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Would You Wear This Look on Over 50 Feeling 40

Happy Saturday, and welcome to Would You Wear It with me and Jennifer!  Summer seems to be in full swing for Texas and I cannot believe that Monday is June 1.  We so appreciate you joining us today for a look at styles that are currently on the market.  Jennifer and I locate looks which we find “interesting” and that make us wonder what you would think of them.  We are not looking for items we love or items we hate…just styles which can bring productive conversation among women…girls love to talk clothes!

Would You Wear It on over 50 feeling 40

A reminder: Please make your comments constructive and personal.  The question is would you wear it…not would you buy it?  Approach this as if someone gave you this outfit, head to toe…would you wear it…why or why not?  Think about your body types, lifestyle, personal style messages, and if you like, your age, then constructively teach others how you look at this.  You can also comment on the way the look is styled in an effort to help the brand see it through consumer eyes.  Please do not just say Yes or No….

Would You Wear this Style on Over 50 feeling 40

I was able to find a style which showed the look on a model and then on a real women.  So, look this over and tell us, ladies……………



If all goes as planned, I will be have my hair once again tamed today…it will take great resistance to not run into the salon and hug my stylist! Then, I can take some outfit shots for posts next week…I want to show you what I have found in the recent sales.  Until then, please enjoy the Fabulous Finds slideshow below.

Don’t forget to head over to A Well Styled Life ad tell Jennifer what you think of her style.  Then face the day and…………………………..




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By Pamela Lutrell


  1. Unfortunately it’s a no on all three pieces today. The shirt is too busy for my tastes. The stripes, the ruffles, the details…just too much going on. The pants flare out too much at the bottom for me. I never look good in this style. The length is not great for me. The sandals look a bit too chunky for my taste. I’d prefer something more streamlined.

  2. Hi – I like this outfit. However, the blouse is a little fussy for my taste. I’m always cold and The puffy sleeves and the bow would make it hard to wear under a jacket or a sweater. The pants are great and and I like that they’ve been styled with sports sandals, which is my standard summer foot wear. Happy Saturday.

  3. My only complaint is the sleeve is a bit too poofy for me but I could probably overlook it as I love the shirt. I have a similar one with long sleeves. Would wear the whole outfit, it could come out of my actual closet.

  4. I like the color combo in the blouse but it has way too much going on between the sleeves, pockets and the stripes. I like the jeans, but the shape does not work well for me, and likewise with shoes. The shoes are too masculine for my taste; I have large feet and anything chunky makes them look even more so.

  5. While I like black & white, this is a blouse I wouldn’t wear. I don’t like the puffy sleeves or the bows on them. Button up blouses are always a challenge for my bust area. Also, there’s just something unappealing about the stripes. I would probably wear the pants.

  6. Re the blouse; though normally appreciate details in a garment I’m afraid I would pass on this blouse namely because I feel its sleeves would be a challenge to press. In other words, it would have to be wash ‘n wear’. Secondly, notice comparing the two images one has buttons on its breast pockets whereas the other does not which adds to more navigation of an iron … lol!. As to the pants, HW (high water) length with a flared bottom hem yet fitted leg, just doesn’t appeal to me. Also, they appear to sit below the waistline which is not my first choice in design as prefer jeans to now hit at my waist because of my age. -Brenda-

  7. oh i saw something on the slide show that i would grab in a minute if the price was right, the rose and green leaf blouse…love it.
    the striped blouse at the top of blog, is a no for me, but i do like it, on a slender woman it would be very eye catching. i like the rise of the jeans, but too short for me, and i prefer a deep black, the faded out color just looks like old clothes…

  8. The pants and the sandals absolutely!
    I have some sandals like that and although they aren’t beautiful, they are great for walking.

    The blouse is a bit much for me, although I will say that the horizontal stripes across the chest and arms creates the right lines to balance out the tucked in pants.

  9. YES! The ties on the sleeves are a little much, but would deal with them, otherwise I love this look.

  10. Well, sorry to say I am in the not for me category as well. The pants are too short and flared at that length is not great on me. While the blouse is attractive, the pockets are not good as they attract attention right to the chest and the sleeves just widen the area more. I had a lovely striped top in those colours and ended up taking off the pockets and wore it often with that alteration. As for the shoes, I tend to wear lighter colours and often a very light pink or nudish look to keep the eye from focusing on my feet. Have fun at the hair salon, no opening for us in the future outlook.

  11. I like this outfit though it’s a bit hot and humid here to think of dark jeans. The blouse us something I would wear! Love it!
    I see my casual “tevya” sandals here. Feels good to wear them finally!

  12. I actually really like the cut and style of these pants and would get a lot of wear out of them. I’m 5’8″ so even before the recent return of ankle pant trend, I was sometimes inadvertently rocking this look! 🤷‍♀️ The top is a no, for all the reasons already noted by the ladies today. I had a puffed short sleeve blouse that was pink, and lovingly sewn by my grandmother for my Sweet Sixteen – and that was likely the last time I could pull off the look!!!

  13. I like the strip of the shirt, but would do better if the sleeve had less poufs. I like the Jean’s, but I’d prefer these style in full length. The sandles remind me of my old water shoes, so no to them.

