Luxurious Summer Fabrics: Tencel®and Bamboo

Soft Surroundings summer fabrics on over 50 feeling 40

This week I am discussing some luxurious cool and comfy summer fabrics in addition to linen.   We just discussed the advantages of cotton gauze and today I want to recommend and Bamboo.  They are luxurious in the way they wear and feel to the touch.

Tencel is a sustainably sourced fabric from wood that is made with environmentally responsible processes.  Is it a very cool and relaxing fabric.

Soft Surroundings tencel tunic on over 50 feeling 40

Many of you might remember when I was deciding what to do after I left the world of teaching, I worked at Soft Surroundings for six months.  I wanted to do this to learn more about fashion merchandising and to learn what motivates the shopping habits of women over 50.  For me, it was like going to school every day, but in a beautifully decorated classroom.  I learned so much.

It was the Soft Surroundings sales associates who introduced me to Tencel and bamboo.  My husband and I own two sets of bamboo sheets for our master bed and would not sleep on anything else.  They are so comfortable.  What is most interesting about bamboo sheets is that they heat up in the winter and cool down in the summer…naturally.  We recently purchased a beautiful set from Soft Surroundings in a floral pattern.  When my grandsons were here for a visit last week, they sunk into the sheets with a big smile and one said, “This feels nice Gigi.”

Recently, when they had a huge sale, I purchased the black tunic you saw on Tuesday and this top which is Tencel to give me some of the cooler fabrics for wearing out and about this summer. While I do own linen, I like these fabrics as opposed to linen because they do not wrinkle like linen does and their care is easier…when washed in cold water…and I use Woolite with these garments.  I also want to note that my photographer (Mr. B!) was in a hurry the morning of this photo, and I took the garment out of its package, put it in the dryer and then wore it…that is why you do see a couple of creases that have sense fallen out.  Also, the necklace I am wearing is from Soft Surroundings.

Is anyone else a fan of Tencel?  I have included some options in the slideshow today…including the bamboo sheets which I cannot recommend highly enough.  

I hope you will join me for The Weekly Journal tomorrow which will have a variety of lifestyle information in it, and I want everyone to know that I am working on something new to begin on July 1, my official 10 -year anniversary date for the blog.  I want to share with you a new positive direction for me…and perhaps for some of you!



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By Pamela Lutrell


  1. Good morning Pam, I have not tried Bamboo fabrics yet, but now I will. How have the Sift Surrounding sheets held up? Any pilling? As for Tencel, , LOVE it! I have a few tops that I love the drape, feel, and cool comfort. You just reminded me and now I’ll wear one today. Thanks you, Amy

  2. Hi Amy, the sheets are amazing. No pulling and they wash well in cool water. The two sets I have purchased from Soft Surroundings have been worth every penny! Stay cool in your Tencel today!

  3. Thank you for sharing. I still love and recommend my bamboo sheets! It is great to have the information so we can all make our own decisions. Happy Thursday!

  4. Have had bamboo socks. Felt great but didn’t last long. Bamboo and alpaca wrap/ scarf- beautiful. Just recently bought some tencel. Love it.

  5. Dear Pamela, Yes, yes, I am a fan of Tencel and Lyocell : both, as far as I know, are good for the environment (and vegan), contrarily to, say, polyester. I also like bamboo very much, although depending on the way it is made, it may apparently be not so sustainable. I would also recommend Hemp for the summer (or hemp/organic cotton blend), I have a dress in this material and it was perfect for hot temperatures last summer. But Tencel sheets seem a wonderful idea, I shall try and find them, thank you for the idea. Catherine

  6. The sheets I have, Catherine are bamboo and not Tencel. Thanks for mentioning hemp…I am going to look for a garment!

  7. The first set of my bamboo sheets were purchased five years ago and are still going strong! Thanks Jane!

  8. Good morning Pam! You look lovely today…the paler grey top looks so cool and comfy. Very attractive.
    And, I’m so interested in your bamboo sheets! I had heard of bamboo as a fabric, but you’re the first hand account of their amazing qualities on the bed that interests me even more! Cooler in summer…..yay!
    Must pull out my latest catalog (we don’t have their stores nearby) to check them out…..thank you!

  9. Hi Paulette…go to my slideshow below and click on the image of the sheets. You will go straight to their website where the sheets are described. No need for the catalog!

  10. I knew you were my kind of girl!! I absolutely love my bamboo sheets. I have been using them for years. My grands love them. They want to lay on GranJan’s bed. I knit with bamboo every chance that I get. Tencel has been one of my favorite fibers since its inception. Your outfit/top is a great choice. The best thing about the top is that it is good for all figure types and sizes. Let us know how it feels in July in the humidity and temperatures in San Antonio. Love the red necklace. It looks like coral. Thanks. Great article today!

  11. I have several Tencel tops and they are favorites, so comfy, so cool. I prefer them to linen. My mother received bamboo sheets for Christmas and loves them. I think you look great Pam and love your hair. I got mine cut last week and it was such a relief. You look really nice in the top and the necklace adds a pop of color! 😀

  12. Personally, I have never purchased bamboo clothing for myself, but I can tell you that it has a very luxurious feel and drape, and is oh so soft and no pilling. My daughter-in-law designs and manufactures baby and children’s clothes under My Sweet Bamboo, and all the mother’s and kids love it. I’ll have to try the sheets.

  13. I am sensitive to the feel of certain materials (i.e. too stiff or scratchy). I have a Tencel jean type dress, and absolutely love the way it feels. I don’t own a pair of bamboo sheets, but will have to look into purchasing a pair. Your blog is one on my favorite’s list, because I feel it is relatable to me. I feel like your fashion or lifestyle advice is relatable to the average type person. A few other blogs I have come across have extremely high price points, with fashion choices modelled by extremely thin models unlike the majority of us. You always have a great smile and your positive nature brightens my day. Keep up the good work!

  14. You couldn’t be writing this at a better time! I’d decided a few weeks ago that we absolutely HAVE to get one or 2 sets of new sheets. I’ve been seeing bamboo ones everywhere I look but didn’t know anyone who has them so I could ask for a real-world review. And I haven’t yet tried Tencel but am familiar with it. I don’t like shopping but we have some nice boutiques here (no malls or chain stores) & I wander in now & again (mainly to look at jewelry & boots, my two weaknesses) & have seen some nice things in Tencel. I can’t remember the last time I bought something new (we lead a VERY casual retired life & I have enough clothes to last me two lifetimes), but it might be time to rethink that 🙂 Thanks, Pamela!

  15. I love this gray pattern on you, Pam… it lights up your face! And the red necklace looks great with it. I’ve been curious about Tencel… it sounds ideal.

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