Would You Wear It Mid-Week Pop Up

Would You Wear It Pop Up on Over 50 Feeling 40

Holiday weeks seem to fly by and it is already time for the Would You Wear It Mid-Week Pop Up!  I definitely sense we are in a summer state-of-mind, so it is always fun to talk clothes when the seasons are changing.  On this day,  I show you styles that have caught our attention and make us wonder what you would think about them.

Would You Wear It over 50 on Over 50 Feeling 40

Please tell us constructively if you would or would not wear the look, and keep your comments personal as to why it works or doesn’t work for you.  You may comment on the styling of the outfit as well…your chance to play fashion stylist!  Does it make you want to try on the outfit.  Please answer as though you are instructing others about the fashion you see.  These comments are read!

Would You Wear a Kaftan on Over 50 Feeling 40

So, let’s get going!  Look over this style I have brought to you today and tell us………………………………


Let us know what you think…look over some summer options in the slideshows…and always, always


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  1. Good Morning! on a skinny girl, with heels on, sure, its pretty….if i put that on, im gonna look like sasquatch coming at you…and if you are at a summer resort, are you really wearing spikes? now how would i correct that…make it a smidget above knee length, with some cute flip flops, or wedge sandals.

  2. I would not wear it. I am short and would drown in all that fabric. However, I would wear the Freida Kahlo earrings featured in the first slideshow. Fabulous!

  3. Cute boho, tye die dress — I would wear it as a bathing suit coverup only. Too much fabric for a dress for me. I felt the same with most of the dresses in the slideshow today — cute as coverups!
    Thanks for doing this. I always learn something from the remarks.

  4. While I like it very much on the model, this is one of those things I really don’t need in my wardrobe. I don’t think I’d have any place to wear it! I love hats and do wear them, so I’d definitely wear that. I think if I attended summer parties this might be a fun look to have on hand. I do like it, just would not invest in it for the minimal times I’d wear it!

    1. This caftan looks lively on the model however I would look more like Mrs Roper from Three’s Company than sophisticated so will take a pass!

  5. I do like that long flowy caftan with heels on the model, but I just don’t think I could pull that off…maybe the big sun hat would work. But I would also drown in all the fabric. (Someone else mentioned that). Sorry…..

  6. I absolutely love the caftan, but I just don’t know where I would wear it?? I feel like a beach destination is needed for this and we don’t travel to the beach often enough to justify this. I would love suggestions on where a caftan could be worn other than the beach.

  7. Your look today certainly says summer. I would wear this on a vacation or cruise for the airy look but would not wear those shoes with it. I would wear a jeweled sandal or flip flop as I think personally the heel looks to formal and I would worry about catching on something. I do like the look of the first one in the slide show, An arm of bangles would top it off.

  8. Altho’ I love the whole sense of the outfit if I think about it……it would be a nope, not for me. Unless you are very tall (and like being made taller with spike heels) it would be overwhelming on most ladies. IMHO. There’s so much fabric and it’s a print that “looks” heavy, not airy or light. Maybe scale down the amount of yardage used and it might be ok as an at-home caftan or swimsuit cover-up. But for me, as is, a no thank you.

  9. Yes!! Love the caftan style kimono dress. It’s flow and breeziness is pure summer.. I would wear this at home to entertain, to dinner with the hubs, to a summer wedding. It’s effortless style is chic. Could be worn with a straw hat, jewelry, etc. AND it’s cool! Right on!!

  10. I love the drama of this. Unfortunately I don’t go anywhere that I could wear it and I certainly wouldn’t look as good as the young thin model.

  11. I love this look! However, I never have an occasion to wear it. I think that it would be very flattering, hiding all my sins! The turquoise earrings are darling and although a bit large for an almost 70 year old, I would use them as inspiration for smaller ones. I like the dark color kaftan better than the yellow. Very cute. Reminds me of pool parties and cool evenings at the beach! I have decided not to purchase anything else, except for a pair of light jeans. I have not worn any of the items that I bought a few weeks ago. The farmer/husband will be happy to hear that!

  12. Love most of the items in the slide show. However I agree with Carol on the ‘would you wear it’ item. Not for me, I don’t wear heels anymore and would look more like sasquach in flats.to much fabric and dumpy colors,for me!

  13. I am not one to wear a caftan, so this is a no for me today. I do vacation regularly in tropical locations, so am always on the lookout for swim cover-ups and casual dresses. The style shown today looks like it would take up way too much space in my luggage even if I did like the style.

  14. It would be really cute on my 5’10” granddaughter, but on me it would not be pretty. I’d wear it if it were knee length with cute, comfy flats.

  15. I’ve always thought of kaftans as at-home wear. They’re comfortable and can be very elegant but I’ve never considered wearing one ass a dress. At this point in my life, I don’t like wearing tops/dresses with too much volume so I would not buy this dress.

  16. This is one of those outfits that looks lovely on the model in an exotic setting but would have no place in my casual lifestyle. I would feel as if I was wearing a costume.

  17. Like several others have said, it’s a fabulous look on the model.

    But I’m only 5’4″ and feel like this caftan would overwhelm me. Also, I really can’t think of any place where I would wear it, so it would not be a wise purchase.

  18. I would not wear this as it would overwhelm me. I have one caftan dress in my closet, and I have only worn it over a bathing suit and with flat sandals. I often pack it for cruises as my bathing suit cover up for days when I lounge on the decks. It works well as a cover-up when I want to go one of the restaurants. It never occurred to me to wear with heels. While I like the look on the model, I think I would feel silly wearing heels and an overflowing caftan. I do wear maxi skirts and dresses in the hot summer months, but they are not voluminous and I always wear with flat sandals or low-block heels.

  19. If travel were still possible, I’d be ordering the hat and dress today and booking a resort trip. I could never wear the heels — would like it mid-calf with flats in daytime and dressier sandals at nigh. I’d also use it as a pool cover up and a day or night dress.

  20. I think one needs to be tall & reed thin to wear this much fabric. I’m tall but at size 14 not thin enough, I think I’d look like mama bear on her hind legs 😊
    I do like the many of the caftans you pictured on someone else.

  21. Oh my gosh, in a heartbeat! I am crazy for caftans & wear them at home almost every evening & have 2 “going out” ones that I sometimes wear to friends for backyard gatherings (remember when we did that?) or even when we go to a nice restaurant (remember when we did THAT?). I live in a mountain/seaside tourist town where this casual but elegant look is appropriate day & evening & caftans fit my personal style. I have a stunning black & white one I wear with sexy high-heeled sandals, big silver earrings, tons of silver bracelets & my usual fingersful (is that a word?) of silver rings & if I do say so myself, I rock the daylights out of it! LOL! That gold one the model is wearing in your slideshow is making me drool . . . .

  22. I would drown in all that fabric. I am rather low to the ground (short ha ha). I don’t think I can carry that off!

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