  14. There’s just too much going on with the stripes. The puff sleeves and bows
    are also too fussy for me at my age. The young and slender woman looks very nice in the blouse.

  15. I like stripe tops but not this one. Those sleeves are too much for me and the pockets too distracting. The jeans are a strange length and width near the bottom looks off balance.

  16. The outfit requires some modifications……like a different blouse or that material w/out the puff sleeves, just a 3/4 or elbow length. The pants are ok, but I gravitate to a more relaxed waist these days, i.e. no button front, but flat pull up style.

    However, I do love that bathroom in the second photo! And, as long as we’re wishing here…..for the cleaning lady to go along with it.

  17. I’m in the minority here in that I would definitely wear the poufy blouse, I love a bold design so it works for me! I love the sandals, but as I’m tall, I’m not sure about the trousers but I’d try them.

  18. I don’t care for this one. The blouse sleeves are too busy and would enhance my already large arms. I love the fabric and colors and with a regular sleeve I would wear it. The pant length is wrong for me and makes me think of what was once called “high water britches”.

    Happy Saturday to everyone!

  19. I’m just not a fan of “boob” pockets, and unfortunately so many tops have this design feature. Puffed sleeves also seem to be the rage right now, but I have to be careful they don’t add bulk to my shoulders. I’ve been working at losing weight and the last thing I want my style to do is add the weight back on. I also prefer a cropped pant not have any flair to it. Now a simple pair of skinny, or straight, black crop or ankle pants and a simple black and white stripe top is a very classy look that I would wear. A more delicate pair of black sandals or slides would be my choice to finish the outfit. (Even a shoe with some metallic material would really dress it up) This outfit is just too trendy for me.

  20. I would not wear that top. The horizontal stripes on the big sleeves, and the chest pockets, would not flatter my bustline. Even if I liked the top, the color would not look good on me. I have short legs so the jeans would be longer on me. If they fit well, I’d wear them with an untucked top. I have a walking sandal that is similar to the one the model is wearing. They are sporty and clunky and I don’t care for how they look with cropped pants. I prefer the thongs in the second picture.

  21. No to the top since it’s much too busy for me. I would wear the pants (I’m tall) and love Teva sandals….so comfy and casual. Enjoy your weekend, Pam!

  22. Not a look for me. I like the stripes, but the pockets would not work for my well endowed chest and the puffy sleeves and bows are not my style. I usually try to think of someone who would look good in the styles on WYWI and this time I can see Iris really rocking this look with strands of pearls piled on and arms full of bracelets.
    Enjoy your hair appointment today!

  23. The blouse is just too busy & fussy for my taste. The pants would be ok but they seem too short. I would wear those clunky sandals because the step goes over the toes & not in between the toes. Flip flops with the strap between the toes just drive me crazy!

  24. My “style concept words” are Subtle & Elegant Classic-focused Casual. This is ensemble is more Bold & Edgy Trend-Focused Casual. It’s outside of my perview ;-}.

    Excited to see your new ‘Do this week coming! It’s always so nice to be pampered.

  25. I like the concept of the outfit, but I wouldn’t wear it. I had a blouse with ties on the sleeves a few years ago, & they were always coming untied, so I steer clear of that detail. The wide crop pants are not flattering on me, & the sandals are just not to my taste.

  26. I’d like this outfit if:
    – the blouse didn’t have puffed sleeves – those just feel too young for me (also a bit dated – hello, 2007!)
    – the pants weren’t flared or cropped. Skinny + cropped = yes. Flared + full length = sure! Both? No. Also, maybe a different colour of denim.
    – it had better sandals. Those are just horrendous. Flip-flops are for the beach or shower. Please wear real shoes.

    I enjoy these, Pam, even if I don’t respond to all of them. Hope you are well – always good to see you!

  27. No to the puffed sleeves and the pockets that draw your eye right at “the girls. ” No to the “high water” jeans and the blocky sandals. The flip flops on the second pictures seem to work better to me. Stripes are generally my best fashion friend, but not in this case.

  28. Oh dear. No. The pant legs are too short & wide for my tastes — I look better in slim slacks in either a true capri or ankle length, not that awkward high-water look that seems to be in at the moment (I also wear pants for years & don’t care for trends that have to be tossed out in a season). The sandals she’s wearing are way too big & clunky for me & while the blouse is cute, it’s much too young & busy (dare I say ‘girly’?) to suit me. Even the earrings don’t work for me — I never wear blue! LOL! Interestingly, the concept is one I like & wear: simple jeans, a summery striped shirt, sandals & big hoop earrings. It’s just that the specifics of this one outfit miss my style & comfort points.

  29. This is not an outfit that I would wear. I love a striped shirt, but the puffy sleeves and the contrasting stripes on the breast pockets make this one a no go for me. I’m also not a fan of flared crop pants.

  30. I agree totally with Martha. I usually like stripes but the pockets and sleeves are so distracting, strange pant length/width and clunky sandals.

  31. I like all of it,black pants which I wear most of the year,Not too sure about the flare on me.I tend to be more conservative.The stripe shirt is certainly one I would wear. Not too sure about the bows on the sleeves. I do not seem to be able to tie bows with one hand .Would have to do the bows first of have someone else help me. The sandels are ok, but I need a more structured shoe so would take a pass on them
    But otherwise a cute outfit!`

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