pants because they are wide crops, a very unflattering look on just about everybody. And the linen looks out-of-shape already, even before she sits down (no creases at top of leg). But the top is cute.

  35. This look is fine. It needs a little more zip for my personal tastes. I have been binge watching Queer Eye during the Covid quarantine. They do not like cropped pants on real women.

    Pam, thanks for continuing with the “Would You Wear Its”. Stay safe out there. Just because we are allowed out doesn’t mean the virus is gone.

  36. Love this look! It’s perfect for a tall, lean, hipless lady. For my pear-shaped body, I’d modify the look slightly with high-waisted, wide-legged linen pants. Otherwise, perfection.

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